How To Carefully Break Ceramic Tile?

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Studies have shown that some ceramic tiles usually require little pressure to break. This is dependent on the thickness of the tile. Research has also shown that ceramic tiles are brittle, hard materials often used for covering walls and floors. Ceramic tiles can as well be used to cover tables if required.

Ceramic tiles can be broken or disintegrated into smaller pieces for mosaic artworks. There are several ways to break ceramic tiles. You can break it carefully along with a scored line or apply snap to get the best results. The truth is that the line can as well be scored in any direction.

This will enable to snap and score the tiles to fit floor edges or wall. You can as well break the tile into clean perfect edge pieces suitable for mosaic tiling. Is your quest for how to carefully break ceramic tile? Are you looking for the best hints on how to carefully break ceramic tile? With the few enumerated steps below, you are sure to understand the full basis of how to carefully break ceramic tile easily.

Four Steps to Break Ceramic Tile

Step 1: 

The first step to take is by positioning the straight edge on the tile found next to the portion that you want to break off. The tip of the carbide pencil should be placed next to the straight edge. A line should be traced on the tile for about 2-3 times. This will enable the glaze of the tile to be perfectly scored and as will provide an area to break at.

 Step 2:

Next on the list is to ensure that the tile is perfectly grasped in your non-dominant hand. This is usually on the far end where you want to start the breaking process. In your other hand, ensure to hold a pair of tile nippers for better results. Now, go ahead to open the handle of the nippers.

This will help to open the jaws quickly. It will also help to place the jaws of the nippers at the score point. The hand of the nippers should be properly closed. This should be held tight to the tile.

Step 3:

Right on the nippers, it is a good idea to exert downward pressure or force. This should be done when squeezing the handle. However, it will help to break the tile off at the score point. Following this process will help you to get the results that count.

 Step 4:

The edge of the tile should be perfectly rubbed using a carbide grinding wheel. This process will help to clean up any jagged edges that may be discovered when the tile becomes snapped. It is a vital process that should be followed to give you the best results. Obeying this simple step will help you experience a great result.


Breaking ceramic tiles carefully is highly important depending on your goal. If you are basically concern about getting fine pieces that will be used for covering walls, it is expedient to break carefully. Breaking carefully also means that you will have to always check on the edges of the tile. The edges of the tile remain a delicate area that should be properly checked before breaking ceramic tiles.

Even if you will need the tiles for covering a floor, it is also a good idea to apply the same process. During the process of breaking, ensure that all the required tools are available and ready. Applying the right technique will also help you to achieve success quickly. The truth is that the technique used for the process will determine how perfect your result becomes. For this reason, it is always a good idea to carry out a given technique several times prior to advancing.

Once you are able to have all the tools ready, ensure to check the surface or area of the ceramic tiles that will be broken. It is also a good idea to ensure that your nippers and scores are perfectly positioned. This will also help you to find total solace and ecstasy when carrying out the process. You will discover that the final result remains great after being executed. You can give it a try now to see how the whole process works. You will surely experience a great result, time and again.

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