Earthwise Corded Electric Chainsaw Review

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Earthwise 16-Inch 12-Amp Corded Electric ChainSaw, Model CS30116

Earthwise Chainsaws Deliver the Power

Earthwise is a relatively small brand name compared to some others. Some people have not even heard of the brand name. However, Earthwise delivers a variety of products, including kitchen appliances and lawn and gardening tools. Foremost and probably most well-known among these tools are their chain saws. They have a wide variety available in several online and local stores including Home Depot, Sears, Wal-Mart and

Among their main features of chainsaws are standard and pole saws, each coming in different lengths and are available as corded or cordless.

Reasonably Priced Electric Chainsaw

If you need a small corded electric chainsaw, then you can’t get any better than the Earthwise Corded Electric ChainSaw, Model CS30116. This is great saws for people who need to do a minimal amount of clean up around their homes and can’t, or don’t want to use a massive gas-powered chain saw.

The voltage runs at 120 volts, and the saw has a double insulated cord with a retention hook so that it doesn’t get snagged or tangled while you are working. The oiled automatically motor runs smoothly without requiring you to stop and perform maintenance. There is a soft grip handle for added comfort.

This saw has proven to be incredibly handy for trimming trees and will not disappoint you. Since it is electric, it takes away the need for being constantly repaired like a gas-powered saw would. The adjustment knob is also practical and easier to use than traditional means of chain tensioning.

You can get some good cutting time on the 18-volt battery that is compatible with other Earthwise corded tools. You will also love the automatic oiler system for the chain and the oil level window to show you exactly how much oil you have.

This is a saw for everyday general clean-up around the home that won’t make you work too hard.

Most customer reviews show that people love this saw even though it is a bit lighter and requires a bit more time to cut through small limbs. But it is still a great saw to use.

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