Top 3 Best Band Saw With All Their Tech Conveniences

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If you are not acquainted with the best band saw yet, then this is the high time you’ve tried it. so far in our lives, we’ve used any different typed saw like a handsaw, chainsaw, machine saw, tile saw etc. for different purposes. From cutting plywood to steels, from table shaping to plastic cutting etc; we have done thousands of works since our childhood unknowingly. But as technology has refurbished a lot in magnitude, it’s time to get acquainted with something that is truly efficient and astounding in technology.

What is the best band saw?

Band saw is what we are to talk about in this short technical review. When your band saw has almost everything you need and utterly fills all your cutting expediency, then you surely regard that equipment as your best band saw. This is a technical product that is standalone and can cut things very easily. There are two circular rings on which the saw strip is mounted. The rings are mounted on the upper and the lower sides of the product. Some of the high-tech band saws comprise of 3 or 4 or even 5 rings in it. However, additional rings provide additional rotational power to the saw strip and thus greater the efficiency is.

The technical working principle of a band saw:

The two strips are powered by a strong motor inbuilt of a bad saw product and thus the saw strip is run. The saw strip has open surroundings in the middle of the product where it is situated in the middle of a smooth yet strong table. This is the table where your cutting apparatus is kept and sized according to your needs precisely. There are regulators and converters inbuilt of the best band saw that regulates the speed of the saw strip. There are also indicators that help you to understand the product temperature and efficiency conditions promptly. These are highly anticipated by an adept user as he/she don’t want to cause harm or extra pressure to the product unknowingly.

Why know band saw reviews?

A band saw is a high-tech product that is capable of cutting different types materials at your premises and according to your needs. This helps you out to cut things in a very short time. You’ll find a lot more ease through cutting a band saw rather than using a hand saw through your bare hands. Moreover, had saw cutting might not always be as precise as a band saw cuttings. Before 100% confirmation on any specific band saw, you better be acquainted with the entire band saw reviews so that you acknowledge with every key feature.

Top 3 best band saw available on the market 2017:

Although there are different types bad saws available n the market, but we find it very necessary to get you acquainted with the top 3 best band saw reviews:

  1. SKIL 3386:

SKIL 3386-01 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Band Saw

SKIL 3386-01 2.5-Amp 9-Inch Band Saw

SKIL 3386 is one of the most exquisitely efficient and dazzling product in the band saw market. There are a few technical descriptions that are quite impressive for this small yet powerful bad saw tool-

  • Fencing: This product has a fence around the cutting edge; that is the saw end in the middle of the two revolving rings. This is the point where you need to place your apparatus to cut. Predominantly, this fencing provides you with extra safety while cutting specimens at greater speeds. Speedy saw strips are dangerous because you never know when you get yourself cut accidentally. But this fencing acts as a protection shield which allows only the height of the apparatus for cutting purposes only.
  • LED Light at the cutting neck: When you are up to cutting your specimen very articulately, you need a crystal-clear view to the point of cutting with the saw strip. For this purposes only, there is a LED light mounted on the front of a flexible neck. You can move the neck and point the powerful light right at the point of cutting. When you are to cut your apparatus right at correct lines, you can use a pencil to draw lines and then cut through this product with this LED bulb option.
  • Rack and pinion table: you just cannot use your bare hands to use as the table for this bad saw product. However, with the lower ring upper end, there is a strong rack mounted table having pinions on all sides. This table helps you to keep your cutting specimen and allows you to have a base for cutting. The saw strip will run through a hole in the table where you’ll point your LED and cut very convincingly. This is a ribbed aluminum table. There are points marked from 1-45 where you can easily set your table for working convenience. This table is 13-16 inch in length and 11 inches in breadth.
  • Electrical facts: This product runs at 110volts. The motor requires a total of only 2.5 amperes AC. You’ll be provided with enough cords for electrical connectivity with plug.
  • Weight: this product solely weighs in total 35.8 lbs. however; carrying from one place to another isn’t that hard for an adult person.
  • Saw cutting: it has a saw cutting depth of 3-1/8 inch; means that you can cut woods and light metal sheets according to this measurement.
  • Miter gauge: Make sure that you receive a miter gauge with this product. This is a very necessary product while you are using band saw machines. This will help you to have pinpoint cutting measurements and straight to the line you need.
  1. POWERTEC BS900:

POWERTEC BS900 Band Saw, 9-Inch

POWERTEC BS900 Band Saw, 9-Inch

When you are looking something that is quite effective compared to light cutting works, then you have Powertec BS900 available in the market. The saw strip is quite heavy in weight and is tremendously rugged for cutting heavy metal and wood specimens. This product has a slim outlook from all of its sides. You have to place this product exactly horizontal to your working stance. However, there are some truly exquisite features that will make you astonished about this product-

  • Patented blade: The band saw blade is highly sharp and curved. The sharp claws of every saw step are highly engineered through specified angles which are the best convenient for effective cutting. The Bands on both the sides produces a good torque and speed which is about 1725 rpm (revolutions per minute). This speed makes the momentum of the saw strip high enough to cut almost any sort of specimen. The motor that makes this momentum for the saw strip is of ½ HP. The blade size is 62 x 1/8 x 3/8.
  • Working table: There is a table between the bands on both the upper and lower sides of the band saw. There is also a hole through which the saw strip revolves and this is the cutting point for specimens. You can conveniently rotate your table according to your discretion and ease. This table is measured 11-3/4 x 11-3/4 and is made up of aluminum panels.
  • Blade changing: As this is a bad saw, its blade might get rust and at a point, it might need to get a change with a new replacement. However, blade changing is very easy as there is blade tension lever. Slightly release your bad saw blade tension and you’ll get your blade strip loose enough to make an easy replacement. However, you better keep in mind about the directions of the blade while replacing. If you place the blade in the wrong direction, then cutting would be effective upwards rather than downwards, through the table.
  • Weight and measurement of the bad saw itself: This best band saw is measuring 31.5 x 18 x 12 inches whereas its weight is only 50lbs. this weight is feasible for one person to carry this product from one place to another quite easily.
  • Dust port: While cutting, there produces a lot of dust which makes the working point unclear. However, the dust produced can also create problems to your eyes if flown to air accidentally. Therefore, this product has worked on a suitable technology. While rolling the bad saw downwards through the working specimen, there is a dust hole in which, all the dust allocate together. After a certain amount of work, you can easily remove all those through a polyethene or cellophane paper. This ensures clean and dust free yet effective and to the point operation.
  1. Rikon 10-305:

Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence, 10-Inch

Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw With Fence, 10-Inch

The Rikon 10-305’s band saw reviews are quite impressive because it has a bit amplified safety measures. As for being a bad saw product, safety measures must be given a limelight otherwise; people won’t feel safe while using such a dangerous product. However, there are some points that will make you go for this product. In the following section, there are some key features of the best bad saw Rikon 10-305-

  • Steel frame: The most important fact of the Rikon 10-305 is that this product is made up of solid steel outer surface all over its body. Compared to other lightweight band saws with plastic frames, this product just has got every characteristic that is convenient from all the point of views.
  • The overall product measurement: This product measures exactly 35.5 x 18 x 13 inches. However, it weighs about 73.6 pounds. This is a bit heavier compared to the last 2 top best band saw According to all the bad saw reviews of Rikon 10-305; this product is capable of handling hard tasks like cutting thick steel panels or aluminum sheets. Hard piles of woods etc.
  • Technical specifications of this product: As for electrical equipment, there is the motor which is the heart of this product. The motor is 1/3 HP which is quite powerful for a band saw requirement. This motor requires in total 3.5 amperes and the whole product runs at the voltage of 115 volts. The motor speed is 2870 ft per minute which are quite enough. This specifies the greater rotational speed of the bad saw strip. Through this powerful speed, you get much more momentum and thus you get greater cutting power from the machine.
  • The cast iron table: There is a fenced table just in the middle of the product, where you get space to cut your specimens preferably. This fenced table is highly rugged and made up of cast steel, therefore, you can use heavy metals to place her and push towards the rotating blade to cut. The table measures exactly 13-3/4 x 12-1/2.
  • The band saw strip: The blade strip can be replaced if necessary. However, the blade measurement is also necessary for your convenience of cutting thickness, cutting depth and temperature bearing ability. The blade size may range in the span of 1/8 to 1/2.

Things you should know while going through the band saw reviews:

When you are up to buying a new bandsaw for your own homely purposes, then you better get acquainted with some important factors. First and the foremost matter is the safety. Look for something that has safety measures like fencing around the working table; led lights so that you can get a clear vision and not cut your hands accidentally, strong and rigid bands for chain trapping etc. Make sure that you’ve read the total review of the product. If you can add some safety measures on your own, then it is best. Like you can use slower speeds through speed regulation (this solely depends on the product speed options), you can use gloves and light on the top of your head for the precise seeing of the workplace etc.


Band saw nowadays has been popular for homely use. You can do a lot of works through using a bad saw because from home decoration of necessary things, from garage works to cutting steel sheets to necessary measurements etc. you can do most of the sizing works through such a tool. Therefore, while going for something that suits your requirements, make sure that you’ve read all the bad saw reviews out and out in order to get acquainted with the best band saw!

Best Band Saws On The Market 2017

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