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Many Hobbyists encounter this problem – when drilling and screwing in your own home you quickly reach the limits. Be it due to the frayed nerves of the family or even for one’s own need for space and tranquility – a quiet corner for craftsmanship must be found. A suitable place is found often in the form of a workbench in the garage.

A workbench provides not only sufficient storage space for materials and tools but also allows you to work with heavy equipment, such as a miter saw or a jig saw. Their appearance and the facilities should be adapted to individual requirements and can be freely expanded.

A workbench in the garage gives handymen the opportunity to indulge in their hobby in an undisturbed manner. Thus before heavy work can be carried out, a sturdy construction is required as a workbench. As a workbench, for example, are a stable wooden board with massive feet.


First of all, since a workbench needs a lot of space, DIYers should worry about the location before the acquisition itself. Usually, it is in the hobby room, in the garage or in a garden house.

In addition, the room must have a power connection and can be ideally heated in the winter, so it is accessible all year round. Likewise, you should also take hen choosing the location of the other occupants of the house into consideration, since most of the work could cause noise and disturb the neighbors.


garage workbench ideas

To make sure the table lasts a lifetime, use quality material. The plate should be about five centimeters thick – correspondingly thicker for heavier loads. Effective work is best possible when the bench is tailored to the craftsman and his projects.

Who wants to do hours of handicrafts, should accordingly choose a table height at which he can sit comfortably in a chair. Who on the other hand likes to stand while working, should rather ensure that the height and other devices are accessible while standing.

The substructure is built from sturdy wooden planks, for which robust types of wood, such as spruce and oak are needed. In addition, you need four things :

  • Vertical posts
  • Crosspieces
  • Longitudinal timbers
  • Squares for reinforcement


Whether a hand drill or a jig saw – you need electricity to do the work. Practically a power strip with a switch, which is mounted directly above the work surface should do the trick. Even otherwise, you should try to indemnify the workbench as much as possible. Hole walls with mounting options make sure screwdrivers, pliers and other tools are clearly arranged and are ready to pick up from the wall. On the Internet, such sets for the workbench in the garage are available starting at ten dollars.

For screws, nails use cabinets with transparent drawers. They can be alternatively can be used for storage of tools and accessories. Mobile tool trolleys are a bit more on the expensive side at around 50 dollars, so go with conventional cabinets if possible. Items that you need rarely can be stored in wall cabinets.

For hobbyists who build much by instructions or drawings, a magnetic strip for attaching the sheets on the workbench makes sense. Vises and other tools are mounted for stability most directly on one foot to the countertop.


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