Electric Chainsaws – The Ultimate Buying Guide

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If you are looking to buy an electric chainsaw, the first and foremost thing that you need to look at is the purpose for which you are buying the saw. Corded and cordless chainsaws are the best types of saw that you can think of buying as it not just offers you great cutting, but it’s also very easy and comfortable to use. These chainsaws are ideal for cutting or sawing tree logs as well as pruning trees close to your home. They are lighter, quieter and needs very little maintenance when compared to petrol chainsaws. These saws are most preferred by people as it is easy to handle and is quieter while running which makes it less annoying for your neighbors. It is very difficult to find the best electric chainsaw as there are many varieties of chainsaws available in the market these days. This guide will ease your problem and help you to find the best electric chainsaw for your cutting and pruning needs.

Types Of Electric Chainsaws

The electric chainsaws come out in two different types: corded and cordless. Both these types of electric chainsaws do their respective jobs perfectly and offer its user very easy operation features.

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The corded electric chainsaw is a very powerful type of chainsaw, which need electric power from an outlet to power the saw. You would need at least a 100 feet extension cord to use these corded electric chainsaws and also choose an electric corded saw that offers you maximum power extension so that you do not have any hassles when operating the machine. They are best used for heavier applications like cutting firewood, removing large tree limbs and clearing of fallen timber.

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The cordless electric chainsaw is the most preferred type of chain saws as it offers more flexibility without the power cord. These chainsaws do not have the exciting power that corded chainsaw offers and are best suited to trim smaller tree limbs or thick shrubs. They produce less noise and are very easy to use. Since it has batteries that store the energy needed to cut the trees, it can be roughly used for about 30 minutes to the one-hour maximum. Nowadays, manufacturers are producing cordless chainsaws with lithium ion batteries that offer better charge holding capabilities and it also has the capacity to hold its charge for months when not in use.

The Advantages Of Electric Chainsaws

There are several pros and cons of an electric chainsaw that you can enjoy when you choose to use an electric chainsaw instead of gas powered chainsaw models. The electric chainsaw that has 8 to 18-inch bar blade can do wonders like the gas powered models.
• Ease Of Starting – All you need to do to start the electric chainsaw is to press the START button or to just switch the ON button. This machine will start in a jiffy and is very easy when compared to gas operated models which require you to pull the cord several times to start the machine. Electric saws will never get flooded as there is no fuel needed to run the machine.
• Fuel: The electric chainsaws run on electricity and there is no question of investing in fuels for these chainsaws. Also, the recovery time when running on electricity is very quick when compared to gas powered saws. All you need is to plug the saw cord into a power source and your saw is ready for work.
• Kickback: There are safety chains installed in the electric chainsaw that help in reducing the kickback that you are bound to face when your saw blade tip brushes with the object that you intend to cut. Electric saws are less powerful than the gas powered models and hence kickbacks also will be minimal.
• Noise: The electric chainsaws are very silent when compared to other gas powered saws. They make very less noise and hence is ideal to be used in your homes and offices without causing much disturbance to your neighbors.
• Easy To Store: Electric chainsaws are the ideal saws that you should possess whenever you think of long term storage. Most of these saws come in storage boxes which you can use to store the machine after use. These machines are very easy to clean and also need very little maintenance.

Choosing the Best Electric Chainsaw

Decide just how often you will be using the electric chainsaw
Decide what type of tasks will be needed to be completed using the electric chainsaw
What size of wood would you be using the chainsaw for cutting
Choose one with anti-vibration handles for smoother performance
Look for the instant shut off buttons or safety shut-off
Make sure it has a sharp chain
You are choosing the best electric chainsaw when it has a built in circuit breaker

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Electric chainsaws are just perfect for small around the home jobs. You may choose from corded or cordless model electric chainsaws. When comparing an electric chainsaw to a gas powered chainsaw, the electric ones provide a much quieter performance than the gas ones because gas powered saws are really noisy.

Electric chainsaws are also environmentally friendly. You are making a wise choice when purchasing an electric powered chainsaw because the gas powered ones use air pollution.

Here are a few more tips on buying the best electric chainsaw:

Choose one with outstanding power and size
Check the chainsaw rating
Electric chainsaws are best for garden work or use around the home area
Choose one with an automatic chain oiler
Look for high-quality top name brand
Choose one that comes available with a carrying case

Where to Buy The Best Electric Chainsaws?

You may purchase some of the best electric chainsaw models in top name quality brands at online chainsaw retailers. When you place your order online, your electric chainsaw will be delivered right to your home or office door. You may find them at traditional retailers, but the price will be much more expensive. Shopping for them online will allow you to save hassle, time and money.
Online retailers who market chainsaws offer them at great sales and discounted prices. You will also find a few special promotions to help you save more money. Your chainsaw will come complete with a guarantee and instructions for use, safety, care, cleaning, and maintenance.

How to use an electric chainsaw?

A chainsaw is one of the best tools that come handy in assisting you in the general clean up and maintenance of your home. By the time you are done using it the surroundings will be very eye catching. There are a number of things that make the electric chainsaw a darling to many. First and foremost it is very pocket-friendly. Secondly, it is known as the easiest tool to use for the above-mentioned function. The fact that it is quieter and does not use gasoline makes it the best tool for anyone to use.

Maintenance of the chainsaw bar

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In order to increase the lifespan of any given tool, it is of paramount importance that you do all it takes to maintain it the right way. That involves handling the tool with great caution. The chainsaw bar is quite delicate and thus calls for extra care when handling it.

Inspecting the chainsaw bar from time to time is a great way towards ensuring that it serves you longer. Inspecting the surfaces inside the bar rails and the top side of the bar as well is an important tip to consider. If you cannot do it yourself you are free to seek help from a professional since the aim at the end of the day is to ensure that the more damages happen. If you choose to seek help from a professional, you can also go ahead to seek any form of advice you may need and that includes even asking him about how to use an electric chainsaw. At those instances when accidents occur, it would be to your best interest to ensure that inspection of the tool takes place just immediately.

At times the bar is either twisted or cracked. Trying to make repairs may turn out to be very expensive. At such a point in time, you are better off replacing it. That will assist you to maintain your system for a much longer period of time. However, you do not have to be scared of these damages if you are that person who constantly goes online to find out tips on how to use an electric chainsaw effectively. You will not only find this kind of information but also more information about the chainsaw as a whole.
Being able to regulate the chain tension is a great way towards ensuring that you minimize the tear and wear of the bar. They are the simplest things that actually count.

How to Replace a Chainsaw Chain?

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The various chainsaws in one way or the other differ in terms of design. It is important for you to take your time before setting out to replace a chainsaw chain. It is advisable that you use the wrench the exact model during the repair. That is the most guaranteed way to achieve the best results but that is not to say that you do not have another way out. You can as well use a flat head screwdriver and a socket wrench. Below are a number of steps you should undertake in an effort to replace a chainsaw chain:
1. Removal of guide bar side panel
2. Moderation of the chain tension
3. Removal of the old chainsaw chain
4. Tensioning screw loosening
5. Carefully replacing the old chain with a new one
6. The alignment of the guide bar
7. Replacement of the side plate
8. Chain to be tightened to the appropriate tension
9. Winding up with the tightening of the side plate nuts

The above steps if properly adhered to will provide the best results. However, it is good to remember that learning how to use an electric chain saw properly is the best form of repair.

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