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Don’t discard or throw that smaller wood into the chipper because now there is an easier way to cut this wood and it’s called the Chainsaw buddy. Just take a look at the video and see for yourself. It saves time and makes the job a lot easier.

The Chainsaw Buddy is designed to cut downed wood without grounding the chain, while also “holding” the wood in place. This gives you extended saw chain life, as well as a quicker and safer way to use your chainsaw.

The Chainsaw Buddy special feature:

– For gas or electric chainsaws.
– Fits chainsaw bars 14″ and up.
– NO MODIFICATIONS of the chainsaw or bar required.
– NO Special tools required.
– Everything you need for installation comes included!
– Cut more safely and easily.
– Helps to prolong the life of your chainsaw cutters.

How the Chainsaw Buddy Works?

Position the Chainsaw Buddy arms under the wood to be cut. While the swing arms slip under the wood to keep it off the ground, they also prevent the chainsaw bar from reaching the ground, thus keeping the cutters out of dirt or off of the pavement.

While the two swing arms are holding the wood underneath, two serrated uprights are holding the wood in place. When the chainsaw starts digging in, the uprights prevent the wood from rolling or climbing the chain.

How many times have you stood on one leg while using the other leg to steady the wood you were cutting? Such a dangerous practice yet hard to avoid, until now. The Chainsaw Buddy holds the wood for you, letting your work safety and more balanced position.

If you ever use a chainsaw to cut downed limbs or wood on the ground, the patented Chainsaw Buddy is the tool that was made for you!

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  1. My first thoughts and reaction to the “Chainsaw Buddy” weren’t necessarily the most positive. I thought the unit was:

    1. Too heavy.
    2. Too cumbersome.
    3. May be just a gimmick?
    4. Looked like it would slow operation.

    What I experienced when I tested on site, in wood, ended up quite different. I will address each of the above 4 concerns.

    1. Too heavy? While the Chainsaw Buddy does add a little weight, this is only felt a little, between cuts or transporting to cutting location. Once you start using the chainsaw and attachment, because the attachment is usually on the ground, you don’t really notice the weight.

    2. Too cumbersome? Looks can be deceiving. At first, when I would twist or rotate the saw left to right or visa versa it caused a little more centrifugal pull then I was used to, but that was o.k. as it didn’t really change the operation of the saw.

    3. May be just a gimmick? Actually this is a very cool tool. (Technical term). I found it did what the info says it will and it was pretty easy to use. It is however, quite important that the serrated stops be in the suggested positions for the size of wood or limb being cut, or the attachment doesn’t work as effectively.

    4. Looked like it would slow operation? The only time it slowed operation was when I was trying to cut smaller limbs off the big limbs I wanted to cut. This isn’t the kind of attachment that can be installed and just left on for all applications.

    When I first started using the Chainsaw Buddy, I had the serrated stops all the way back, thinking this would make the operation easier. This however was not the case… When I moved the stops to the correct position for the size limbs I was cutting, (small) the attachment worked great. Once I got the feel of Chainsaw Buddy I was able to make fairly short work of all the limbs I wanted to cut.

    This attachment gave me much greater comfort while I was cutting the limbs. One of the most difficult things to do with a chainsaw is to safely cut limbs, once they have been cut off the tree. You have to have someone standing there holding the little limbs with either their hands or feet, which is very dangerous, or you try to hold the limb on the ground with your foot, again very dangerous. The Chainsaw Buddy made it seem like I had an extra set of hands or feet, without all the risk.

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