How To Achieve Angle Cuts On Floor Tiles Using The Wet Tile Saw

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Tips You Ought To Adhere To When Using The Wet Tile Saw To Achieve Angle Cuts On Floor Tiles

If you needed to remove a corner piece from a floor tile, then there is no easier way than with a wet tile saw. The ceramic tile breaker is only good for a straight end to end cuts, and the angle grinder is not only very dusty, you must cut the tile on the reverse aspect to attain the very best outcomes.

In saying that although the wet tile saw does have its times when it comes to flaws in cutting tiles, they are relatively trivial in comparison to its good factors. Initial of all, it is a messy occupation irrespective, although the dust is contained by the use of drinking water and not still left to float freely around both your home and your lungs.

The wet tile saw utilizes drinking water to awesome down its cutting blade when in use, but it does tend to splash out a lot of drinking water when in use, and much more so straight in the direction of the operator. When working it at floor degree, you may discover it handy to location a towel over your thighs when working down on your knees, in order to prevent your pants from getting soaked, and you also might want to do this outdoors.

using a wet tile sawWhen utilizing a wet tile saw to cut your ceramic floor tiles, it really is a basic and reasonably safe power too to operate, but there are a few tips you ought to adhere to when doing so. Most essential of all, always make sure that you are wearing your safety gear when cutting. And next, always make sure that the blade is spitting out drinking water so that it is always stored wet and awesome to steer clear of premature harm.

Once you have your floor tile marked and ready to cut, simply switch on the device and slowly feed the tile in in the direction of the blade, letting the wet noticed consider treatment of the relaxation. Usually make sure although for safety factors that both hands are at either edge of the tile, or as much absent from the blade as feasible for the obvious factors of damage.

Never power or rush the tile via either. Consider your time good and gently, or else you could be looking at both blade and motor harm, as well as becoming off the mark with your cuts in haste.

If you at any time discover that the blade tends to bind when cutting, then simply back absent and allow it to begin up spinning once more before you continue to feed. When reaching the end of your cut also, just drop down a gear or so in your feeding pace. You do not want to overstep the mark with your cutting and get an ugly slit in your tile, so put the brakes on a little near the end and know when to stop.

One last suggestion when cutting, but definitely not the least essential, is to by no means actually cut your marked line. If you do this, you will discover that you have trimmed off too much, as you must compensate for the thickness of the blade when cutting. This is usually done by simply just cutting to the outdoors of the line by roughly 1/8″ inch, which is approximately the average thickness of a standard wet tile saw blade. If you’re not entirely assured in the beginning with your initial cuts, at least do trial apply cuts additional into the piece to be removed to get an idea what to expect. That way you may discover that you are not wasting any floor tiles unnecessarily.

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