Chainsaw Safety – Use Proper Precaution And Avoid Injury

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A chainsaw is a very effective and powerful tool that can save you a lot of time, energy and money. However, if used incorrectly, chainsaws can be very dangerous. Make no mistake.

Unnecessary accidents are caused by a users’ lack of understanding of the dangers associated with chainsaws and the importance of following the manufacturer’s instructions closely. Kickback is one of the most common accidents in chainsaw use. This occurs when the tip or nose of the guide bar encounters an object such as a branch, log or rock. This causes the guide bar to kick upwards and back toward the user which in turn causes loss of control of the chainsaw. The result…likely injury.

These accidents can be avoided however, if you take the proper precautions. Some of the chainsaws available on the market today have advanced safety features that can prove very successful in preventing hazards. To make use of these features, read the instructions from the user manual carefully. Examine the chainsaw thoroughly and get familiar with all its features before using it for the first time.

Being in good physical shape and having a good mental condition are essential when operating machines like chainsaws. When you are tired or sick, your judgment, as well as your reflexes, can be less accurate than usual.

Ensuring you have the proper chainsaw safety clothing is another important step in preventing serious injury. Loose clothing is definitely a no-no as well as cuffed pants, scarves, jewelry or any other piece of clothing that can become entangled in the chainsaw.

Long hair should be tied back before chainsaw use. Wearing proper equipment such as heavy-duty gloves, sturdy shoes, head, eye, hearing and leg protection are other important safety steps you should adhere too. And it doesn’t end there.

Before you start operating, it is also important to check the work area in order to make sure it is appropriate to use the chainsaw. Make sure there are no animals or people in the immediate area. You should also check that the area is free of stumps, rocks, holes and wet or slippery brush. Make sure the ground is stable.

To some, pre-safety chainsaw use may seem a little excessive or unnecessary. Not at all. It’s just plain commonsense. Chainsaws are now terrific, versatile machines but believe me, they can still be dangerous. Don’t find out how dangerous.

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