Achieving Band Saw Safety

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Safety Working With The Band Saw

Band Saw SafetyHave you recently purchased a new brand saw for yourself and are worried about band saw safety issues? Are you unaware of the major and minor practices to follow to ensure complete safety during the functioning of the machine?
After all, this power tool is an electric machine, plugged in directly to its source, has sharp teeth on the outer part of its blade and also involves the use of heavy planks and sharp, metallic sheets; it is compulsory that high care and precautions be taken during its use.

WARNING: An improper use of a band saw can be dangerous and may result in any kind of mishap, from minor wounds and injuries to major ones, so be careful whilst using it.

Here is a detailed article that will guide you completely about various tips that you must generally practice before, while and after you have finished with your work on your band saw.

BEFORE You Begin Working With The Band Saw:

Once you have opened the package of your new band saw, set it up and installed it at its correct place; what precautions must you take now?

Here is a list of some pointers telling you how to avoid any kind of accident before you actually begin with your work:

user manual

  • Read the entire Owner’s Manual that comes in the package with the machine. Ensure that the setup has been done properly and that no parts are missing, misplaced or erroneously placed.
  • Read carefully how you are supposed to operate the machine, check out if any diagrams are given. Learn the use, application and limitation of each part of the band saw.
  • Another important thing that you can do is place the band saw at the correct and appropriate position where there is enough space required for its efficient working. There should be sufficient space around it for you to walk. It is appreciated that you anchor the band saw to the base of the floor somehow to avoid vibrations and wobbling.
  • If you think the machine needs a change of blade, then do it now.
  • Also, check for the height of the table and the guide posts if they are in proportion to your own desired level. Adjust them accordingly if you want.
  • Clear any clutter around the machine and neatly arrange the workplace so you can move around freely, to avoid any mishaps.
  • Grease the machine well with machine oil or lubricant to ensure all parts work smoothly as ever.

WHILE You Are Using The Band Saw:

This is the most crucial time which is more prone to causing mishaps and safety issues than any other phase. Here are again a few general tips that will help you ensure safety whilst
using the band saw:


  • BLADE TRACKING: The blade is that part of the band saw that is extremely important and is the most amount of pressure whilst the operation of the machine. It is advisable that you keep a continuous check if the blade is tracking and running smoothly as ever between the roller guides.
  • BLADE TENSION: At all times, ensure the blade is set at the required tension. This varies from the type of cut needed, the speed of the device and the intense of the usage. It is advisable that the blade guard height is adjusted appropriately if needed.

Wear goggles or a face shield to protect your face.

Wear ear plugs to avoid the high level and frequency of noise that will be produced whilst functioning.

Wear a helmet or an overall coat with protective footwear too.

Place the planks to be cut neatly on the table to avoid running from here and there to find the desired pieces.

Band Saw SafetyDo not insert your finger or hand to remove leftover cuttings from the fence and saw blade.

Keep your hands away from this delicate part of the machine where the blade is cutting the planks.

Do not push or pull or try to relocate the machine whilst it is functioning.

Do not EVER leave a running band saw unattended.

Do not exert too much force to push the planks on the table.

AFTER You Have Used The Band Saw:

Once you have done your work and you have switched off the machine, do you think there are no risks now and that the machine is off so you are free to leave the workplace at once? There are a few precautions to take even after that, and here are a few general tips:

  • Let the machine come to a complete rest once the power outlet is turned off.
  • Do not try to stop a running band saw or disturb it by inserting thrust at the sides of its blade.
  • Even after the machine has come to rest, it is recommended that you use a short stick or brush to remove debris and cuttings from specific, minute parts like the fence and the cutting line near the blade.

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