Angle Grinder Safety – The 8 Musts For

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SafetyAngle grinder safety is critical when using this type of tool used to cut hard materials like stone and metals. An angle grinder comes with enough power to spin abrasive discs 8000 times a minute. That’s well over 100 times a second.

Typically, an angle grinder is hand held and powered by mains electricity. For angle grinder safety we consider the three areas where things can go wrong:

  • User malfunction
  • Tool malfunction
  • Electricity supply

Why the Need for Angle Grinder Safety?

Imagine, if an angle grinder can cut through metal and a stone with ease, how much more quickly it will go through skin, flesh, and bone if you are not careful? Just a single mistake using this powerful equipment, and you will find yourself lacking a thumb, hand or possibly even being blinded after being hit by stone or metal debris in the eye. So, here are some of the basic angle grinder safety tips to help you work confidently and safely:

Angle Grinder Safety Must # 1

Make sure you know what type of angle grinder to choose for your needs. If you are working on small projects inside your house, then pneumatic angle grinders (powered by compressed air) should be more than enough for most jobs. They are not as powerful as electric grinders are but can surely do the job without putting you at a higher risk. Pneumatic versions are easier to maneuver and require less storage space as well as being better for angle grinder safety.

Angle Grinder Safety Must # 2

Angle grinder safety starts with knowing how to use the tool. Remember there are different kinds of angle grinder disc that you can choose from depending on the job that you are going to do. Putting on the wrong kind of disc won’t just ruin your work but may put you at risk as well. Generally, sanding and polishing pads are for finishing your work while grinding discs are for cutting. A common mistake is to use a metal blade to cut wood – this causes the wood to get burned down. Another is to use a wood blade used to cut metals – this causes the blade to dull immediately. In both cases, angle grinder safety is reduced because the tool will become more difficult to control.

Angle Grinder Safety Must # 3

Read your instruction manual carefully and religiously. Every single angle grinder I have ever bought has always had a section on angle grinder safety. Know the correct place or surface where you can put your angle grinder, know how to use the clamp properly and its importance and understand why proper grip and position is critical for angle grinder safety. Proper handling will help you gauge between too light and too heavy pressure when cutting, and maximize angle grinder safety.

Angle Grinder Safety Must # 4

Angle grinder safety also includes keeping out of the way of debris while doing the cutting. When a disc spins round at more than 8000 times per minute, there is a tendency for debris to fly back or the disc to come loose. Common sense and basic angle grinder safety are to protect yourself with gloves and goggles. You can also work in such a way so that the debris is deflected downwards onto the floor and not towards your face or eyes.

Angle Grinder Safety Must # 5

Some Angle grinders use blades to do cutting and cleaning jobs. Incorrect attachment of a blade can cause serious injury. If the blade flys off – it can either hit you or someone else in the work area; serious injury will result. Remember always think angle grinder safety!

Angle Grinder Safety Must # 6

Focus and be aware. There are some workers who keep on grinding without checking the grinder for any possible overheating symptoms. Another angle grinder safety tip is to not apply too much pressure while cutting metal and stone.

Angle Grinder Safety Must # 7

Before starting your job, make sure to check if everything is locked properly like the flange and the locking nut on your disc. Check that the guard and handles are secure and that the disc is in good condition. Make sure the disc wasn’t dropped or got wet beforehand –  it can affect the quality of the job and it can be riskier to use a damp disc. Lastly, ensure that there is no flammable material around. sparks will fly and angle grinder safety is about the considering the whole working environment.

Angle Grinder Safety Must # 8

Angle grinder safety doesn’t only include proper posture and focuses while using it. Using gear to protect one’s self is still the most important safety knowledge when working using it. It is advisable to wear ear plugs against the loud noise of the wheel or a mask against debris and dust especially when cutting cement. These gears include suitable safety goggles, ear plugs, dust masks, gloves and appropriate work clothing’s like pants and jackets and not shorts and sleeveless shirts.

Angle Grinder: 4 Mistakes to Avoid


When common sense angle grinder safety is ignored, the injury is often serious, sometimes fatal. Angle grinder safety boils down to:

  • Choose the correct type of angle grinder
  • Know how to use your specific angle grinder
  • Read the instruction manual especially the section on angle grinder safety
  • Beware of cutting debris
  • Always ensure blades are correctly attached
  • Focus and be aware
  • Check your machine before starting to use it
  • Use protective gear

The problem is these tips are all too often ignored. Angle grinder safety should be the starting point for anyone using one of these powerful tools to do a job.

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