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Hole saws are a very popular tool among electricians, plumbers, masons etc. Hole saws have received for the most part positive reviews from their users too, firmly cementing their place in practically every plumber’s toolkit worldwide.

Bosch Hole SawOne of the only ways to cut a large hole in a piece of concrete is to use a hole saw. A variety of hole saws have excellent tooth geometry and thus they provide ten times faster cutting than their other contemporaries. Such hole saws possess deep gullets for plug removal too. These hole saws have three hardened steel teeth which provide maximum protection against unintended nail impacts. Hole saws of this variety can cut up to 600 holes in wood without needing re-sharpening. Then there exist ice-hardened hole saws, which are becoming increasingly popular and are in vogue these days. These hole saws are ice-hardened for 50% longer life than their counterparts. The ice-hardened hole saws have bi-metal teeth, which provide greater durability and a positive rake angle for fast cutting. The ice-hardened hole saws have functional slot geometry for easy plug removal.

Such a feature enables you to avoid stray wires during your plumbing efforts, which is paramount when your safety is concerned. You can also take the stops off and put them on other hole saws, which can enable you to use multiple stops on a single hole saw. You can purchase these special stops from any private hardware store or online specialist.

The diamond hole saws have also satisfied many users. These diamond hole saws, used for cutting holes in glass bottles, require a stable hand and slow speed but the ½ inch size saw cuts a wide enough plug through which you can insert a short string of holiday lights to create a flamboyant and classic decoration piece that will be a great addition to your home decor.

The bi-metal hole saw has also received fabulous reviews from its users. If you are planning to cut through masonry or metal, this is the best options available. The bi-metal hole saw can cut through hard, tough materials with great accuracy and efficiency and provide lesser kickback than regular saws. This type of saw is also popular because they are more durable and promise an extended life.

But, as always, there are always certain measures that the plumber, electrician or builder simply must take in order to avert danger on the job. For example, do not place any objects in the vicinity of the hole saws, since this can cause the saw to jump violently out of place, and there is no knowing in which direction it could go. Always clear the building area of any small objects to prevent this. Since sparks or fragments can fly out of the drilling location, please put on safety glasses in order to protect your eyes, and always make sure that you don’t wear clothing that is unsuitable to building tasks, e.g. baggy garments or accessories that dangle down and may get in the way of the saw.

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