Black & Decker LCS120 Cordless Chainsaw Review

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Black & Decker LCS120

Black & Decker LCS120 Cordless Chainsaw

Black Decker LCS120 20-Volt Lithium Ion Cordless Chain Saw, includes 20v Battery is one of the best chainsaws in the market today. If you’re looking for a saw to cut your garden trees and branches, then this is one you may consider buying. The Black & Decker LCS120 Chain Saw is the perfect saw for smaller jobs like trimming and clean up. It has a strong Lithium-Ion battery that lasts much longer than other batteries; up to 5x longer.

It has been seen that many households have enjoyed using this chainsaw for their general garden requirements. It is very lightweight and can quickly get the smaller works done. If you need to use the saw for the longer time, it is recommended to get a second battery.

If you have been using a big size chainsaw for bigger jobs, you definitely know how difficult it to operate them. It can give a toll to your body. But, the comfort that Black and Decker 120 20Volt Li-Ion Wireless Chainsaw provides is remarkable. The built is designed keeping in mind the requirement of people of different height and size. By using this, you will definitely appreciate the fantastic comfort features that it has to offer.

What do you get in this system’?

First of all, you get a wrap-around soft grip handle so you do not lose grip at the time of working. This feature provides many different gripping positions to make the work more precise, quick and easy. When you are trimming or pruning high branches, the given flexibility will help keep the fatigue at bay. Besides this, it also boasts an eight-inch reduced kickback bar along with low kickback chain. These features offer great stability and control for both soft, as well as hardwoods. It lets you handle an array of cutting jobs in a safe and confident manner.


The LCS120 Cordless Chain Saw provide a simple design. It is compact and extremely lightweight. The easy to grip handle comes with multiple gripping positions that can be seen as excellent benefits that this tool has to offer. This particular feature is easy to operate and also reduced user’s fatigue.

You have more flexibility in how you position this saw due to its wrap around handles. Also, an added bonus to this saw is the fact that it is cordless and you are not tethered to your home with a typical extension cord. This way, you can get your job done without the hassles of cord tangles.

Features – Benefits:

  1. Comes with a powerful 20-volt Lithium-Ion battery that holds a charge up to 5x longer than other batteries.
  2. Gives a comfortable cutting experience due to its lightweight design (item Weight:7.2 pounds).
  3. Provides various gripping positions with its wrap around handle provides increased comfort and controllable.
  4. Includes a lock off switch which prevents mistakenly starting up the saw.
  5. Comes with a replacement chain.
  6. Oiling system was improved with a clear window to gauge oil level.
  7. The tool-free blade tension system allows for quick adjustments and easy to use.

With all the given features let us take a look at some pros and cons of the product. This should help you make an informed choice.

Pros: This BLACK+DECKER LCS1020 20V Max Lithium-Ion Chainsaw, 10-Inch
is perfect for smaller jobs like trimming and clean up. It is simple to use and is quite powerful for a small saw. You can easily cut down a tree with 5 to 6 in. thickness with ease. The cordless feature is so convenient and it is light enough for women to use it with ease.

  • It provides extra power.
  • It allows up to 150 cuts off on one charge.
  • The saw comes with manufacturer’s two-year warranty.
  • It allows versatile handling.
  • A bar cover and separate battery charger are also provided in the pack.

Customer Reviews

With about 270 user comments on Amazon, this product is one of the best sellers on the site Real customers from the real world have reviewed this product positively with 4.2 rating. As per the comments, users are pretty happy with the performance of the product, and the fact that it is so lightweight to handle and operate. All the given features make it a promising product to buy. Once you buy the product, you would certainly thank yourself for your decision. Apart from Amazon, many users of this particular chainsaw have given their reviews on many other sites. On most of the sites, the users’ rating for this chainsaw is more than 4 out of 5, which indicates that the buyers are satisfied with the performance of this product.

Cons: The instructions for the Black & Decker LCS120 Cordless Chain Saw are a bit challenging if you are not used to doing this sort of thing, however, if followed everything comes together fine. This saw will not do well for large jobs like cleaning the back 40, but rather are better for smaller jobs like trimming and cutting small tree limbs; however, this is what this saw is intended for.

  • The Allen wrench is attached inside the slot given on left side of the saw. It may not be visible to a lot of buyers at first and they might even miss the feature until.
  • Users have also found some problems with setup out of the box.
  • Chain oil is not provided along with the purchase.
  • This model lacks automatic chain oiler.

Anyone looking to do bigger jobs should not invest in this saw. The battery doesn’t last much longer than 30 minutes so be sure to have a good charger. Other than this, this is a great saw to have around the home for small odd jobs.

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