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Hole Saws, Metal Hole Saw, Diamond Hole Saw and Carbide Hole Saw

The hole saw today plays a major role in almost every plumber’s toolkit. In order to bore precise holes for fitting wires and/or pipes, a hole saw is definitely a must-have. The hole saw is a round saw whose purpose is to bore circular holes in workpieces, provided that they are not too thick. In general, the hole saw blade may be attached to a drill in order to do the cutting.

bosch hole sawHole saws generally have a round metal blade made of a reinforced alloy such as steel, and they have saw ‘teeth’ in order to ‘bite’ through the material they intend to bore. These hole saws are commonly referred to as the metal hole saw. A drill bit can go forward in order to bore a hole through the very center of the circle. The teeth of the hole saw can bore holes in many types of materials such as wood, plastic, plaster or even the hardest metals such as cast iron. Hole saws may also be used in cordless drills with sizes ranging from half a centimeter to over twelve centimeters.

Hole saws are available in three levels of magnitude: for the smaller holes, the three-inch blade might suffice, for medium-sized holes, there is a 3.5″ available, and for larger holes, you can get a four-inch sized blade. For anything larger, you might want to consider a specially sized blade of up to six-inches, though this is always an exception. The best hole saw blades are made of a metal alloy such as steel since such metals are reinforced and will last many, many years. However, you can also get a diamond hole saw or a carbide hole saw if extra strength is needed.

The main selling point of a hole saw as opposed to other types of drills is its large width cutting capacity, as well as its efficiency, a very small portion of the area being removed is really being sheared, thus reducing the total power requirement.

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Make sure you get the right hole saw blade for the hole you want to drill – then put the arbor onto the fitting at the end of your hole saw, press the on the switch and ensure that your hole saw is working correctly before you commence drilling. Fit the blade carefully on the pre-drawn hole lines and slowly lower the saw so that the blade begins to cut through the desired surface. Once you have made the hole fully, pull the saw back and turn the power off immediately. With a hole saw, you can cut holes in a vast array of surfaces including wood, stone, and even metals.

Any power tool enthusiast has got to look out for his safety, however macho he might be. Make sure to take heed of the following safety guidelines. Clear the area of nails and other metal objects, e.g. pins, staples or indeed anything else that can obstruct your hole saw. An obstruction may cause a nasty ‘kick back’ – the effects of which can often be devastating. Safety glasses, as always, are a must and don’t wear baggy clothing since this is another danger for an obstruction.

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