2017 Best Circular Saw With Reviews

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Getting the best circular saw is something that most craftsmen usually strive for. Despite being valuable cutting tools, selecting the perfect model that will meet or even exceed your expectations normally proves to be a hard task. The main reason for this is that the market is currently stocked with hundreds of models, all boasting of exceptional performance and quality.

However, the truth is that not all of them have the capability to deliver as advertised. Therefore, it would be quite imperative that we give you a comprehensive review and circular saw guide that will simplify your selection process. From this review, you will be able to make an informed decision about the best model that will perfectly work to your satisfaction.

Know the Three Top Rated Circular Saw On The Market

In this review, we have taken the liberty of presenting you with top 3 Circular Saws. Basically, our selection process is based upon the various customer ratings and circular saw reviews. This has been outsourced from multiple online sites so as to exclude any feeling of biases. From the ratings and reviews, the best three models are:

  • Rockwell RK3440K

Top 3 Best Circular Saws Comparison

Top 3 Best Circular Saw Reviews

1. Rockwell RK3440K Review

Rockwell RK3440K

Rockwell RK3440K Versacut 4.0 Amp Ultra-Compact Circular Saw

This is one model that actually tops when it comes to circular saws. It is a popular model, invented by one of the global leading manufacturer and supplier of power tools; Rockwell. This is a company that has consistently gained a great reputation for the production and supply of high quality and efficient power tools.

Rockwell RK3440K provides you with the necessary power as well as features needed in achieving professional cuts. It boasts of a 4 Amp motor that packs enough power to cut through the toughest materials. This is one circular saw that features unsurpassed accuracy, thanks to its laser cutting technology. With it, you are always guaranteed of constant precision in all your cutting tasks. It is by far one of the lightest Circular Saw models that feature exceptional handling. Its lightweight design is supplemented with a compact size to provide for consistent cutting operations.

Compared to other circular saws, the Rockwell RK3440K is uniquely designed to slice through more than 1-inch materials. This renders it an ideal choice for a wide range of cutting tasks. A lock-off switch incorporated in the unit prevents any accidental starts. For enhanced visibility, the Rockwell RK3440K comes with a dust extraction adapter. This eliminates dust and provides a clear line of sight. To compensate for any malfunctions, the company provides a 2 years warranty on this circular saw.

Lightweight design

The Rockwell RK3440K weighs a remarkable 4 pounds, making it one of the lightest models available. Such a light construction enables the saw to be operated by a single hand. Together with the minimal vibrations generated during the cutting process, this lightweight lessens wrist pains resulted from continued cutting operations.

Slim construction

Apart from its light construction, the Rockwell RK3440K offers its users with a slim design. It features a dimension of 17.5 by 8.9 by 5.4 inches. With its small length, you are able to comfortably maneuver it on any given workspace. It can easily be operated on those areas that are difficult to achieve when using large saw models. These include corners and other narrow working spaces. This is one saw that can enable you to even carry out overhead operations.

Remarkable cutting depth

As mentioned earlier, the RK3440K incorporates the ability to cut through more than 1-inch materials. Thanks to its depth adjustment lever, the unit enables the user to position the indicator to the desired depth. This enables you to cut any given material to the exact depth. With its 3-3/8-inch carbide blade, you can achieve a maximum cutting depth of 1-1/16 inches.

Laser cutting technology

This is a feature that makes the Rockwell RK3440K stand out from the long line of circular saws. This technology functions with the use of indicators. There is a laser indicator that enables you to accurately align the cuts. A plunge indicator comes in handy to show the precise position of blade entry. As if that is not enough, it features a simple depth of cut indicator. All these are designed to provide exceptional accuracy during the cutting process.

Durable construction

To enable it to adapt well to tough cutting applications, the VersaCut Circular Saw comes with a durable construction. It incorporates outer and inner metal guard that functions to prolong its useful life. Its carbide tipped blade also features extreme durability that enables it to cut through wood, plastic, ceramic and metallic materials with minimal wear.

2. DEWALT DC390B Review

Dewalt DC390B

DEWALT DC390B 6-1/2-Inch 18-Volt Cordless Circular Saw

The Dewalt DC390B is highlighted among the company’s notable inventions. This is one Circular Saw that has constantly received great customer liking globally. Therefore, the fact that it’s highlighted among the top models comes as no surprise. This is one saw that has the ability to perfectly adjust to all your cutting needs. This renders it an ideal tool for use by just about anyone.

As with a majority of the company’s inventions, the Dewalt DC390B Circular Saw comes in a lightweight design to provide easy handling. It boasts of exceptional motor speed, which serves to provide fast rips and cross cuts. Its large carbide blade provides 2x cutting capacity. This is achievable at 90 degrees as well as 45 degrees angles. To match a great range of applications, the Dewalt DC390B offers you with a 0-50 degree bevelling capacity. Its compact size allows it to balance well in the hands of the user besides facilitating easy maneuvering. For extra comfort, its handle is ergonomically designed to fit well in the hand of the operator. It minimizes the occasional hand soreness, which motivates the user to operate the saw for long.

This unit is compatible with 18-volt NiCad batteries. These generate sufficient power to constantly run the saw. With it, you do not have to worry about the frequent power shortages, a key problem with most alternative models. This saw incorporates replaceable brushes for enhanced durability and power. To make you feel comfortable with your money, DEWALT offers a 90-day money back guarantee for the Dewalt DC390B. As if that is not enough, it is backed by 3 years limited. This caters for poor craftsmanship and defective parts. Also, the company offers a 1-year free service to ensure that the saw performs to the maximum.

Lightweight construction

The Dewalt DC390B features among Dewalt’s lightest circular saw models. It incorporates a lightweight design, weighing at just 7.8 pounds. Combined with its ergonomic handle, the saw offers comfortable operation. It minimizes user fatigue and balances well to provide precise cuts. This feature also enables the user to carry out prolonged cutting operations, which improves the overall productivity of the tool. Moreover, it makes the unit more portable to suit the highly mobile cutting tasks.

Compact size

This saw features a small size compared to most models on the market. It comes in a size measuring 8.9 by 15.9 by 10.5 inches. Its considerably short length facilitates easy maneuvering, especially in limited working spaces. It allows the user to operate it at angles that are difficult to achieve when using those longer models. Besides offering these valuable benefits, the compact size economizes well on storage space. Its small footprint enables it to fit just about anywhere.

Durable design

The Dewalt DC390B one tool that is meant to last you for years to come. It incorporates a high-strength magnesium shoe that is resilient to the occasional wear and tear. This brake shoe can run for long without the need for any replacements. To add to the durability of the saw is a high-performance fan-cooled motor. Together with the replaceable brushes, they keep the unit running for long and at optimal performance.

Excellent cutting capacity

With its remarkable 3,700 RPM, the 6.5-inch carbide tipped blade offers exceptional cutting capacity, especially when compared to a majority of the alternative models. It has the ability to effectively cut through 2 by dimensional wood. It features great cutting depths, attainable at 90 degrees as well as 45 degrees. At 90 degrees, it provides a 2-1/4-inch cutting depth. At 45 degrees angle, this Circular Saw incorporates a cutting depth of 1-5/8 inches. Also, it has a 0-50 degree bevelling capacity to match various cutting tasks.

3. DEWALT DWE575SB Review


DEWALT DWE575SB 7-1/4-Inch Lightweight Circular Saw

This is yet another notable invention by the American based company; Dewalt. The Dewalt DWE575SB is designed to provide you with high-quality cuts and allow you to enjoy the entire cutting process. Thanks to its exceptional power, it has the capacity to cater for a wide variety of cutting applications.

Dewalt DWE575SB eliminates the hassles experienced when utilizing traditional cutting tools. Its 15 Amp motor packs sufficient power to get the job well done. For the convenience of use, it features a light construction that enables the user to handle it with ease. The compact size comes in handy to allow for effective operations in otherwise difficult angles. Dewalt DWE575SB is one circular saw that was built with durability in mind. It features minimal signs of wear and tear, a feature that makes it one of the most cost-effective long-term investment.

It incorporates a large beveling capacity of 57 degrees with convenient stops at 45 degrees as well as 33.5 degrees. This saw boasts of an excellent cutting depth that enables it to easily cut through thick metallic and wooden materials. It features a clear line of sight that aid in blade visibility from any given angle. The incorporated dust blower offers a clear line of sight for enhanced accuracy. To ensure the safety of your money, the company provides a 30-day money back guarantee in case of any inconveniences during the purchasing process. The DEWALT DWE575SB also features 3 years limited warranty to cater for any faulty parts and poor craftsmanship. A 1-year free-service contract caters for any repairs that may arise during normal operations.

Lightweight and compact design

As the name suggests, the DEWALT DWE575SB With Electric Brake features a very light construction. In fact, it is the lightest in its class of tools. It weighs at only 8.8 pounds with a considerably small length of 7.2 inches. It reduces much on user hand fatigue besides providing for effective maneuvering, particularly in tight working areas. These features also render the unit more portable. It can easily be stored and transported, making it one of the most convenient cutting tools.

Excellent cutting capacity

The 15 Amps motor provides you with a maximum power output of 1950 watts that enables you to achieve remarkable cutting depths. It generates an exceptional speed of 5,200 RPM, which features one of the fastest rotating blades. This 7-1/4-inch blade features various cutting depths at 90 degrees and also 45 degrees. At 90 degrees, the DEWALT DWE575SB features a cutting depth of 2.55 inches. At 45 degrees, the cutting depth is 1.9 inches. Furthermore, it provides positive stops at 45 degrees and also 22.5 degrees. Its 57-degree bevel capacity renders it a useful cutting tool for a wide range of applications.

Durable design

As with most of the company’s models, the DEWALT DWE575SB is designed to last. It incorporates great resistance that offers enhanced durability against cord pullouts. The base is made of a durable high-grade aluminum that features minimum wear besides providing precise cuts. Its anti-snag ball bearing guard offers you with smooth guard operation and also prolongs the overall life of the unit.

What To Look For?

1. Price

This is a major consideration when buying any given product. This is no exception when it comes to choosing the perfect circular saw that will sufficiently meet all your cutting needs. Normally, the price usually determines the overall performance or quality of any given mower. Nevertheless, you need to try as much as possible to go for a saw model that falls within the limits of your budget, but also has the capacity to cater for all your needs.

2. Bevel capacity

This is among the most crucial factors that you need to keep in mind. It will dictate the overall versatility of the unit. Generally, the bevel capacity determines the range of cutting applications that the unit is capable of handling. A large bevel capacity would be ideal in case you plan to use your saw for a wide variety of cutting applications.

3. Power

This is a factor that will determine how fast and effective you are able to achieve your cutting applications. For those tough cutting applications, it would be advisable to go for those units that incorporate powerful motors and great blade speeds. This will save you the time and effort needed in accomplishing any given task.

4. Ease of handling

This is a factor that will determine how comfortable you are able to carry out your cutting operations. Basically, a compact sized and lightweight unit is preferred, particularly for those prolonged cutting operations. It will dictate the ease with which you are able to maneuver the unit.

5. Manufacturer/brand name

There are multiple brands of circular saws on the market. However, not all of them are perfectly fit for the task. A few of them feature inferior quality that may compromise your cutting process. Always make sure that you go for the reputed brands that are more popular with customers worldwide. Rockwell and Dewalt are among the top brands that are worth putting into consideration.


Now that you have the insight regarding the best circular saw, it is high time that you need to make a point of trying out any of these top models. Generally, they are all perfect circular saws. Nevertheless, you can make your selection according to your individual needs. Despite which model you choose from the three, be assured that it will perfectly work as per your expectations. So make a wise choice and take your cutting experience to the next level.

A power saw can be a considerable purchase. That’s why the few minutes that you spend on reading power saw reviews is time well spent. Not only can you save money but you can also avoid headaches by purchasing only the right tool for your need. Here, I share my personal experiences and honest reviews about power saws to help you sense what it is like to work before you actually purchase one. My experiences and opinions act as a litmus test for first time users and for those who want to upgrade their power saws. Wish to help you identify the most significant factors that should influence your decision when buying the best power saws.

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