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Tile saws are tools used in cutting tiles, as you known tiles are ideal for floors or some sections of wall in the house. Tile saws come in different makes and models featuring different capacities, to get the right tile saw for a specific task may be challenging for someone with general knowledge. But it calls for an expert in the field of tile saws to get the right tool for every aspect of tile cutting; rigid tile saw is another category of the saws which is very flexible and portable.

Rigid Tile Saw Guide

Rigid tile saw is considered to be one of the most easy to handle type in the market, it is generally portable especially the new range of its kind in the market of tile saws. The category of this unique tile saws come with a wet reservoir which help in cooling while its cutting, there are a number of saws in the category, let see a sample of the best model in the market now.

Rigid 7 Inch Tile Saw, Model R4030:


Ridgid R4030s 7″ Tile Saw

[asa]B00G9ISQJY[/asa]Ridgid R4030s 7″ Tile Saw with Foldable Stand

This type of tile saw has many good features making it handy in tile cutting; the model is well rounded with either a portable or with a stand type. Its performance is very super with a reasonable price in the market; it comes in a good size for easy work and portability.


  • a) An appealing portable size.
  • b) Die Cast Aluminum table
  • c) Designed for natural and man-made tiles
  • d) Flexible Jigs and Sliding table.
  • e) The stable Power-Switch.
  • f) Well Adjusted water pump.
  • g) Including stand for convenience use on sites.
  • h) Tank-less Tray Technology.

An Appealing Portable Size: 

The saw is very impressive with an easy to handle portable size which can be carried to any site; the shape is just beautiful and can be handled with ease. The tile saw is an ideal for small duties where portability is the factor, for instance, it can come in handy where several jobs are done in a number of sites involving frequent movements

Die Cast Aluminum Table: 

The die cast aluminum table is well fitted and flexible whenever its in use, the sliding of this mechanism is very smooth since it slides through the two precision extruded rails. There are sealed and guided rollers making the movement easy and with less friction in real time, the table come with a lockable device for easy movement and in case of certain operations.

For Natural and Man-Made tiles:

The Rigid 7 inch tile saw is designed to use in all man-made tiles and natural tiles, this means that it has very strong blades which can handle all such tasks in real time. This flexibility makes it one of the handiest tiles saw in the market today, some tile saws can only be used to cut man made tiles only but not natural tile. That’s another great advantage of purchasing this make and model.

The Water Pump: 

Its water pump is well balanced and in place to make sure that water is sprayed accurately, this is very important since many tile saws is not having their water pumps well set. It also has the adjuster to make it easy for a certain volume of water to flow in the process; hence you don’t become wet or experience an overflow.

Powerful Motor: 

The Rigid 7 inch tile saw comes with a heavy motor of 9 Amps, 1-3/4 HP Motor, the powerful motor enables it to do heavy duty tile cutting for longer. The motor capacity is a complete contrast of what is the price of the product, at just a reasonable price the product can still handle some heavy task in a professional manner. This makes it one of the most affordable and professional tile saw in the market currently.

Tank-less Tray Technology: 

The tank-less technology employed in this tile saw allows for easy water management and trapping while its working, it allows water to freely flow down the tray trapping all debris and particles through its sediments barrier. The process makes it easy for filtering of all impurities from the water; it brings about a long life to the device tom serve you well.

Cuts with Stability: 

The tile saw is very impressive when it comes to cutting, it cuts all square without any noticeable shaking as opposed to the older models with large saws. Most tile saws cuts with shaking and vibrations making out sometimes an accurate cuts on the tiles, it means this tile saw brings out a neat precision cutting. The powerful motor which the tile saw come with make it to do the job fast without shaking, this is convenient and ideal.

Exact-line Adjustable Laser: 

The tile saw adjustable laser is another important feature it comes with, the laser is adjustable exactly with unique accurate alignment to the line being cut. The alignment system enables the operator to accurately put cut line with the aligning wheel in real time.


There are many good features with rigid tile saw, in summary here are the best aspects of the model which is the leading in the category now;
a) It is very portable and easy to handle, this can be seen in its weight and capacity.
b) It comes with a stand for convenience especially for site operation.
c) It cuts both natural and man-made tiles, this makes it an ideal for multitasking since you will only need one tile saw for all your tile cutting work.
d) Affordable.
e) Comes with a manufacturer warranty certificate for a Lifetime Service Agreement.
f) Generally the tile saw is very handy and easy to use with many good features surpassing its peers in the market.


a) The laser is not completely square; there is some angle of error in it which needs adjustments.
b) The unit doesnt have proper cord storage for protective purposes; the one there is just not significant for the purpose.
c) The degree-guide for 45 degree cut is sometimes not as accurate; you have to use your manual measuring tool to ascertain that is exactly 45 degrees cut.


Above all, the rigid 7 inch tile saw is worth buying at amazingly reasonable price, the unit is compatible and easy to handle. It has a powerful motor designed for longer working hours and accurate cut; this is a recommended type of tile saw to spend your money on.

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