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Top rated Homelite Chainsaw Review

It is good to read a Homelite chainsaw review before actually buying one, since chainsaws are not something which most of us use on a daily basis. A chainsaw is a mechanical device, movable using a motorized saw. It is used for chopping, felling, cutting down tree limbs, and for bucking. Chainsaws have been used as early as the 1830′s. It was conceived and designed by a German orthopedist by the name of Bernard Heine.

Various types of chainsaws available currently, could be grouped into cordless chainsaws, gas chainsaws, and electric chainsaws. They come in diverse sizes, according to the amount of work output. The noisy gas-powered chainsaws are more powerful compared to the electric chainsaws, and demand high maintenance levels. The electric powered ones do not depend on the use of oil and gas and produce lesser noise. For minimal work, a cordless chainsaw is really good with its 8-inch bar.

Homelite chainsaw review reveals that Homelite makes a range of chainsaws with diverse features for any type of work. Their foremost chainsaw for outdoor professionals is the Timberman20″. This chainsaw is best suited for felling big trees and cutting large cordwood. Its 45cc power stroke engine provides high speed and strength. Zip start allows for quick and smooth start. Patented safety tip anti-kickback is in place to prevent injuries. For cutting massive trees there is the 20-inch guide bar. Safety is taken care of by the chainsaw break.

You can choose chainsaws that are useful for cutting down small trees and also for light yard work. Homelite not only offers the best chainsaws but also offers 2 years warranty. Homelite products are well designed and innovative. They are sold in the market with complete information like manufacturing dates and model numbers for each product. The chainsaws have red covering with black trim sold in rectangular black plastic case.

Homelite has a review conducted by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to secure the safety of their products. Such a Homelite chainsaw review is helpful in determining the products safety standards. In case of product problems, Homelite can be contacted at their nearest authorized service center. Throttle adjustment is done for free. Only Homelite provides these services. The stores selling their products do not offer these services.

In conclusion, Homelite chainsaw review can be of help in choosing the most suitable chainsaw. This is important, as not many are aware of the features of a chainsaw.

<strongTop rated Homelite Chainsaw available on the market now:


Homelite ZR10568 38cc 16 in. Gas-powered Chainsaw

Special features

– Fully assembled 38cc 16in 2 cycle gas chain saw.
– Point vibration isolation handle reduces fatigue.
– Automatic oiler keeps bar lubricated.
– Inertia activated chain brake.

Factory-Reconditioned Homelite ZR43100 9.0 Amp 14-in Electric Chain Saw

Special features

– Powerful 9.0 amp motor
– 14-in bar with 3/8-in low profile chain and Safe-T-Tip® to help prevent kick-back
– Automatic oiler keeps chain lubricated
– Tool-less chain tensioner
– Oil level window

Homelite Refurbished UT10568 16″ Bar Gas Powered 38cc 2 Hp 2 Cycle Chain Saw Tree Chainsaw

Special features

– 40:1 Gas to Oil ratio, which is 2.6oz of oil to 1 gallon of gas. Do NOT use E85 gas
– Keep your lawn beautiful and manicured with a 16-inch chainsaw
– Power tool offers power, reliability, and endurance to any tree feller
– 2 Cycle gas powered chain saw
– Engine Type: 42cc 2-cycle Gas


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