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Our life is full of possibilities and changes, to which we need to adapt easily, as per the time changes. Do you agree with this? I hope YES. Many new tools ...


Make Perfect, Precise Cuts Every time with Hitachi Miter Saw Hitachi Power Tools is the manufacturer of the Hitachi miter saw to be used, either for ...


Often, when shopping for a table saw, potential buyers find themselves comparing the Ridgid R4510 and the Bosch 4100-09. They are both excellent saws, and are ...


Why Dewalt compound miter saw accepted as the best cutting tool worldwide. Are you having a desire to buy a new saw? Got rid of your old saw and want to try ...


How to choose the right reciprocating saw blade that suitable for your job. A reciprocating saw with the right saw blade is very versatile and prevailing. It ...


Tips to select best reciprocating saws Has your backyard been looking dirty lately and you can see that the branches of the trees have grown considerably. ...


Why Our Recommend The Makita LS1016L 10-Inch Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw with Laser When you do a search on Makita miter saw, you'll find that Makita makes ...


Review Dewalt DW745 and DWE7480 Ripping pressure treated lumber and other materials like hardwood, plywood, etc. would require power. Usually, men are the ...


Cutting is a breeze with the DEWALT Bare-Tool DC390B 6-1/2-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Circular Saw Do you need to cut wood in the most efficient way possible? ...


SawStop PCS31230-TGP236 3-HP Professional Cabinet Saw Assembly with 36-Inch Professional T-Glide Fence System, Rails and Extension Table The SawStop ...

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Husqvarna 966048328 460 Rancher Chainsaw Kit, 18-Inch

Husqvarna 966048328 460 Rancher Chainsaw Kit, 18-Inch

60cc engine 18-Inch Bar 3/8-Inch Pitch and 0.58-Inch Gauge

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-29% Husqvarna 537255703 Replacement Air Filter 455 Rancher 455E 460 Chainsaw

Husqvarna 537255703 Replacement Air Filter 455 Rancher 455E 460 Chainsaw

Genuine OEM Husqvarna Brand Air Filter fits 455 & 460 Rancher

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$21.95 $15.68

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Husqvarna Powerbox 455 rancher 460 Chainsaw Carrying Case with 24″ Scabbard

Husqvarna Powerbox 455 rancher 460 Chainsaw Carrying Case with 24″...

Transport your chainsaw safely and conveniently with Husqvarna's PowerBox carrying case. An exclusive "Husky leash" makes it quick and simple to ...

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Poweka New Pack of 10 Air Purge Pump Primer Bulb for Husqvarna 455 Rancher 460 445 450 435 Replace 503936601

Poweka New Pack of 10 Air Purge Pump Primer Bulb...

Fits for HUSQVARNA 345 346 350 353 850 Chainsaw Height:34mm / 1.34inch Wide:21.4mm / 0.842inch

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Chainsaw Tune Up Kit Filters For Husqvarna Models 455 460 537255703

Chainsaw Tune Up Kit Filters For Husqvarna Models 455 460...

Chainsaw Song Up Kit Replaces 537255703 For Husqvarna 455 455E 455 Rancher 460 Rancher Chainsaw Song-Up Equipment Contains: Air Filter out ...

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-59% Husqvarna 531300382 Chain Saw Bar Nuts, 4 Pack

Husqvarna 531300382 Chain Saw Bar Nuts, 4 Pack

Fits all Husqvarna Chain Saws except the Electric 316 Includes 4 bar nuts

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$8.34 $3.40

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Husqvarna 966048320 460 Rancher Chainsaw Kit, 20-Inch

Husqvarna 966048320 460 Rancher Chainsaw Kit, 20-Inch

60cc engine 20-Inch Bar 3/8-Inch Pitch and 0.50-Inch Gauge

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-7% Chainsaw Clutch Cover with Brake Husqvarna 455, 460

Chainsaw Clutch Cover with Brake Husqvarna 455, 460

Husqvarna 537 28 sixty three-01 OEM Take hold of Duvet with Chain Brake Meeting for 455, 460 Chainsaws 537286301

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$42.95 $40.14

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Husqvarna 455, 455 Rancher, 460 Jonsered 2255, CS2255 3/8″ Pitch, 7 Tooth Spur Sprocket, Replaces Part # 537291602

Husqvarna 455, 455 Rancher, 460 Jonsered 2255, CS2255 3/8″ Pitch,...

3/8" PITCH, 7 TOOTH SPUR SPROCKET, REPLACES PART # 537291602 FITS HUSQVARNA 455, 455 RANCHER, 460, JONSERED 2255, CS2255 Suitable, high quality ...

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-6% Husqvarna 967166101 450 2-Cycle Fully Assembled Gas Chainsaw, 50cc, 20-Inch

Husqvarna 967166101 450 2-Cycle Fully Assembled Gas Chainsaw, 50cc, 20-Inch

20-Inch Bar 50cc 2-Cycle engine 0.325-Inch pitch and.050 gauge

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$379.99 $357.99

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  1. The Poulan Pro PP4218 ChainSaw is a great saw with several brilliant features. For instance, the anti-vibration system keeps the engine away from the chassis which reduces vibration and enhances both safety and comfort.
    Great saw for the money

  2. This Stihl 26RS68 Chainsaw Chain (RS mean Rapid Super) is more a professional, high-performance chain for heavier work with higher power equipment. I prefer the improved cutting power of the RS.

  3. The Oregon chains work very well and remain sharp for a long period. I found this brand of chains lasts a lot longer and can take much abuse. Most chains will start straining after some tough bark but these chains keep on cutting. Be sure you’re oiling system is working. This is the easiest way to ruin any chain!

  4. GreenWorks GBA80200 80V 2.0AH Lithium-Ion battery delivers maximum performance and fade-free power to complete the job at hand

  5. Best Compact Circular Saw for the price

  6. Fastest cutting chain possible, some learning time required
    Quickly and easily sharpen any chain
    Mounts to any saw with any file size

  7. The best of both contractor-style and cabinet-style table saws.

  8. I did my research before I spent the money on a table saw. After a lot of reading and research, I landed on this saw. And I do not regret it. I spent a day assembling this saw – and it was pretty easy. Coming out of the box, it was practically already ready to go! I put it on the mobile base (which makes it very easy to use and move around) and turned it on. The sound was just a whisper – beautiful and soft. It passed my “nickel test” without a hitch! The fencing is phenomenal – it slides like ice. One issue I had was that there were a few steps missing in the instructions. I also took issue with the laborer nut, which needs to be fitted. Overall though, this is a great saw, worthy of 5 stars.

  9. It features a powerful 55cc two-cycle engine with QuickStart technology. Ideal for limbing, cutting firewood, and cleaning up trees after a storm

  10. PERFECT for the DIYer or hobbyist who wants to save space and money!

  11. If you are looking for an accurate, powerful, and smart cut, then the Dewalt DW716 double bevel compound miter saw is the most suitable choice. Its motor will use 15 amperes and produce enough torque of 3600 rpm, and it is enough for extended power and enhances durability. The Dewalt DW716 miter saw also contains an adjustable stainless steel plate that is capable of producing 11 positive stops.

    This feature will ensure productivity and be cut with accuracy and at a greater speed. A precise miter system of DW716 Dewalt saw is designed for machined and also has a fence for supporting during cutting accurately. The Dewalt DW716 double compound miter saw also has a tall sliding fence that is used for crown modeling. The size of this crown modeling is 6-5/8 inch towards a nest and at a base; it is only 6- ½ inches.

    This sliding structure of Dewalt DW716 15 amp 12-inch double-bevel compound miter saw will provide necessary support and it is necessary for bevel cuts in any size. This Dewalt Miter Saw DW716 has an innovative gearbox for providing enough torque for cutting any kind of material at a faster speed than many other brands.

    The vertical design of this Dewalt DW716 double bevel compound saw is used to increase the speed of cutting in a vertical direction. This tool is used where job completion is required in a less time, and it can be used to cut a variety of materials, including metals and hardwoods of any size. Its blades are durable, and these are designed to cut most of the materials without going out of order.

    A blade wrench is also available in its packing, so you can use this wrench for easy opening of the machine and replace blade whenever it is required. The DW716 Dewalt saw is capable to provide quick work and make different sized framing. In the same way, Dewalt DW716 double bevel compound saw is also used for miter cutting and crosscutting with an efficient speed.

    The Dewalt DW716 Review has proven that is an exact tool for providing precise cuts according to versatile setups used in different kinds of miter applications. It also contains a cam lock that is easily adjusted according to the requirements of workers. If you are looking for a better and lowest Dewalt DW716 price deal, then you are needed to buy this tool from an online store.

    There are many kinds of deals available by different stores, and you will require searching for the most suitable deal for your business. The Dewalt DW716 double bevel compound miter saw will provide an exact grip for its cutting blades, and they will never slip during working. You can perform cutting jobs to an angle ranges from 0 to 50 degrees in a left or in right directions without facing any problem.

    This is also portable, and an LED or laser system of this brand can be used to enhance precision. This Dewalt DW716 double bevel compound miter saw also has a built-in handle for easy carrying to any place.

  12. The first attribute of the Dewalt DW718 that one should be proud of is the power that the system delivers. The saw is fitted with a powerful 15 amp motor that drives the sawing blade at a powerful 3600 rpm on the 12-inch carbide blade. The set up of the saw allows great miter setups which make working with the tool extremely quick.

    The power of the motor is great and aids n making cuts quick and precise when it comes to cross cutting, framing and molding. The saw thus allows quick and precise cuts once one has marked the proper miter cut marks. The portability of the miter saw is also another reason why the Dewalt DW718 provides great performance. The saw is light in weight compared to other saws in its class which makes working with the saw very effective.

    The Dewalt Mitre Saw DW718 weighs just 57 pounds and measures 30 x 23.8 x 20 inches which influence its storage. There are other accessories and features that make using the saw extremely easy and reliable. One of the features that will stand out in the DW718 Dewalt saw happens to be the cam lock miter handle which aids in delivering quick & accurate miter angles on the cutting surface.

    The lock allows cutting the surface without sliding which helps a lot in terms of accuracy. In addition to accuracy, the lock also makes sure that the user will not get injured in using the product. The saw also has a big miter capacity which makes the use of the Dewalt Miter Saw DW718 relatively friendly. The miter capacity of the saw ranges from 0 to 60 degrees on the left & 0 to 50 degrees on the right.

    The bevel capacity of the Dewalt DW718 is also another point worth mentioning on the saw aspects. The bevel cuts are designed to be between 0 to 48 degrees on the right and the left. In addition to the range of the bevel, there are also two intervals or stops between the two extremities. The Dewalt DW718 Miter Saw has stops at 33.9 and 45 degrees.

    The saw is also integrated with the LED or laser system provided by Dewalt. The system s sold separately but is useful in marking up the path which one is to cut. There are other aspects of the build of the Dewalt DW718 saw such as the built-in handle for easy carrying that enhance the use of the saw.

    In addition to performance, the Dewalt DW718 12-Inch Double-Bevel Slide Compound Miter Saw is supplied with the 3 years warranty, a year’s worth of servicing and a 90 days money refund guarantee. Given the Dewalt DW718 price and its great features, it is great value for money!

  13. The Dewalt dw745 is a well-known product of Dewalt Manufacturer Company, and it will be the best selection if you are wondering about a compacted job site saw with 16 inches rip capacity. The motor used in this model is designed to work on 15 amps, and as a result, it will show high-class cutting of hardwood according to accurate measurements effortlessly.

    This Dewalt dw745 has a rack and pinion rails system in the designing of its fence, and this will provide faster adjustments for the fence, and you can work for more time.

    There is also a telescoping fence present in this Dewalt dw745 job site table saw, and this fence is used to pull back the whole structure to give a smaller shape. This smaller shape will make this tool portable, and also a very little space will be required in a workshop for this DeWalt dw745 table saw.

    This machine has 16 inches rip capacity, so, it is possible to cut a variety of trim and shelving of different kinds of materials. A specially designed metal roll cage can also be seen in this model, and it will offer a greater durability for handling this saw as compared to most of the other brands.

    This Dewalt dw745 job site table saw is sturdier than a machine with plastic base. Its blade can also be adjusted according to the requirement of a particular cutting work, and there is a range of 0 to 45 degrees for easier bevel applications. This is a perfect tool that can be used for accurate cutting of hard wooden blocks in exact measurements.

    A blade guard is also available in this table saw for the protection of a worker from flying small wooden pieces during working. A push stick and a miter gauge are also offered with this cutting tool at the same price.

    The blade used in this Dewalt dw745 job site table saw is composed of 24 teeth that are coated with carbide, so, you can cut any hardwood exactly to the required measurements. This Dewalt table saw dw745 is also designed to show a consistent and powerful performance due to the presence of a high-torque motor. Its blade is of 10-inch diameter, and a motor will give a 3850 RPM speed to this blade.

    Therefore, you can use this tool for clean cuts at a faster speed with a better level of precision than previous models. This Dewalt dw745 job site table saw has a special design to work at anyplace without worrying about its transportation. You can transport it easily by folding it to give a smaller size. All of its key features are confirmed by Dewalt dw745 review.

    There is an onboard storage that will provide the added convenience during working on job site location. A dust collection port is also available in this tool, so, you can connect it with a vacuum extractor of your workshop to cut hardwood cleanly. This Dewalt dw745 job site table saw is the necessary tool for any plumber to perform multiple cutting tasks.

  14. Milwaukee has been taking the credit for introducing many innovative electrical tools for last many decades. 0719-22 is one of such products of Milwaukee which has brought revolution in the market of reciprocating saws. Milwaukee 0719-22 v28 Sawzall lithium ion cordless reciprocating saw kit is a big hit of the company which fulfills its promise of the hard-hitting cut of the things.

    It incises the material like a click and brings effective results. Its manufacturing designs and cutting capacity places it among top-class reciprocating saws.

    Unique Capacity Of Running With Two Speed Ranges

    0719-22 has a dual speed range which enables the users to enjoy variable speed for cutting of different materials. 0719 22 Milwaukee has powerful motor has unique capacity of running with two-speed ranges i.e. 0-20,000 SPM and 0-30,000 SPM which has proved a joyful addition.

    This dual speed has added greatly to the comfort and ease of the user’s work. They can go for wood cutting from metal cutting without going through any reversal. This not only saves a lot of time but also helps to complete greater work in lesser time.

    Longest Life And Gives The Best Performance

    Milwaukee 0719-22 has powerful Lithium Ion battery which is unique in the Sawzall industry as most reciprocating saws are with Ni-Cad batteries which have a short life and need a frequent recharge. 0719-22’s Lithium-Ion battery has the longest life and gives the best performance even when it is near to finish.

    Its battery life is twice than that of Ni-Cad which start showing poor performance when it’s times to recharge them. In this way, the users enjoy the maximum working hours and faceless recharge needs.

    0719-22 has a quick lock and keyless shoe adjustment which adds a lot to workers comfort. With this unique feature, workers are able to change the blades without having any extra tools. These blades can be changed in a snap, so there is no obstruction on the way to work.

    Moreover, it has a special feature of blade adjustment which enables users to adjust the blades with the depth they need. In this way, they can easily switch from one application to another without making any extra change.

    Superior Stroke Length

    0719-22 has superior stroke length which enables it to cut faster than any other reciprocating saw. Its stroke length is 1-1/8 inch which gives it a capacity of cutting at great speed. With this high stroke length, it can go deep in any material and brings the desired cutting results.

    There is no need for redoing or extra finishing. It does all neatly near to perfection. No adjustments, no time waste. A single stroke is sufficient to cut effectively. With correctly installed blades, no material stands to show stubbornness before it.

    0719-22 comes with a complete kit having a reciprocating saw, two Sawzall blades and 1-hour battery charger. This device includes a 5-year warranty as well. It has been found entirely user-friendly saw which has added an ease and helpful assistance for workers.

    Its exceptional proficiency and tough manufacturing material make it irreplaceable and a tough competitor in the market. Milwaukee has once again brought its flabbergasted product by meeting users expectations.

  15. This model the Dewalt d28700 chop saw is a great piece of kit due to some very unique features. The quality and speed of this tool are dependent on the powerful motor manufactured especially for it. The overloaded capacity can be seen in this Dewalt d28700 chop saw due to a 5.5 horsepower motor. This motor is also very important for high toughness and a long-term performance without showing any problems during working.

    You can change its blades without using any kind of other tools, for example, any kind of wrench. This feature of Dewalt d28700 chop saw makes this tool to enhance productivity. This d28700 Dewalt saw is also famous for a patented quick and tool-free fence. It has an adjustable fence up to an angle ranges from 0 to 45 degrees, and this fence will allow for accurate angle cutting with a greater speed. This function of d28700 chop saw also does not require any extra wrench. The overall productivity of this tool has been enhanced due to the presence of a quick locking system. This locking system is also useful for clamping on variable sizes of materials according to the requirements of a worker. There will be a reduced torque produced in this tool due to the softer starting function of Dewalt d28700 chop saw. This function is also useful to enhance the lifetime of the motor. The temperature of this motor is also controlled, and it will never be overheated due to an extraordinary quality of its cooling system. In the same way, its keyless wheel changing option is useful for increasing productivity.

    This tool is also well known due to having a long-life herder material and a perfect design for working on any place. Its features are convenient for cutting any material accurately and at a faster speed. These features of d28700 chop saw also provide necessary safety to its worker as well as a faster transition can be used for increasing efficiency of this tool. You can use this too for cutting more than 90 degrees, but the time required to cut a 45-degree material is half as compared to the time required for a 90 degrees material cut. Its base is made up of high-quality steel so, it can be used as welding of jigs.

    There is an extraordinary spring present in the structure of Dewalt d28700 chop saw for a smoother movement, and it is also used for increased sturdiness. The Dewalt d28700 review has proven that there is not a single drawback of using this chop saw as compared to many other models. It also has lighter weight internal parts, so you can carry this tool among different work site locations effortlessly. This tool can also be permanently adjusted on the back side of your car, and then you can work anywhere, but this needs a light-weight portable and high-quality generator to provide necessary current. A heavy duty lock down pin is available in the Dewalt d28700 chop saw, and it is used for locking its head.

  16. Makita 4131- The Metal Cutter With A Difference

    Any craftsman who works with metal can never do without cutting metals. Metal cutting saws are, therefore, highly essential for the purpose. One of the best metal cutting saws you can come across is the Makita 4131 cutting saw.In fact, it is the only machine any sensible metal worker will go for. It gives you great functions, efficient performance, and outstanding precision. Read on to learn about the characteristics of the Makita 4131 Metal Cutting Saw through this review.

    Everything about this equipment is simply wonderful to behold. Aside from the fact that it is very functional in getting your metal cutting done, it is also beautiful to behold being manufactured with the shiny metal blade. The blade is made of stainless steel, which improves its strength and rigidity. If you want to do precise plunge cutting, then make use of the Makita 4131.

    The blade is built with a quick release guard lever that makes the plunge cutting very easy. Any form of cutting becomes always very easy as well as effortless with this machine at hand. Even if you want to cut more than one metal piece at the same time, it can be done easily with the aid of the Makita 4131.  The cutting capacity of the Makita 4131 Metal Cutting Saw is far beyond many several other types of machinery falling under the same category.

    Furthermore, after usage when it comes to disassembling the equipment, it can also be done in a hassle-free way. The blade also comes along with a separate cover, so you can simply tuck it in when it is not attached to the machine or when you aren’t using it.  Another great feature of this equipment is the substance with which the blade is made of. The blade is made from the combination of ceramic and metal, which had greatly improved the strength and rigidity of this machine.

    The combination is commonly referred to as CERMET. This combination adds a lot of benefits to the blade and the Makita 4131 as a whole. One such benefit is the ability to resist heat. This heat resistance makes it possible for the machine to have a longer lifespan than several other types of equipment serving the same purpose.

    A touch at the burr-free end of the machine testifies to its rather cool nature. Also because of the powerful 13 amps motor that comes with the blade, it is able to cut through all forms of metals.

    The Makita 4131 Metal Cutting Saw is invariably one of the most reliable cutting saws in the market today. It goes a long way to prove the reliability of the renowned brand, Makita. Many people, who are using it, are finding it difficult to replace it with other forms of cutting saws because of it unique, incomparable features.

    In fact, it can be safely said that the Makita 4131 cutting saw makes working incredibly efficient, precise, and comfortable. So, if you buy it, be rest assured to get really good value for your money.

  17. If you’re in the market for a heavy-duty 7-1/4-inch circular saw, the Dewalt DW364K Circular Saw is a wonderful option that is perfect for all types of applications. The highlight of this particular saw is that it has an electric brake; a feature that many users won’t be without. The electric brake is a necessary component with the power found in this saw, as it stops the blade from running when you’re not using it. With a 15-amp, 2,075 MWO motor, you can expect this saw to cut through lumbar and other materials with no effort. There is also a generous beveling capacity of 0 to 50 degrees. Other features include a sturdy aluminum alloy base, fast adjustments for bevel cuts and a hard carry case to keep the circular saw stored and protected. The saw weighs in at 12.5 pounds.

    DEWALT DW364K 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Electric Brake Specifications:

    • Average Price: $159.00
    • Product Dimensions: 15.9 x 14.4 x 9.4 inches; 19.2 pounds
    • Capacity: 50-degree beveling capacity
    • Features: Electric brake, aluminum alloy base, 15-amp, 2,075 MWO motor

    What’s So Great About the DEWALT DW364K 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Electric Brake?

    Electric Brake: This essential safety feature was not overlooked in the 7-1/4-inch Circular Saw. It’s a good thing, considering there is plenty of power packed into this model. If you find yourself needing to make a quick stop, the electric brake will come in handy and prevent the blade from running. Most users who have used circular saws with electric brakes won’t go back, so you can expect this Dewalt Circular Saw to be a suitable option for all professional contractors.

    Powerful: This isn’t the lightest saw on the market, but it sure is powerful. The Dewalt DW364K is built for heavy-duty jobs, making it ideal for professional contractors. It features a powerful 15-amp, 2,075 MWO motor that can handle all types of applications. To keep the circular saw grounded, a heavy-gauge, aluminum alloy base offers stability, while a sturdy hard carry case comes included with the purchase. This powerful saw can cut through all types of materials like butter, and the bevel gauge can be recalibrated if the saw takes a fall. Basically, you can expect the Dewalt DW364K to handle the toughest job sites.

    Features: Since the circular saw does have some weight to it, there are plenty of ergonomic features built into the tool that make it more comfortable to use. Blade changes are quick and easy, as the shaft-lock button is accessible, while the depth-of-cut adjustments can be adjusted by unscrewing the front handle, making the amendment and screwing back on the handle. This can even be done using one hand, especially with the comfortable grips on the large handle. The heavy-duty kit box includes storage so you can keep all of your important accessories on hand.

    Easy Depth Adjustments: Like many of Dewalt’s circular saws, the DW364K also sports a generous capacity to handle all projects. The saw includes 5-1/2-inch base pivots for smooth and fast adjustments for depth-of-cut and bevel cuts. While other circular saws use a hinge adjustment system, the DW364K uses a ball-joint mechanism that is easier and more efficient. The saw has a bevel capacity of 0 to 50 degrees, and the bevel gauge can be recalibrated if the saw takes a tumble at the job site.

    What’s Not So Great About the DEWALT DW364K 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw with Electric Brake?

    Uneven Shoe: There have been some incidents of the shoe becoming warped or flexed, which makes it nearly impossible to get accurate cuts. Some speculate that the reason for this is because Dewalt tries to keep their circular saws as lightweight as possible, and this makes the shoe more flexible, to begin with. For some, the base was already uneven upon purchase, while for others, the shoe started to warp after light use. It’s also hard to adjust the blade to 0 degrees, so you end up forcing the blade plate to get it straight, which can cause further warping.

  18. It can be difficult to find an all-around great circular saw, but the Rockwell RK3440K VersaCut Circular Saw 4.0 Amp certainly comes close. This versatile saw can cut through just about anything, including drywall, plastic, and tile. It has a lightweight design that boasts a simple appearance and easy operation. The purchase is affordable and gets you off on the right foot, with a combination of handy blades, a carry bag, and parallel guide. The vacuum adapter makes cutting with the VeraCut as clean as can be, meaning more comfort and better visibility for the user.

    Rockwell RK3440K VersaCut Circular Saw 4.0 Amp Specifications:

    Average Price: $149.99
    Motor: 4.0 amps
    Weight: 4 pounds
    Features: Laser indicator, plunge cut indicators, rear-motor, lock-off switch
    Included: Circular saw, 24T carbide-tipped blade, 44T HSS blade, diamond blade, no-mar plastic base plate cover, one parallel guide, one vacuum adapter, one carrying bag

    What’s So Great About the Rockwell RK3440K VersaCut Circular Saw 4.0 Amp?

    Versatile: With all the blades that are included in the VersaCut Circular Saw, you can expect this tool to be quite handy for multifaceted jobs around the home or job site. You can cut through tile, wood, ceramic, plastic or flooring using one saw and be eliminating the need to drag out multiple tools or a bulky circular saw. The design of the VersaCut is lightweight and ergonomic, so you’ll find that it’s easy to carry around and accomplish all your projects with ease. In fact, the streamlined design makes it possible to control the saw using one hand.

    Economical: If you’re not prepared to spend several hundred dollars on a circular saw, rest easy. This Rockwell VersaCut circular saw comes at an extreme value. Not only are you getting a quality saw for an affordable price, but the product comes jam-packed with accessories that make the saw all the more useful. A 24T carbide-tipped blade is used for cutting wood, the 44T HSS blade is used for cutting aluminum and PVC, while the diamond blade is ideal for ceramic tile and cement board. You can also expect to find a handy carry case, vacuum adapter, parallel guide and no-mar plastic plate cover as added accessories. Overall, this circular saw is exceptionally economical for all-around use.

    Professional: If you want professional results with little effort, you’ll find the Rockwell VersaCut to lead you down this path. Using Laserguide technology, you can make rip cuts and plunge cuts without having to make the same cut twice. You also get excellent visibility, as the dust extraction adapter keeps the cut line clear of dust and debris. You’ll find that it’s easy to produce consistent, superior results with this saw and that you can even cut through materials that are more than one-inch thick.

    Design: It’s important that circular saws are comfortable and reduce user fatigue, as this is what ultimately allows you to get the most accurate cuts and work for longer periods of time. The Rockwell VersaCut is lightweight and ergonomic, with a slim, streamlined design for better control and balance. Included with the circular saw is a lock-off switch that prevents the saw from accidentally starting, a metal interior and exterior that extends the saw’s power life, a depth-adjustment lever that has easy accessibility and allows you to change depths with ease. All in all, you’ll find this four-pound circular saw to have a simple and straightforward design that makes it the first one you grab every time.

  19. If you’re looking for a quality-made, powerful circular saw that has built-in safety, you’ll love the Milwaukee 6394-21 15-Amp 7 ¼-inch Circular Saw. This power tool has 15 amps of power and a 5,800 motor for ultimate power and precision. Even though you may find your comfort zone rather quickly with this saw, the convenient tilt lock handle makes it easy to adjust, while there is superior guide visibility that makes it possible to cut at every angle. With a five-year warranty, you’ll have peace of mind that your Milwaukee circular saw is built to last. Most importantly, the saw comes with an electric brake blade that stops the blade from running when not in use. The product includes practical accessories such as a tool case, wrench, and blade.

    Milwaukee 6394-21 15 Amp 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw Specifications:

    • Average Price: $305.00
    • Weight: 10.6 pounds
    • Warranty: 5 years
    • Power: 5800 rpm motor
    • Motor: 15-amps
    • Includes: Blade, wrench, case

    What’s So Great About the Milwaukee 6394-21 15 Amp 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw?

    Brake System: Operating a circular saw can be dangerous, even if you’re experienced in using these types of power tools. One of the greatest improvements with this saw is the innovative brake system that works flawlessly. A still-moving blade is very dangerous and can saw fingers off, which is why this brake system stops the blade almost immediately when you’re done sawing. The electric nature of the brake system is what makes it so reliable and efficient, and users agree that they can’t go back to a saw without this safety feature once using it.

    Comfortable: Even with all the power packed into the Milwaukee circular saw, you can expect it to be lightweight and easy to handle. As anyone who does regular sawing knows, having a comfortable design is one of the most important features. It weighs only 10.6 pounds and is made from lightweight but sturdy aluminum. Not only can you use this saw for hours at a time with no fatigue, but also you can enjoy other ergonomic features such as an adjustable handle and removable cord that add to the practicality to the design.

    Features: Since no two projects are the same, you’ll enjoy a range of practical features with the Milwaukee circular saw. There are easy-to-use levers for making adjustments for bevel and depth, while the tilt lock feature is ideal for people that want to make adjustments for cutting different materials. There is excellent guide visibility and a thick, solid base that is made of aluminum. Included with the purchase is a tool case for carrying the saw and a couple extra blades, a quick-cord and electric brake.

    Powerful: The Milwaukee 6394-21 has an amazing power packed into it. With 15-amps of power and 3.0 horsepower, you can expect this circular saw to cut through just about anything, and with little effort on your part. Plus, you can expect the highest horsepower to weight ratio available on the market with a 7 ¼-inch saw. Best of all, you get a high-powered circular saw at a value; backed by a reputable brand and available with a five-year warranty.

    What’s Not So Great About the Milwaukee 6394-21 15 Amp 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw?

    Sawdust: No matter which saw you purchase, sawdust will always be an issue. Some say that the Milwaukee saw doesn’t produce any more sawdust than other tools on the market, but others disagree. Not only is there a bit more sawdust produced, but also the sawdust has a tendency to shoot out. And since the sawdust comes out on the rear right side, those that are left-handed may get dust in the face. Right-handed users will have fewer issues since this saw is technically built around right-handed users. Whether you’re right- or left-handed, it’s recommended to wear eye protection at all times.

    Flat Base: The base is made of aluminum and is completely flat. With this type of design, some users have found that the flat nature can cause the base to ride up under the guide. This happens when the guide lifts up in the middle, which is the result of using a flat or inadequately clamped guide. Other circular saws on the market have lips on the base to avoid this problem from happening, and if you happen to run into these issues, try screwing on a lip at the top of the base.

    Plastic Guard: If you cut through a lot of dense materials, you may find yourself trusting a magnesium guard instead of the plastic one that is included with this saw. While the guard has proven to be strong and durable for current owners, it’s in your best interest to set it down gently so that it doesn’t snap or break. Like all types of plastic, regular abuse can cause it to wear down.

    Blade: Like other circular saws on the market, the blade that is included with the purchase isn’t the best quality. It’s a great addition to have, as you can use the blade for back up, but you’ll want to use a better quality blade to accomplish your projects. For most users, this isn’t an issue, since they like to have a range of blades on hand for construction projects. And since the tool bag accompanies several different blades, it’s easy to swap out the stock blade for better quality ones instead.

  20. Instead of investing in a circular saw that has many flaws, make your purchase worthwhile with the Milwaukee 6390-21 7 ¼-inch 15-Amp Tilt-Lok Circular Saw. This power tool is quality-made and comes with a five-year warranty from Milwaukee. You can expect heavy-duty power from this product, allowing it to be used across applications. It’s super durable so that you can use it every day for hours at a time, and the Tilt-Lok feature adds to its comfortable and ergonomic design. The bright red color is fun, and the saw comes with a handy carry case, blade, and wrench. With a lightweight design, quick-lock cord and soft grip handle, you’ll love using this Milwaukee circular saw for all of your construction projects.


    • Average Price: $260.00
    • Product Dimensions: 13 ¾ inches; 10.4 pounds
    • Warranty: 5 years
    • Power: 15-amps, 5,800 rpm, 3.25 horsepower motor
    • Kit Includes: 6390-20 saw, blade, wrench, tool case

    What’s So Great About the Milwaukee 6390-21 7-1/4-Inch 15-Amp Tilt-Lok Circular Saw?

    Durable: This Milwaukee circular saw is not just built for odd-end jobs or occasional use. The sturdy construction and powerful motor make this saw a workhorse, being able to withstand daily use and abuse. And you can expect more than just a sturdy housing that comes with this circular saw. Every component is built to precision; magnesium housing, aircraft aluminum and a comfortable rubberized handle. Users agree that they can use this saw daily without a hitch.

    Manageable: Even though you get plenty of power with the Milwaukee Tilt-Lok Circular Saw, you don’t have to sacrifice weight. This saw is lightweight, weighing in at just over ten pounds. This is especially light for a 7 1/4 –inch saw that tend to be much bulkier. Not only will you have less user fatigue, but also you will have more comfort and precision while working. The noise output isn’t too loud compared to other tools, and the rubberized handle makes it easy to get a sturdy grip. Included is a carry case so that you can bring your new companion with you to the job site.

    Powerful: Power is one of the most important features of a circular saw, and this Milwaukee model doesn’t fall short. With 15-amps of power and 5800 rpms, you can expect to cut through just about anything with this type of power, while allowing your cuts to feel like butter. Even the blade that comes with the purchase is quality. This is unusual for these types of blades, which tend to be lesser quality and designed to give you “something” to start with. While you can cut through all the standard materials such as drywall and ceramic, you can also cut through old, coarse wood with little effort when using this saw.

    What’s Not So Great About the Milwaukee 6390-21 7-1/4-Inch 15-Amp Tilt-Lok Circular Saw?

    No Blade Brake: Having a blade brake is a must for many users, especially those that have had this feature on past saws. Blade brakes stop the blade from running when they’re not in use, and without this feature, you can have a real safety issue on your hands. This feature was not omitted on the right-hand model 6394 but was on this model. Some have speculated that this feature was left out to keep the price lower and the tool-less bulky, but the tradeoff is most likely power. Since the other model has a fraction less of horsepower and the blade brake, it’s assumed that the tradeoff for the blade brake is a bit of power.

    Markings: The markings on this Milwaukee 6390-21 are not easy to read, so it can be difficult to get good depth gauge setup. The markings are done in ¼ increments as well, so these smaller measurements and hard-to-read markings only add to the difficulty. The numbers are set on the inside of the saw housing, which is what makes them harder to read than other saws on the market. Working in well-lit conditions will help with this issue.

    Tilt-Lok Handle: This Milwaukee saw prides itself on the Tilt-Lok feature, which is a locking, tilting handle that adjusts for user comfort. While a great feature to have, users have had difficulty getting the handle to adjust easily. Fortunately, most users only have the handle set on one or two positions so you don’t have to fuss with it too much. But if you’re someone who likes to adjust the handle or expect to get a lot of effortless use out of the Tilt-Lok mechanism, you may be in for a surprise, as this handle takes great effort and a bit of added time to make it adjust properly.

    Base Plate: There have been quite a few issues with the base plate on the Milwaukee model. Many users have received plates that are warped or have small dips on them. This seems to be a consistent issue, even with store models. This can make sawing square cuts more difficult, so you want to make sure that the circular saw you purchase has the flat, sturdy base that it should. On a good note, the base plate is large compared to others.

    Is the Milwaukee 6390-21 7-1/4-Inch 15-Amp Tilt-Lok Circular Saw a Great Purchase?

    If you’re in the market for a heavy-duty, powerful circular saw, the Milwaukee 6390-21 is the one to consider. It’s a great purchase for contractors or DIY enthusiasts, as you can use it every day or on a seldom basis – the choice is yours. While there has been some concern over the fact that Milwaukee has shifted production to China, users agree that the products still show their same quality, power, and strength. Nevertheless, Milwaukee stands by their products and offers a five-year warranty for added peace of mind. With a unique design that boasts a vibrant red color and 10-pound body, you’ll find yourself grabbing for this saw whenever you need a precise, effortless cut.

  21. When you need a simple cordless circular saw to help with small projects, you’ll find everything you need with the Dewalt Bare-Tool DC390B 6 1/2–inch 18-Volt Circular Saw. This saw is battery-powered so you won’t have to worry about lugging around a heavy corded saw or having the cord get in the while sawing. The saw is designed to be an extension of an existing Dewalt tool collection, as the purchase does not include a battery pack or charger. With this in mind, the circular saw is more affordable than if you were to buy it in a set, making it a great option for budget-conscious shoppers.


    Cordless: Since you can’t always be around an electrical source, the battery-powered circular saw is a suitable alternative for cutting through materials. It is also convenient, as you won’t have to drag out your corded saw for every small project. While the Dewalt Bare-Tool DC390B won’t take the place of your corded saw, it’s a great tool to have on hand. It’s just as powerful as any circular saw; just be sure to have a fresh set of batteries to drive enough power. To add to the convenience of the battery-powered saw, it’s lightweight and easy to take along on your projects.

    Ergonomic: The Dewalt Bare-Tool DC390B is ergonomically designed. It’s lightweight and cordless, making it easy to carry around on odd jobs with no cord getting in the way. Both left- and right-handed users can operate the circular saw, and the trigger safety is easy to reach. You can also enjoy such benefits as one-hand cutting, precise angles and cuts and a well-balanced construction. The circular saw even includes an electric brake. You may want to grab a decent pair of ear protection, however.

    Powerful: There is a lot of power packed into the Dewalt Bare-Tool DC390B, making it useful for all of your jobs. Some users say that the saw is better for trimming work versus framing work, although some users have had no issues cutting through anything. Once again, make sure that your batteries are fully charged so you will have the most power to work with. You can also expect that what you do cut through will feel like butter, creating more efficient projects and less user fatigue. With the versatility that this circular saw can handle, you’ll find it much more useful to take this Dewalt tool out instead of your bulky corded one.
    Economical: As long as you appreciate the bare-tool nature of this circular saw, you’ll find that it’s an economical addition to your Dewalt tool collection. Since there is no battery pack or charger, you save money right off the bat. And because this tool is designed to be an extension of what you already have, you can purchase a quality tool from a reputable company, unlike other tools where you’re stuck paying for the whole kit. And don’t think that the bare tool is truly “bare”. You’ll be pleased to know that it comes with a blade wrench, carbide, blade and edge guide.


    No Battery or Charger: If you’re expecting a battery and charger to come with this circular saw, you’ll be disappointed with your purchase. The Dewalt Bare-Tool DC390B is just that: A bare tool. It is designed to be an addition or extension of your current Dewalt toolset so that you can seamlessly use the circular saw with your existing batteries and charger. If you still want the benefits of the saw but don’t have any Dewalt products, you can invest the kit that includes the battery and charger. It will cost a lot more, however, so don’t expect the same low price. The bare tool design is not a drawback of the design but should be understood by buyers.

    Short Battery Life: Dewalt batteries are known for being subpar, so don’t plan on using one set of batteries for an entire project. You’ll want to always keep two to three batteries fully charged and on hand at all times so that you never run out of juice. Unfortunately, there’s really no way around this, since the Dewalt tools are designed to be used with Dewalt batteries and chargers. In fact, all battery-powered tools are limited to their power source, as batteries themselves have yet to be perfected. You can, however, switch over to lithium-ion batteries made by Dewalt.

    Is the DEWALT Bare-Tool DC390B 6-1/2-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Circular Saw a Great Purchase?

    Overall, the Dewalt Bare-Tool DC390B 6 ½-inch 18-Volt Cordless Circular Saw is an excellent purchase for an individual who wants a powerful saw, but is tired of lugging around a corded tool. It’s lightweight and easy to use, and with no cord to get in the way, you can handle all of your projects from one simple saw.

    While this circular is ideal for smaller projects and trimming work, many users have found no problems with expanding the boundaries and using the saw for larger projects. Because it’s a bare tool, you can get a quality saw for less; just make sure you understand what a bare tool really is. Some buyers were disappointed to see that no battery pack or charger is included, but this is what a bare tool is. Those that already have Dewalt tools will especially enjoy this circular saw, as they already have the framework to work with it.

  22. Short Summary About The Dewalt DW788 Scroll Saw

    The Dewalt DW788 is a double parallel machine that helps you to create accurate and detailed workpieces. This machine offers variable speed option which you can use to design various crafts with comfort and accuracy, and the unique arm design allows the saw blade to be in a perpendicular position with the material you are working with, which reduces over or undercutting.

    The on-off switch, blade tensioning lever and flexible dust blower is located on the frontal part of the upper arm, which gives you good accessibility. The arm movement is quieter and smoother during operation because of the arm design pivot which is from the backside of the saw to the frontal side.

    The Dewalt DW788 also comes with blade clamps that help you in changing the blades smoothly and speedily.

    General Details

    • Product Dimensions: 29.5 x 19.5 x 12.1 inches
    • Total Shipping Weight: 65 pounds

    The Pros And Cons Of The Dewalt DW788 Scroll Saw

    The Pros

    • This machine has a design of a parallel-link arm which reduces the vibration and gives you more accurate and precise designs.
    • This machine has low vibrations and thus, the noise emitted is also low.
    • Electronic variable speed, on-off switch and the blade are located on the frontal side of the upper arm, which gives easy access to this machine.
    • The dust blower is also present on the front upper arm and is flexible which allows the user to adjust it accordingly.
    • The machine comes with a unique feature like the lifting of the arm. This feature helps the blades in easy threading through the materials for inside cuts.
    • The blades can be changed easily with the help of clamps.

    The Cons

    • The switch should be of a better quality.
    • The motor is not of the highest quality and it does not work that well if used continuously for many hours.

    The Bottom Line

    Overall, the Dewalt DW788 is a decent machine that has a 1.3 amp motor which is capable of cutting different types of woods with a speed ranging from 400-1750 strokes, per minute. This machine weighs only 56 pounds, yet is more powerful than many other machines of its class.

    We also really like that it is very easy to change the blades of the machine and the fact that it has a three-year limited warranty from the trustworthy company is also a big plus.

    All in all, the DEWALT DW788 1.3 Amp 20-Inch Variable-Speed Scroll Saw offers very good value for the money.

  23. Short Summary About The Dewalt DW713

    The Dewalt DW713 is a popular miter saw that has a very powerful 15 amp motor which runs at a top speed of 5000 rpm. The Dewalt DW713 offers a stainless steel detent plate in which 11 various stops are provided that enables you to work with the repeated accuracy.

    This saw machine has very tall sliding fences that support crown molding vertically 4-1/2 inches which helps you in inclined cuts. In addition, the cam-lock miter handle is very easy to adjust and is convenient too.

    The Dewalt DW713 is a very dependable machine which helps you in cutting, framing, crosscutting and miter-cutting works. The saw’s miter capacity is from 0 to 50 degrees from the left to the right which gives the user a wide range to work.

    The miter lock is better than a screw type and the dust bag that is attached to this saw is very versatile.

    General Details

    • Product Dimensions: 19 x 23.8 x 17 inches
    • Total Shipping Weight: 39 pounds

    The Pros And Cons Of The Dewalt DW713 Miter Saw

    The Pros

    • This saw has a very powerful 15 amp motor, which runs at a speed of 5000 RPM. This speed gives it the power and helps you cut wood with ease.
    • You can do different types of work like cutting, framing, molding, cross-cutting and miter cutting with the Dewalt DW713.
    • The 11 positive stops of the stainless steel miter detent plate help you to adjust the saw easily and quickly and also these stops improves the accuracy and efficiency of your work.
    • The saw is very light and thus, you can easily transport it. It only weighs 35 pounds and there is a built-in carrying handle, which allows you to move this machine easily from one place to another.
    • The dust bag that is attached to this machine helps you to get pollution free environment to work.

    The Cons

    • The bevel pointer in not set accurately, you have to guess (+,-) 3 degrees to improve accuracy.
    • The fence is not made up of a good quality material; it could have made better.

    The Bottom Line

    Overall, the Dewalt DW713 Miter Saw is a very powerful wood cutting tool, with the 15amp powerful motor that allows you to cut with great accuracy and efficiency.

    We personally really like that you can perform different types of work like cutting, cross-cutting, framing and much more very easily with this one. In addition, the dust bag that is provided with this saw helps you to work in a clean atmosphere, and the fact that this is a light weighted machine allows you to handle and carry it from one place to another easily, which is a big plus.

    All in all, if you try to find a versatile miter saw that offers durability, high speed, and great power at less than $200, then the Dewalt DW713 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw is one of the best models you will probably find…

  24. Why buy a Makita 5007MGA circular saw? In this discussion, we will look at power tools with emphasis on circular saws. Before we begin, just a few words about Makita Corporation. A Japanese company founded in 1915, it operates in six countries worldwide. Its stock is listed on the NASDAQ (MKTAY) selling near $35.80. Revenues come in at $1.8 billion. Total revenue growth for the past five years is at 62.92%. This makes Makita a long-term, formidable competitor in power tool sector.

    As with any product each manufacturer tries to be “one step ahead” of the competition. This motto holds true even in such everyday products like circular saws. In looking and analyzing various brands, it is these small differences that set one apart from the other.This means that we must look at the specifics of the Makita 5007MGA, first to see what puts this unit in the five-star category and then analyze what sets it apart from the others. What are the specific parts that add to quality and durability? Circular saws are a specialized product. They are used both by hobbyists and professional contractors.

    This unit is designed for professionals. First, we have the materials used in the product. The Makita 5007MGA uses magnesium components. Other competitive brands use aluminum alloys. Magnesium is rated lightweight and more durable. Next is the motor. It has 15 amps and speeds of 5,800 RPMs for high performance and durability. The strength of the motor plus the high RPMs makes it less likely to jam up. Few reviews of other manufacturers cite their RPM numbers. Next, comes the blade. It is 7 ¼ inches in diameter with carbide tips for faster and longer lasting cutting. Most other manufacturers do not offer this feature. It has a large cutting capacity, 2 ½ inches at 90 degrees.

    In addition, it has built-in stops at 22.5 and 45 degrees. There is an electric brake that stops quickly. This is a special safety feature. Now we have the specialized features. It has big rubber levers for quick one-handed control. As well, it has oversized numbers for easy reading. Another nice add-on is the built-in LED light for better vision. These three features are helpful on construction sites where lighting is not always optimum. A dust blower and on gives added visibility. We still have more. We have a reinforced power cord and tool case.

    Now we come to the reviews for the Makita 5007MGA. As mentioned, it has a five-star rating by leading distributors. The one key feature that sets it apart is the blade break. Reviewer Kozi calls this a “must have” feature. He says that he wouldn’t buy a saw without that on it. By and large, this is the only saw that has this feature. When using power tools, the aspect of safety cannot be stressed enough. We often hear horror stories of lost limbs and serious injuries. This tool will help eliminate that. If for no other reason, buy this item. This reviewer mentioned the other add-ons like the large controls, oversized readouts, and the LED light.

    When you put all of these features together, it is easy to see why it has a five-star rating. On the minus side, R. Larson complained that the carrying case was a bit small. I could have been larger to accommodate a spare blade. Plus it was tight and didn’t allow enough room for the cord. This reviewer also mentioned that left rear corner of the base plate is chopped off. It doesn’t give the user the guidance needed to finish a cut in a straight line.

    We cannot leave this discussion without mentioning a key flaw. It is not with the product but rather with Makita’s marketing campaign. On the Lowe’s website, the search for Makita 5007MGA yielded no results. In fact, the website listed no Makita circular saw products. On Home Depot, the Makita 5007 MG was listed but not the new Makita 5007MGA. Amazon did list the product and gave it five stars.

    So we leave now with probably the best product in its class, a product with outstanding safety features, a one of a kind tool, with superior materials, construction, durability, and ease of use. Don’t look any further. The Makita 5007MGA is the one to buy.