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Homelite ZR10568 38cc 16 in. Gas-Powered Chainsaw

A powerful performer, the Homelite ZR10568 Gas-Powered chainsaw is ideal for cutting down big trees. With the heavy duty job of a chainsaw, which involves logging activities like tree felling, bucking, limbing and pruning, it is important that the device be durable, strong and hardy. Powered by compressed air, hydraulic pressure, or electricity, chainsaws are of many kinds. Available in various sizes and make-up, the chainsaws have the varying working capacity and give outputs of different quality and quantity. To get the most out of a chainsaw, you must choose the right one for the right kind of job. From simple garden trimmings to cutting branches and felling big trees, there are different kinds of chainsaws for each job. An electric chainsaw being lightweight and handy is the best choice for first-time users. Ideal for garden jobs, these saws are also quite inexpensive. But if you have bigger jobs in mind like cutting down trees or branches, then you must opt for something more powerful like a gas-powered chainsaw.

Although chainsaws of various specifications are available from various manufacturers, the Homelite chainsaws are quite popular among users as they are quite handy and moderately priced as well. Founded in 1921 by Charles Ferguson, Homelite has always tried to design outdoor power equipment, which is portable, lightweight yet equally efficient. Portable and easy to use, the Homelite ZR10568 Gas-Powered chainsaw has everything a Homelite product stands for. It is a classic example of power and portability. A gas chainsaw, it is ideal for felling of trees, managing storm damaged trees, downed trees, making firewood, pruning of branches and also landscaping activity.

With a 3.5 cut, the 360 model is efficient enough and ideal for full-time firewood cutters. It comes with a 16” and 20” bars that cut through a 15” softwood quite comfortably. Though it somewhat lacks in chain speed, with a super sharp blade, it can cut through even the thickest of wood. Combining functionality with convenience, as in other Homelite chainsaws, the Homelite ZR10568 Gas-Powered chainsaw also includes excellent safety features in the form of an anti-vibration handle, an anti-kickback guard on the bar as well as inertia chain brake. The anti-vibration handle is especially beneficial for reducing fatigue while working with the chainsaw for long durations.

The Homelite ZR10568 Gas-Powered chainsaw has a very strong engine, which fires up easily and also has an automatic choke function. But the machine needs good maintenance, especially the carburetor and the intake boots. Yet the best thing about the Homelite ZR10568 Gas-Powered chainsaw is that it is completely cost effective for the kind of service it offers.

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