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This Echo CS-400 review discusses the common issues users have had with this model and whether or not this product is recommended for professional use. If you’ve purchased the Echo, pay close attention to the included instructions as using it without the correct oil can cause the chainsaw to run too hot and inevitably burn out. The Echo comes with high-quality switch gears and case and is a lighter model when compared to past productions. Designed as a saw that’s intended more for home use than say commercial use, this model features a low kick nose design and narrow blade. Users might need to purchase a smaller blade as the stock blade the model comes with is at 18” and can be considered to clumsy for home use and the model will generally function better with a 14” blade. If you’re needing a chainsaw you can use around the house for minor landscaping work, this is an affordable saw that can get the job done, however, if you have in mind a powerful saw you can use on a daily basis for your landscaping business, you should definitely pass on the Echo.

The specs of ‘Echo CS-400 18″ Gas Chainsaw’ are:

  • Manufacturer: Echo
  • Product Dimensions: 33.5×11.5×10.8 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 16 pounds

Here are some REAL customer reviews for the Echo CS-400

“I got a lemon and no support…”

I got my CS-400 as a gift and used it 2-3 times with great success late last fall. It started easily, ran fairly smooth (a little rough, but I thought it was still being broken in). When I went to start it this spring, I downed 3 trees and was getting…Read more


” bars…Read more

“Echo CS-400 18 INCH CHAIN SAW”

This saw the Echo CS-400 18 INCH CHAIN SAW is excellent lots of power, the saw will do heavy duty cutting to light cutting first pull will start, this saw will last a long time with proper maintenance will put some 700-1300 dollar chain saws to rest .I…Read more

Final Thoughts for the Echo Gas Chainsaw: Playing the Blame Game

As you can see from the customer reviews, the Echo CS-400 chainsaw can do both heavy duty and light cutting, for a minimal amount of time. Not designed for industrial use, this model can have issues with the engine seizing and the customer can find they have a more difficult time dealing with the manufacturers regarding replacement of the Echo than this unit is worth. It’s been commonly reported that the Echo service center can be quite difficult when it comes to admitting to a potentially defective component in this unit and can, unfortunately, have you spending more time on the phone trying to resolve the issue without the company ever admitting they are at fault. Purchase an Echo as a tool used every spring, but don’t expect the company to allow you to cash in on the product warranty even if it’s due to a defective product.

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