Best Stand Mounted Band Saws

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Stand mounted band saws are by far the most popular class of bandsaws. These tools typically come in 14″ models which is a perfect size for almost every workshop. The size of the machine keeps the footprint small enough but the tool big enough for most resawing and curve cutting methods. This makes certain kinds of joinery such as dovetails very easy. With a perfect medium of price and efficiency, the stand mounted band saw is the best choice for most individuals. If you need portability, we would suggest you check out bench top band saws. Below is a comparison table of the top rated stand mounted bandsaws in their class.

Best Stand Mounted Band Saws


Jet 414458 HVBS-56M 5-by-6-Inch 1/2 HP Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw


If you are looking for a bandsaw that suits your budget perfectly, the Jet 414458 HVBS-56M 5-by-6-Inch 1/2 HP Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw is the ideal thing for you! Not only is it relatively quieter than the other bandsaws available in the market, but its humble size makes it fit perfectly in any small space. So if your shop lacks the space to accommodate the gigantic saws, you know which bandsaw to look for!

This is a bandsaw that suits the need of both amateurs and professionals. It is designed for almost all professional metal cutting activities. The saw which comes with an aluminum body also sports a heat-treated worm gear made of ground steel and a bronze drive gear. A worm gear looks like a screw and is usually meshed with an ordinary looking, disk-shaped gear, which is known as the gear, or the worm wheel. A drive gear, on the other hand, refers to the gear that obtains energy from a power source, such as an electric motor. Both the drive gear and the worm gear contribute to the durability of the bandsaw. The large diameter wheels and the built-in handle allows for easy transportation.

The front legs of the saw include adjustable leveling pads that facilitate precise cutting. It also comes along with ball bearing supported blade and fully adjustable ball bearing blade guides. The single phase heavy duty motor has enough power for cuts. Count on this gadget, and you will never find yourself slowing down!

Unlike the conventional bandsaws, this band saw can be used for horizontal as well as vertical cuts. Thus, you can save much space and money as there is no need to accommodate different saws for the various cuts you intend to make on the metal. The bandsaw is also capable of cutting any type of metal with varied density. The bandsaw can be used to cut the metal at the desired angle. The cutting angle ranges from 45 degrees to 90 degrees. Not only are there 3-blade speeds to choose from, but the saw also comes with an automatic stop feature which you can use in case of emergency.

Easy to transport. This user-friendly bandsaw caters to the needs of a novice as well as that of a professional worker. Adjustable feature makes the gadget cut metals both horizontally and vertically. The auto-power stop feature ensures safety in case of emergency. The band saw is capable of working on heterogeneous metals with varied density. Adjustable leveling pads in the front legs vouch for precise cuts. This stand also comes with a stand.


Band saw is a very useful as well as a powerful tool. Are you searching for a band saw for your woodworking or metal working? Jet JWBS-10OS 10-Inch Band Saw with Stand is the one which will serve your purpose very efficiently. This is especially very convenient for your shop or job.

This band saw is compact, solid, of sturdy construction, and comes with the space-saving design. Jet JWBS-10OS 10-Inch Band Saw with Stand offers upper and lower ball bearing blade guides, quick-release blade tension, and an extra-large cast iron tilting table. It is a band saw that provides you all the features of the bigger band saw in a small package.

This band saw is perfect as it gives very convenient service while you are moving site to site. This saw has an easy-to-transport design. The measurement of the table is 17.7 inches in width, 14.6 inches in length and 34.6 inches in height. And the measurement of the table is approximately 19 inches in width by 13 inches in length with. The base and the stand are made of steel which provides strength and stability. Retractable extension wings give additional support whenever you need. The upper and lower ball bearing blade guides provide extra stability for heavy loads. ½ HP induction motor is great for a variety of cutting applications. A poly-v drive system makes the power transfer most from the motor to blade and welded frame design reduces flex and vibrations and permits for regular performance. The working angles of the table-tilting trunnion handles are from 0 to 45 degrees. Oversized-ergonomic knobs are useful for maximum control. For helping to ensure precision a flexible LED light provides visibility without blocking your sight-line, an aluminum extruded fence for smooth sliding action. Straight, precise cuts and rack and pinion blade guide alteration with integrated locking knob provides height control.

Compact bench top design helps in easy transport to various work locations. The Heavy-duty 1/2HP induction motor is very useful for a variety of cutting applications. Jumbo cast-iron table with retractable extension wings offers additional workpiece support. Quick release blade tension builds changing and re-tensioning the blade for speedy, steady and of course easy functioning. With this, you can get back to your work with almost no time. Poly V-belt drive system maximizes the power transmission from the motor to blade and also reduces vibration. A LED work light is great for versatility. A reinforced steel base and one-piece welded frame are for solidity and stability. This product by Jet comes with three years warranty.


JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw Kit


For those involved in manual work, a bandsaw figures prominently in the list of must-have power tools! Be it a layman or a pro at work, a bandsaw is indispensable in any and every workman’s life! The all new, top-notch JET 708115K JWBS-14CS 14-Inch 1 Horsepower Woodworking Bandsaw with Graphite Guide Blocks, 115/230-Volt 1 Phase comes with many a superb feature and has currently taken the market by storm!

This impressive bandsaw offers you ample space and the required capacity to take on a range of projects. It provides a six-inch depth resaw capacity which enables one to cut larger pieces of wood. Resawing refers to the process of cutting a thick piece of given wood into thinner slices. The bandsaw also facilitates 6 x 13-1/2-inch cutting capacity. It also comes with a large sized, 15 x 15-inch offset cast-iron table which ensures more workspace in front of the blade. The table also tilts 45 degrees to the right and 10 degrees to the left to hold a variety of materials and jobs.

The cast-iron make offers strength and rigidity, as well as reduced vibration. This power tool facilitates the smooth operation for maximum control and consistent results. Precision computer balanced wheels also spin without vibration, resulting in precise blade tracking. The bandsaw is also furnished with graphite-impregnated polymer blade guides with roller bearing thrust guides, which ensure both quicker set-up and a cooler running blade. By reducing heat, these guides help prevent damage and wear and tear that can adversely affect the resiliency of the machine.

This sturdy bandsaw comes equipped with a Micro-adjustable lower blade guide, which helps to reduce friction and ensure longer blade life. The word ‘guide’ refers to any device that directs the movement of a tool or machine part. The band saw comes with heavy-gauge metal housing and a powder coating which helps the saw withstand frequent use. Another interesting feature is the quick-connect electrical plug. This eliminates the need to follow long cords to their outlets before each blade change.

A power saw can be a considerable purchase. That’s why the few minutes that you spend on reading power saw reviews is time well spent. Not only can you save money but you can also avoid headaches by purchasing only the right tool for your need. Here, I share my personal experiences and honest reviews about power saws to help you sense what it is like to work before you actually purchase one. My experiences and opinions act as a litmus test for first time users and for those who want to upgrade their power saws. Wish to help you identify the most significant factors that should influence your decision when buying the best power saws.

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