Dewalt Compound Miter Saw – The Portable and Lightweight

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Why Dewalt compound miter saw accepted as the best cutting tool worldwide.

Are you having a desire to buy a new saw? Got rid of your old saw and want to try something new that will give efficient results in a less time. Then, why go anywhere. Sit in your own homes and the product will be delivered to you at your doorstep. Getting confused, as to what I am talking about. It is no more than a Dewalt compound miter saw.

The Dewalt compound miter saw makes the process of cutting very smooth even in the thick stocks, can easily make crosscuts 2*8 and is highly versatile. It has an adaptable fence that aids the miter to crown molding about six to five or eight inches, which is laid in a vertical direction towards the fence. This is nothing, but a features that save a lot of your time. It can also be slided away to make bevel cuts.

DEWALT DW718 Compound Miter SawThe most impressive and amazing feature of the Dewalt compound miter saw is the balance and weight of it. The bevels can be set easily, blades can be lowered swiftly into the cuts and the meter gauge twirls smoothly. There are nine detents present in the Dewalt compound miter saw that empowers you to quickly lock in the common angles. However, can even then rotate in one or two degrees apart from the detent; but make sure that the gauge does not drop back in the stop. Sturdy and stainless steel is utilized for the making of the detent plate and therefore it is assured that the plate will not develop any sort of slops, years together of usage.

Dewalt compound miter saw possess easy to read and access gauges. This is another salient feature of this incredible product. It bevels 45 degree to the left and miters around 48 degrees at both the sides. Similar to that of most of the competitors, the Dewalt compound miter saw is mounted with a husky blade guard. This withdraws swiftly and does not block your sight line. The design of the Dewalt compound miter saw is in the favor of all the right hander’s, however, its trigger is sufficiently wide, so as to be used by the left-handers.

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Powerful 15-amp, 3,600 rpm motor delivers extended power and durability Adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate with 10 positive stops improves productivity and ensures cutting accuracy Precise ...



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The item is DEWALT DW713 10-Inch Compound Miter Saw Used for Woodworking, Portable Table Saws The product is manufactured in Taiwan


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New precise miter system Handle design for added portability 90 day money back guarantee



This saw does not feature a safety switch, but that is indeed not an issue. This is so as there are safety switches that are absolutely very hazardous. Nevertheless, one needs to give consideration to it, if you intend to use it for residential purposes, where kids might come across the tools.

It is accepted as the best cutting tool worldwide. The cutting capacity is unbelievable and it also offers to tweak. It gives precise cuts and would serve as the best purchase. You get all the other accessories needed along with its purchase for free. So, in future whenever you think of purchasing a miter saw for your home use or to remodel part of the house, do not forget the Dewalt compound miter saw, its incredibility and convenience offered.

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