Chainsaw Safety Clothing – Give Yourself The Best Chance To Avoid Serious Injury

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Okay, let’s be honest, you don’t need to be a fashion guru to dress up when operating a chainsaw. However, be rest assured, without the proper Chainsaw Safety Clothing, you could risk serious injury.

Chainsaw Safety clothing is essential. Protective helmets, visors, trousers, gloves and boots. These are just some of the items you need in your “chainsaw wardrobe.” Let’s take a closer look at these items individually.

The helmet is used for protecting the operator’s head against impact with the bar in case of a kickback. However, it is only efficient if the user has enough time to operate the chain brake and stop the cutter chain. Otherwise, the chain can easily cut through the helmet. The helmet also protects against falling objects, such as a branch falling from a tree. Sounds like essential gear to me.

What about the visor? Don’t use a chainsaw without one. The visor protects the user’s eyes from wood chips. Even though the visor doesn’t cover the face completely, it is generally accepted as good policy to have one. Chainsaws usually produce equal sized chips and little or no sawdust and the visor’s job is to shield your eyes from stray particles.

Trousers make for interesting debate. Chainsaw operators are advised to wear trousers made from special fabrics to protect against accidents that can be caused by an uncontrolled running saw. Conventional fabrics are almost useless, as they provide very little protection against the chain. Manufacturing a fabric that cannot be cut by a running chainsaw is not easy. Users must try to combine both comfort and safety when wearing protective clothing. Clothing can cause the effect of the operator getting too hot or unable to move freely, which in turn can increase safety issues. Therefore, specially made fabrics are required and you should consult your local dealer for more advice. Even modern fabrics are not efficient in protecting against high power chainsaws with aggressive cutting chains.

Chainsaw users should also wear special gloves to protect against chain cut. Cut-proof fabric is only used on the back of the left hand, as this is where most injuries occur. The operator also needs to be able to move his/her hand easily, which limits the amount of padding that can be used for protection.

Special boots are also required when operating a chainsaw. These are similar to normal steel-toe boots, except for the fact that they have protective layers on the exposed foot surface.

It’s fair to say that no Chainsaw Safety Clothing can ensure 100% protection against injury, however, specially-designed Chainsaw safety clothing will significantly reduce the risk of major injury. It’s just a question of giving yourself the best chance in case accidents occur.

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