Cordless Jigsaw Blades – What to Look for When Buying

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Cordless Jigsaw Blade Purchasing Tips

With all the different materials that cordless Jigsaws can cut through, choosing the right blade for the job is essential. Not only will you save money by not constantly breaking blades, but the correct blade makes the job at hand go a lot smoother. Take the time to match up the blade to the job to avoid jagged uneven cuts and possible injury from a broken jigsaw blade.

Cordless Jigsaw blades are classified by the length of the blade, the width of the blade, how many teeth per inch (TPI) it has, the material it is made of, and whether or not the blade tips are coated. In addition, standard and tang shanks are available. Tang shaft blades are slightly offset.

Within those categories, blades are also designed for the differences in the material they are being used on. Some cordless jig saw blades are suitable for thinner material like plywood, while others are more suitable for hardwoods and thicker wood such as 2 x 4′s. If the choice is not clear as to what you need, simply ask someone at the place you bought the material you are working on.

All jig saw blades are made of high strength steel (HSS) at a minimum. There are also high carbon steel (HCS) blades, and bi-metal (BIM) blades. Bi-metal blades have high steel-toothed edges
that are electron beam welded onto a steel back. These metal jigsaw blades last longer than high-speed steel (HSS) or high carbon steel (HCS) blades. BIM blades are more flexible to resist breakage and tend to make faster cuts with less deflection.

Pay attention to the abbreviations on the package when it comes time to buy cordless Jigsaw blades. A U-blade is universal and can be identified by the rounded end and a hole where the blade attaches to the saw. A T-blade has a concave end with a hole. Some companies make jigsaws that can use either one blade or the other, while a few models can only be fitted with one type. Check your jigsaw and read the owner’s manual to make sure you are buying a blade with the proper shank style.

Finding the right cordless jig saw blade is usually as simple as knowing your jigsaw and going online to find the best deals. They are also available in most home improvement centers, hardware stores, and lumberyards. Arm yourself with a little knowledge, and you will be well on the way to many hours of uninterrupted use of your new cordless jig saw.

I hope this short primer on a cordless Jigsaw blades has been helpful in your buying decision. I invite you to look around the rest of this site for more tips on cordless jig saws and find the best deal prices.

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