Hitachi Miter Saw – A Very Popular & Well-Known Saw From A Mumber of Years

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Make Perfect, Precise Cuts Every time with Hitachi Miter Saw

Hitachi Power Tools is the manufacturer of the Hitachi miter saw to be used, either for professional use or Do it yourself projects. Hitachi miter saw is a very popular and well-known saw from a number of years in the cutting edge investigation, power tool expertise and development of miter saw. Hitachi is the foremost company that developed the miter saw for the first time with a combination that bestows the ease of a miter saw and capacity of the radial arm saw.

These days Hitachi is continuing its principle of engineering and innovation with improved features in its Hitachi miter saw. Basically, there are three varied types of Hitachi miter saw, namely:

  1. Compound miter saws– this Hitachi miter saw is a bit heavy and powerful that performs bevel cuts. It is preferred to use to cut off the stocks that you wish to lay flat; however, they possess numerous angles that have to cut at one time only.
  2. Basic miter saws– of all the three different types of Hitachi miter saw mentioned, this one is the least flexible of all. They are generally light in weight and can perform simple cuts around forty-five degrees.
  3. Sliding compound miter saws– this saw is the most flexible and adaptable of all the three kinds of Hitachi miter saw mentioned. There is a moveable arm, on which the blade assembly and the motor is placed. It can house wide and long pieces, as compared to the other saws. There are different models available. From them, some can be tilted in a single direction only; whereas others can move onto both the directions.
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Now, let’s glance at some unique features of a Hitachi miter saw:

  • Dust bag– this bag collects all the sawdust and keeps the work area clean. It can be cleaned very easily later on.
  • Laser guide– it aids in making the saw quite accurate and precise. It assists you by giving an accurate visual line, so that accurate cuts can be made.
  • Blade guards– this feature makes your tool very safe to use. It prevents your hand or any other body part from accidentally drifting in the cutting section.
  • Electric brake– again, this feature makes your tool safe to use. It will cease immediately, the moment you release the trigger.
  • Shaft lock– it makes the changing of the blades easier without the need of other tools for holding the blade in its position. Table extensions- the saw can be used easily with a table extension as you do not have to have a stand to hold longer pieces at the time of sawing.

You get precise and smooth miters as well as crosscuts in a variety of stocks such as aluminum, plastic or wood with the Hitachi saw. If you go for cutting anytime in your life, where you might need a miter saw, then you should indeed be able to answer yourself why the Hitachi Miter saw is the incredible one of all the different brands available.

The All-New Hitachi Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Hitachi C12RSH2 15-Amp 12-Inch Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser Marker

Hitachi C12RSH2 15-Amp 12-Inch Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser Marker

Hitachi is the first company that developed the sliding compound miter saw. This saw has extremely unique features that make your task all more easy as well as convenient. This was indeed created to merge the comfort of the miter saw and the capacity of radial arm saw. Even in the present days till today, the company maintains the tradition of manufacturing and modernization, with all novel features, along with superior quality.

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Unique features of the Hitachi sliding compound miter saw:

  • It contains 12amp motor along with high strength for the cutting jobs that are quite tough.
  • It features an adjustable and unique laser marker for the sake of cutting lines precisely. This is indeed very easily adaptable to the consumer’s preferences.
  • There is a 45 degrees miter angle towards its left and 57 degrees miter angle at its right. This offers additional flexibility.
  • There is a bevel angle range of 45 degrees at its left and right side. This enhances the easy and rapid flip of the saw blade and keeps all the stuff in its place.
  • To promote fast settings and easily readable measurements, you will find positive stops on the bevel scale and the miter.
  • It features an electronic start feature along with recoiling and sound pressure suppressant that helps in smooth functioning.
  • The rotation of the blades can be stopped in few seconds with its inbuilt electronic brake system; thereby, protecting unintended harms or cuts.
  • There is a pivot fence which is adjustable. This helps in supporting the workpiece for the sake of enhanced stability at the time of cutting.
  • It possesses a patented chip deflector that is completely adjustable. This helps in preventing the tear outs, zero clearance support and also in aligning the cutting lines.
  • There is a splinter guard. Its role is to save the stuff from being splintered and thereby increasing its safety.
  • The airborne particles are reduced by means of the dust collector attachment.

When you purchase the Hitachi sliding compound miter saw, you also get a dust bag, box wrench and ten inches TCT saw blade in the box, absolutely for free. This is the only machine that can meet all your demands in your garden as well as in the shop. The Hitachi sliding compound miter saw is very tough and versatile. So, it is the first choice of most of the people, when they step out to purchase a miter saw.

If anytime, you are at a threshold to purchase a novel miter saw, as our previous one might have worn out or damaged. There is no need to do any research and it is 90% for sure that only the Hitachi sliding compound miter saw will be the one to serve all your needs. The Hitachi sliding compound miter saw is very well known for its accuracy, speed, and adaptability. So, go nowhere, sit comfortably in your homes and order for the unexceptional Hitachi sliding compound miter saw.

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