Chainsaw Maintenance TIPs

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Some Simple Chainsaw Maintenance TIPs That Will Save You Money In The Long Run

Tips & TricksChainsaw longevity is a simple case of maintaining proper care and maintenance. It’s pretty simple yet so often, users run into problems which they could have so easily avoided.

1. A checklist of maintenance steps should be observed particularly by experienced users. The following procedures will not only prolong the life of a chainsaw but will alos save you money in the long run.

2. After each use, wipe the chain and the engine housing with a clean cloth, then wipe the chain with a cloth dipped in oil. If storing your chainsaw for any length of time, remove all the gas-oil mixture from the chainsaw. You can do this by running the engine with the choke open until there’s no gas left. Covering the chain before storage is wise as it will protect it from any dirt build up which will occur over a lengthy period of time.

3. Don’t be fooled into thinking that the engine is the only part of the chainsaw requiring special attention. Overlooking the chain and guide bar, which need at least as much care to ensure proper functioning, is not recommended. The chain tension needs to be carefully adjusted while the chain should be sharpened. The guide bar should be checked for damage on a regular basis. Neglecting these procedures could lead to poor performance including lame cutting, and eventually lead to your chainsaw to haemorrhage.

4. Proper chain adjustment making sure you have the right tension is another step which will lead to top performance. Again, neglection in this area isn’t recommended. A chain that is too tight can damage the guide bar, while a loose chain will result in poor cutting. The guide bar should also be checked regularly.

5. When cleaning the chain, removing dirt build up in the channel is advisable. Using an old toothbrush works well as it is coarse enough to break loose any dirt on the inside. Turn the bar over every time you remove the chain to prevent it from becoming overused on the inside. The nose sprocket, in case there is any, should be greased every time you use the chainsaw.

6. Never twist and jerk the guide bar when it’s stuck in a cut. This is the natural impulse from users to in order to get it free. This is often a trap for non-professionals.Use wedges instead.

7. You should always refer to your user manual if you are not sure about something.

This is only common sense. While the above are just a sample of some Chainsaw Maintenance TIPs you can adopt, be rest assured, regular steps like these will save you plenty in the pocket in the long run.

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