The Ultimate Guide To Buying Bandsaw Blades

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What Are Bandsaw Blades?

What Are Bandsaw Blades?Bandsaw blades are equipment that is used to cut machinery or used in woodworks. These blades are made of metal and have teeth like structures that help in cutting things easily. There are many large factories and even small workshops where bandsaw blades are used for cutting things. While some metals are soft and easy to cut with the blades; some metals are extremely hard and need lots of pressure and energy for cutting them. These blades are available in different widths and sizes and one can choose the one that is most suitable for a particular purpose.

Different metals used in making bandsaw blades

As mentioned earlier, bandsaw blades are made of different kinds of materials. Obviously, they are made from different kinds of metals only. There are carbon hard edge bandsaw blades that are commonly used for cutting and shaping soft metals. Some of the soft materials that can be cut with these blades include wood, brass, bronze, soft aluminum, angle iron and other non-metals. Made from high carbon alloy steel, tri-temp bandsaw blades are used for cutting heavier metals. These blades are durable and provide efficient productivity for a long time. Bimetal bandsaw blades are also very popular and use electron beam welding process. Materials that can be cut with such blades include stainless steel, hard aluminum, nickel chrome, structurals, carbon steels etc.

Purposes of bandsaw blades

It is quite evident from the name of the product that these blades are used for cutting and shaping various kinds of things. With these blades, various kinds of things like wood, hard metal, soft metal, alloys and even strong structures can be cut. These are very important in factories, workshops, large industries and in places where welding works are carried out. Depending on the quality of the materials that are to be cut and reshaped, the bandsaw blade is selected.

Bandsaw blades – their availability

While buying bandsaw blades keep in mind the purpose for which the blades are being purchased. This is important as the right kinds of blades have to be chosen for that. There are many stores and shops where these kinds of blades are available. They will mainly be available in stores that deal with heavy-engineering materials. These kinds of blades are also available from the various online stores. It is very important to select the right bandsaw blade from the web shops and then place an order for the same.

Bandsaw Blades Options

Bandsaw Blades OptionsBandsaw blades are extremely popular for cutting metals, wood, and other materials easily. Usually used in the heavy engineering industry, these blades are available in different varieties and options. They come in different forms of metals and used for cutting various kinds of materials. While many shops that deal with heavy engineering materials keep these kinds of blades; some blades can also be purchased from the various online shops and stores. It is important to place the right kinds of order in the online shops and the blades will be delivered to your home or workshop, whatever address you provide while placing the order.

Bandsaw blades made of bi-metals

bi-metal bandsaw bladesIt is evident from the name of the bandsaw blades that they are manufactured by combining two metals together. Electron beam welding is used to make these kinds of strong and durable bandsaw blades. These are high production blades. However, it is also true that they are extremely fatigue resistant and highly durable in nature. These blades are available in different tooth geometries. The tooth settings of the different blades are also different so that different kinds of materials can be saved with this. Metals that can be cut with these bandsaw blades include stainless steel, mild steel, alloy steel, hard aluminum, nickel chrome etc.

Bandsaw blades that are carbide tipped

There are many bandsaw blades, the teeth of which are tipped with carbide. These kinds of bandsaw blades are used for cutting normal materials. However, these are used when high levels of production are required from the bandsaw blades. Hardened steel of about 63 HRC can be cut with these kinds of equipment. Some of these blades are also used for cutting tires.

Carbon hard edge bandsaw blades

These are probably the most common kinds of bandsaw blades that are available and used in the various industries. These bandsaw blades have very hard edges that facilitate better cutting of the materials and have a flexible back as well that helps in relaxing the hand while working. These bandsaw blades are highly economical as well and can help in cutting various kinds of materials like soft metals, wood, soft aluminum and other stuff.

Diamond coated bandsaw blades

These bandsaw blades have diamonds at the tip of the teeth of the saw. It is known that diamond is the hardest material on the earth and with these kinds of bandsaw blades it is possible to cut the hardest of materials that include granite, marble, hard plastic materials and silicon wafers.

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Bandsaw Blades Benefits And Uses

In heavy engineering industries and in various workshops, it is important that the right kinds of instruments and equipment are used so that the work is carried out in a smooth manner. Bandsaw blades are one of the most important tools that are used in these industries for cutting various kinds of materials like wood and metals. These kinds of blades are available in different kinds of materials and help in cutting various types of things. Apart from the different materials, there are also differences in the teeth of the blades. While some have close teeth, some have teeth that are wide apart.

Uses of different kinds of bandsaw blades

Bandsaw Blades typeIt is quite a common fact that bandsaw blades are used for cutting various kinds of materials. In the heavy engineering industry or in the various workshops, metals need to be cut for different reasons. This is done by the bandsaw blades. If you are looking for a smooth cut, you need to buy blades that have the high density of teeth per inch of the blade. Again if you are looking for rough cutting, wide teeth blades are good enough for the same.

Also, all blades cannot cut all kinds of materials. While some blades are specialized for cutting soft metals and non-metals; some others are specialized for cutting hard metals, alloys, and other hardy elements. There are also separate blades for cutting wood. The widths of the blades also vary according to the use of the instrument. The wide blades help in cutting things in a straight fashion. On the other hand, if you are looking to cut in curves or some design form, it is best to use narrow blades as it is easier to maneuver the blades as per requirements.

Benefits of using different kinds of bandsaw blades

It is quite obvious that there are many advantages of using different kinds of bandsaw blades. First and foremost, they help in making the task of cutting metals and wood easier and highly convenient. Secondly, with the blades, different kinds of shapes and designs can be given to the metals or to the wood that is being cut. Most of the blades are manufactured in such manner that minimum efforts are required for cutting things as there are immense support and flexibility. With the right kinds of blades, lesser noise is produced and almost no vibrations are felt. The entire process of cutting becomes smooth.

How To Selecting The Best Band Saw Blades?

If you are wondering which is exactly the best band saw blade for your particular power tool and cannot decide upon the final choice, then you are at the right place! This guide will practically and step by step show you what ideal features are contained in the ‘perfect’ band saw blades and how must you carry on towards your own decision making…

The blade of the band saw is one of the most important parts of the entire machine, since all of the major functionality is achieved by it. Without a proper band saw blade, the entire gadget will operate poorly resulting in a huge drop in your rate of performance. Even with a good quality blade, you might not be able to acquire an extraordinary result because every blade is not designed to suit all the needs of a workman.


Oh well, since you are working with a band saw, you must be aware of your own needs, that is, the type of material you need to cut with the blade and so on. Prepare a checklist mentally of how exactly you are using it for before you proceed with evaluating the different options you have in front of you.

check list

  • The type and model of the band saw that you are using. Blades may be different for different models and types of the machine and every blade may not be suitable for use in each of the machine.
  • The type of material you are cutting whether it’s plastic, wood or metal. The sharpness and quality of the blades for each of the types vary.
  • The thickness of the material and its width that will be passing underneath the blade.
  • The type of cut, whether it’s a straight simple cut only or requires curved or angular cutting too.
  • Your budget, how much you can spend upon the blade now and its maintenance afterward in the long run.

How To Buy The Best Bandsaw Blades?

Are you looking forward to buying bandsaw blades for cutting metals and other materials? These instruments are not commonly required in homes and for domestic purposes but for factories and heavy engineering industries. Whatever be the case, it is very important for you to know the qualities of a good bandsaw blade so that you can make the right choice in buying the instruments without any problems. There are various factors that have to be kept in mind before making up your mind in buying the best bandsaw blades. Some of them are as follows:

The purpose for which the bandsaw blade will be used

It is very important to know the purpose behind purchasing the bandsaw blades. Various kinds of things can be cut with these blades and you must know that. There are different kinds of blades for different kinds of materials. Choose the blade that will be suitable for your purpose. There are blades that can cut different kinds of materials with a single blade. If you are very confused you can buy such a blade so that it serves all the purposes.

Pitch of the band saw blade

Pitch of the band saw bladeLet me begin with telling you what exactly is the pitch of the blade… the number of teeth per inch on the blade measure the pitch. The higher the pitch of the blade is, the slower but smoother will be the cut. A lower pitch will result in roughened cut on the edges, but the speed for cutting will be greater. According to your needs, select the suitable blade for your band saw that suits your needs.

Size and width of the bandsaw blades

This is a very important factor that needs to be considered while buying a bandsaw blade. The size of the saw is very important and that can be seen in the manual or in some cases, the size is engraved on the saw itself. The size of the bandsaw blade will also decide the length of the instrument. They are also available in varying widths. While the wider ones are used for cutting metals and wood in straight lines, the narrower ones are used for giving desired shapes to the metals and the wood. Curves can be formed easily with the narrow blades.

Thickness of the blade

Specification of band saw blade

Specification of band saw blade

There are band saw blades available in markets which have varied thickness. A thin blade will have a narrow kerf and that can be useful to cut thin sheets or layers of wooden or metallic material. A thicker kerf is available in a thicker blade and that is also useful many times. Check out what exactly you want to cut and how much kerf you will require and that should you be going on for which sized blade.

Varieties of teeth on the bandsaw blades

The bandsaw blades have teeth on the sides that help in cutting the things, be it metals, wood or plastic. There are different kinds of teeth on the blades and all are for different purposes. It is said that more the numbers of teeth per inch of the blade, better is the cutting by the blade. It might take some time and effort to get the cutting done, but it gives a smooth cut at the end. There are blades with lesser teeth as well. With these, the cutting might be faster, but the cutting is not very smooth and perfect.

Quality of material of the band saw blade

Band saw blades are ideally made up of heavy carbon steel, which is quite inexpensive. They can also be of carbide tipped teeth or bimetal construction material, both of these which are a little costly but they are far more durable and rigid.

Online Shopping For Bandsaw Blades


Online Shopping For Bandsaw BladesWith the coming of the computers and the internet, things have become simpler and convenient than before for sure. There is no need to leave one’s home or office to buy things. They can be bought easily from the various online shops only. This not only saves time but also loads of energy. The best part is that the varieties of things that are available online are nothing less than things that are available in general stores and markets. Therefore you will get ample options to select from and then make a decision. Apart from other things, many people are also buying bandsaw blades from online shops.

Web sites that deal with selling of bandsaw blades

If you search for bandsaw blades on the search engines, you will be presented with innumerable websites that deal with this stuff. You will be able to see the wide varieties of bandsaw blades that are available in the market. Different blades are used for cutting different kinds of materials like wood, metals etc. Browse through the various websites and study about them in details. Short-list some of the websites from where the right kinds of bandsaw blades can be purchased. After that is done try and contact each company and talk to them directly about the requirements, prices etc. Then make a final decision regarding the same.

Selection of the right bandsaw blades

Before shopping for the bandsaw blades online, make sure what kinds of bandsaw blades are needed by you. If you are looking for cutting metals, you will need different bandsaw blades; but if you need to cut wood and other materials you will need different kinds of blades. Most of the websites that sell different kinds of bandsaw blades have all the varieties available. Click on the item and read all the specifications and features and see that they match your requirements well.

Placing orders online and making online payments

Online shopping for bandsaw blades will require placing orders for the products on the websites. Make sure that the right selection of the product is made and the right orders are placed. It is very important to note that the payment system on the website is a proper one and there are no risk factors involved in it. Make payments online via debit or credit card. The goods are delivered to the place which you have mentioned in the form while placing the order within the stipulated time period.


Must you have learned various tips and tricks of going through the process of selecting the best band saw blade for yourself, haven’t you? Think and act wisely before you make a decision. If you are still confused, then perform some research regarding your choices and read some more articles from our site. We have loads of other useful guides and ‘how to’ articles that will provide you with further assistance.

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