Band Saw Tires: Rubber Tires versus Urethane

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What Are the Best Band Saw Tires to Use?

If your band saw is not running smoothly and operating at precision efficiency, it could be that your band saw tires are worn. Therefore, checking the tires is usually a good first step in eradicating any difficulties along these lines.

The Choice for Urethane

Worn tires are often brittle and show a number of grooves or cracks. If you’ve determined that this is a problem with your machine, then you’ll need to take the wheel measurement for your blade. The tire your purchase should be 2 inches smaller than the size of the wheel so it will fit correctly. Once you have the measurement, you’ll need to decide on the type of tire you want to buy. If you have a larger, higher-speed machine, it’s probably best to pick urethane tires versus rubber band saw tires. Even if your machine is smaller, urethane tires may still be better in the long run than rubber tires.

A Durable, More Reliable Choice

Rubber tires require epoxy or glue for installation while urethane tires do not need any type of glue in order to be installed. Urethane tires are often recommended over rubber tires too as they generally last longer. Although on average, urethane tires are more expensive, you probably will be saving more over time as the tires are proven to be, as stated, more durable.

A Safe Color


Pick the orange tires for safety

Tires come in a number of styles for use on various band saws. For instance, 3 wheel band saw tires fit Inca 710 band saws or you can find urethane tires that fit the 14” wheels of the band saw blades. One thing that’s nice about urethane tires is that they do not become brittle like rubber tires. In addition, installation is much easier as it only takes a few minutes as you don’t need, as mentioned, any kind of glue. If you want to achieve better tracking and a smoother running machine, then choosing a band saw tire made of urethane is a preferred way to go. Pick the orange tires for safety and to aid you whenever you inspect the blades.

The Urethane Advantage

Of course, another advantage about a urethane tire is that when it does need replacement, it won’t be as hard to remove as a tire made of rubber. It can be a long, laborious process taking off an old rubber tire versus one made from urethane. You have to make sure that all the glue and residue is removed so the new tire fits well. Therefore, removing an old rubber tire involves a lot of scraping and brushing off debris. In addition, water and cleaning solvents aren’t recommended as they can damage the machine. Consequently, choosing to buy a urethane tire is a suggested choice if you want to save yourself future hassles and you want your machine to perform with maximum efficiency.

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