Dewalt Sawzall Review

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What makes Dewalt Sawzall unique?

Dewalt Sawzall is an amazing tool that helps your construction and demolition work easy. There is no need to explain the application of a handheld tearing machine. In this article, we will learn about different types of Dewalt Sawzall and the interesting facts that enhance the activity of these powerful machines.

What is a Sawzall?


DEWALT DW310K 12 Amp Heavy-Duty Reciprocating Saw

A Sawzall is a tool used to cut metals and woods. The term reciprocal refers to the up and down motion of the cutting blade. This peculiar motion helps to maintain accurate cutting line and finishing. A Sawzall consume less energy compared to other saws.  They are economical and durable. A number of companies manufacture Sawzall. However, it is important to analyze the product for better quality and performance. Dewalt is a company that provides high-quality electrical saws in affordable rates. Each new model undergoes a number of technical assessments before reaching the market.

A Sawzall is also called oscillating saw. They can be easily carried and stored. Most of the Dewalt products are available via online. Certain products can be procured only through a direct purchase from the authorized Dewalt dealers.

Many brands manufacture and markets electric saws. Is there anything special about Dewalt? Let us check the different electric saws manufactured by Dewalt and its applications and those interesting facts that make Dewalt saws unique.

Currently, there are five products in the category of Dewalt Sawzall. They are,

The above listed electrical saws differ from each other in its shape, size, weight, and functionalities. Each electrical saw is integrated with one or more unique features that are implemented as a result of constant research and tests. The main factor that makes the Dewalt electrical saw are their well-known machine alignment that delivers a streamlined performance. The information given below does not contain all the specifications of the equipment.

Dewalt DWE357

DWE 357 is a powerful Dewalt Sawzall, which weighs 6.8 lbs. Is there any relation between weight and the productivity of a Sawzall machine? Yes! The 6.8 lbs weights convert the saw recoil to enhance the tearing activity of the machine. That means you get a perfect job done using DWE 357. The 10 AMPS motor is capable to simplify your hardest task. Dewalt understands that satisfaction comes from efficiency. That is why they integrated specially designed anti-slip grip, which provides more comfort and control to your operations. The total tool length is 14.5 inches. There are different accessories available for DWE 357 that enhances the performance of this machine. This product is available via online.

Dewalt DW311K

This 13 AMP cutting machine delivers significant power that is capable to break the heaviest bonds of metals and woods. The SPM – stroke length- weight ratio makes DW311 special than any other same genre electric saw machines. SPM is the abbreviation for strokes per minute. It has 0-2,700 SPM and a 1.8-inch stroke length backed by the recoiling reflection of 9.0 lbs. The anti slips grip makes it handy to operate any difficult task with a superior control. The total efficiency of this Dewalt Sawzall is far ahead than other 13 AMP cutting machines. DW311K integrated with various power and time-saving properties. Accessories include specially designed cutting blades that are capable to reduce friction and maintains precise cutting. This product can be ordered online from the official Dewalt website.

Dewalt DW310K

It consists of speed controllers and adjustable shoe, which contributes to a perfection of machine activity and protection of the saw blade. It has 12 AMP motor with 1.8-inch stroke length. It also possesses 0-2,700 SPM. Like all other Dewalt Sawzalls, the uniqueness of DW310K lies in its advanced machine alignment of weight (8.6 lbs), AMPS and SPM, which delivers long-lasting brilliant performance. No task is hard for this efficient machine. DW310K is known for its durability and smoothness. It consumes less energy. Like all Dewalt machines, they also come with 90 days money back guarantee, one-year free service, and the three-year warranty. DW310K can be ordered directly from the Dewalt website.

Dewalt DW304PK

It is one of the most popular Dewalt Sawzall, which owns quality function and durability. What makes DW304PK superior to any other same genre machines? Yes! Like all Dewalt machines, it also possesses some extraordinary alignment. Its AMPS is 10 and its stroke length is 1.8 inch as usual. The SPM of 0-2,800 gives an extra energy to this equipment backed up by the tested AMPS-Stroke length-and lightweight ratio (7.0 lbs) for an enhanced functionality. There are different accessories that can enhance the efficiency of this model. DW304PK can be ordered through official Dewalt website.

Dewalt DW303MB

This machine delivers fast cutting and good for light, medium, and heavy tasks. Like all other Dewalt Sawzalls, they have 3 years warranty; ninety days cash back guarantee and one-year free service. The uniqueness of Dewalt Sawzall is in its stroke length and weight ratio. Its stroke length is 1-18 inch and its tool weight is 7.0lbs. This ratio converts the maximum energy for the tearing activity. This product is not available via online but can be purchased directly from your nearest Dewalt dealer.

The benefits of Dewalt Sawzall

  • Scientific alignment of the machine spares provides streamlined performance
  • Easy to handle
  • High durability
  • Corrosion free metal machinery
  • Specially designed anti-slipping grip provides better control
  • A wide variety of accessories are available to improve the functionalities of the saw
  • Three-year warranty
  • 90 days cash back guarantee
  • One year free service guarantee
  • 24×7 phone support
  • Free shipping
  • Each product undergoes various tests to ensure the quality.

Dewalt products became popular because of its efficiency. The quality customer support offered by Dewalt is an added advantage. Dewalt Sawzall can be serviced at eighty factory-owned service centers and more than thousand DeWalt authorized service centers.

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