Dremel SM20-02 120-Volt Saw-Max Tool Kit Review

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Dremel SM20-02 Let You Cut Pieces of Wood in a Much Better Way

Product Description

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The Dremel SM20-02 120V saw-max tool kit adds the dense flexibility of the Saw-Max saw. It has a collection of accessories to let the users like you tackle a broad selection of the projects that include fast but exact and correct cutting like construction of the bookshelves, installing the wainscoting, slicing holes on flooring, set of other kinds of tasks and fitting home gutters.

The Saw-Max is the best cutting equipment for the hobbyists, carpenters and crafters, and you will appreciate the capability to do the cutting job with confidence. This Dremel tool kit also involves cutting wheels, cutting guide as well as a dirt port adapter.

Dremel sm20-02 has specially made the Saw-Max saw be tiny in size and you can easily carry it while you are doing the job inside the tight spaces. It is 1/3 of the dimension and the mass of a usual round power saw makes for an expedient one-handed job. There will be no problem in the power here. The worm-drive gearing program gives greater power, expanded tool life and optimal control. The Saw-Max reciprocating saw also has an enhanced grip diameter with switch placement to have more comfort.

Saw-Max lets further depth of cutting compared to a rotary tool. It also provides 3 times strength of the highest-rated rotary tool of Dremel. A much better line of the sight develops the capability of the use to make accurate, straight as well as controlled cuts. Its diverse scheme of the cutting wheels includes more suppleness to begin the job at hand. You can also do the job fast and convenient because of the shaft lock switch.

The different cutting wheels added in this tool kit provide the chance to create straight, plunge or flush cuts. They are used in cutting wood, plastic, tile, metal or laminates. Likewise, it also comes with dirt extraction port, variable-depth guide as well as an activated lock-out.

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Product Features

  • Adaptable cutting system – designed for the different kinds of materials like wood, plastic, tile, masonry and metal
  • Powerful 6 amp motor that can endure tough jobs and uses
  • Worm drive gearing – to gain durability as well as power
  • Dust extraction port – to maintain the orderliness and cleanliness of the work place
  • Second-wheel position – for swill out cutting


The Dremel Saw-Max allows you to cut the materials with confidence as you know that this will help you get the job done. Thisequipment is a must have in your carpentry tool kit. It combines the versatility of the Saw-Max handheld saw together with a well-rounded shaped group of accessories to let the users begin on a broad selection of the projects that include fast yet exact cutting jobs like building the bookshelves, installation of the wainscoting, cutting the holes on the flooring, fitting the homes gutters including other important task to do.

The Dremel sm20-02 120v saw-max tool kit is the best cutting tool for all persons who are engaged in cutting wood jobs like carpenters. It also gives 3x more power of the highest-rated Dremel rotary tool. You can be sure that everything will be fine and you will have perfect cut of wood once you use this saw. It is packed with great features that will help in making the job be much easier for you to do.

Dremel SM20-02 120-Volt Saw-Max Tool Kit

Price: $112.56

4.4 out of 5 stars (643 customer reviews)

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The only drawback in this product is that it is sold in the market with an expensive price. Even though the price of Dremel sm20-02 120v saw-max is somewhat heavy in your pocket, this will remain reasonable. Think about the features as well as the performance that it can give. Those customers who bought this product already got amazed with the benefits and its effectiveness in doing the wood cutting jobs.

Customer Reviews and Score

There were 592 reviews made for this particular saw. To begin with, there were 397 customers (72%) who rated the Dremel sm20-02 120v saw-max with 5 stars. Meanwhile, another batch of persons with 68 members who also bought this gave a score of four stars while 23 customers rated this product with 3 stars. Furthermore, there were 16 persons who gave 2 stars after making a review about this saw and the remaining 19 persons gave 1 star. The customers who reviewed this product on Amazon gave it an average 4.1 out of 5 star rating.

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The Dremel SM20-02 120V saw–max adds the dense adaptability of the Saw-Max handheld saw. The Dremel Saw-Max will let you cut the materials in an easier and much faster way.

You will never have to worry because this saw has features that will give you the help you need in cutting the wood and have perfectly cut pieces of it. This Dremel tool kit also involves cutting wheels, cutting guide including a dirt port adapter. They are used in cutting wood, plastic, tile, metal or laminates. Its diverse system adds more flexibility on doing the cutting wood task.

See Lowest Price on the Dremel SM20-02 120-Volt Saw-Max Tool Kit

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