How To Choose The Right Sawzall For Your Need?

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A reciprocating saw, or Sawzall as it has become commonly known over the years, is a practical piece of machinery with a variety of uses. Whether you need to do some demolition work, cut an inaccessible stud, cut through metal or PVC, or prune your tree branches a Sawzall is the best tool to have to lie around your shop.

Because it is a jack of all trades that easily adapts to a variety of home renovation projects, a Sawzall is the preferred option for professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike. But what are some of the differences between different types of reciprocating saws? Here is an overview of some of the different properties that you should take into consideration when purchasing a Sawzall for your home or business needs.

Should You Choose Cordless Sawzall?

DEWALT-DCS380P1-20V-MAX-Lithium-Ion-Reciprocating-SawOne of the most important differences between different types of reciprocating saws is the distinction between an electric and a cordless Sawzall. The electric saw has a power cord allowing it to have access to all the power that comes from the grid. It can run for hours at full power and never stop. A cordless tool takes power from a battery and wit usually be used for shorter intervals. Take a look of some of the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a battery-powered Sawzall over its corded counterpart:

The advantages

Portability and convenience

One of the biggest advantages of cordless versions is their portability. Unless you are prepared to confine the use of your saw to places with easy access to electricity, portability is an important feature that will allow you to maximize your use of this tool.

Easy to charge batteries

Most newer battery powered Sawzalls come with easy to carry chargers that can fully charge your battery in 20-30 minutes. Typically lithium batteries on a fast charger charge rapidly enough that two batteries can be swapped out at intervals with very little downtime.


A major plus of using a battery-powered Sawzall is that it allows your workspace to be safer and cleaner. By getting rid of any cords that can be tripped on, you are eliminating the possibility for any accidents to occur.

The disadvantages

Use limited to length of battery power

Just like any other device that is battery powered, your cordless reciprocating saw can only be used for a limited amount of time, i.e. for the length of the battery. This means that you will have to plan your work schedule around any battery charges and potentially lose productivity. If you choose a tool with two batteries and a quick charger, this needs no longer be a major factor.

Higher cost

Generally speaking, the battery-powered saw tends to be more costly than its electrically powered counterpart. People tend to prefer the versatility and portability of the cordless Sawzall, but its features usually bring up its price.

Less power

The power of the cordless Sawzall tends to be weaker than that of an electrically powered one. This is in large part due to the fact that the power of the cordless reciprocating saw depends on the strength and charge of the battery within it. In other words, when the battery is running low, you might notice your Sawzall operating with less power meaning it might sometimes take you longer to complete certain tasks.

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One Sawzall Doesn’t Fit All

BLACKDECKER-BDCMTRS-Matrix-Reciprocating-SawHere are some of the most prominent optional features of the reciprocating saw that you should keep in mind when making your purchase:

Variable speed control

Variable speed control in your reciprocating saw is an important feature that allows you to adjust the speed to the type of material that you are cutting through. This is a relatively common feature that is a must-have for most reciprocating saws on the market currently.

Tool-less blade change

This feature allows easy shifting between different blades — a tool-less clamp retains the blade which makes tool changes an easy process. It’s always better to pick models that feature tool-less blade change if you’re looking for a user-friendly experience.

Pivoting shoe

The pivoting shoe is a useful feature because it provides versatility as you saw. Depending on the position, the pivoting shoe allows you to reach the most confined spaces and make the most difficult cuts. Whether or not you can envisage needing to make difficult cuts, a pivoting shoe is a nifty option that is sure to enhance the experience that you have with your tool.

Soft grip handle

This might seem like a no-brainer, but comfort should be an important factor when you are choosing a good quality reciprocating saw. Look out for ergonomic design and a comfortable handle with a soft grip.

Li-ion battery
If you end up purchasing a battery-powered Sawzall one of the important distinctions you should be making is between the Li-ion and the nickel-cadmium battery. While the former is the lighter and leaner variety which is featured in most newer reciprocates, the nickel-cadmium battery can be a good option if you’re looking to save some money. However, be prepared for longer charging times and a heavier Sawzall.

How to Choose the Right Sawzall for You

BLACKDECKER-BDCMTRS-Matrix-Reciprocating-SawNow that you have given thought to your choice of available options available on reciprocating saws, take a look at some of the questions that you should ask yourself as you are deciding on the best saw for your personal use.

How frequently do you plan to use your Sawzall?

The frequency at which you plan to use your Sawzall should determine the level of comfort which you should ultimately be seeking. If you plan to use this tool on a regular basis or for extended periods of time, you might want to consider saws with an ergonomic design or with an extra soft grip. In addition to the comfort aspect, if you plan to use your reciprocating saw frequently, you might want to choose a model that is made of durable components such as magnesium gear housing and metal transmission.

Will you be working in dark areas?

If so, make sure to choose a Sawzall with a work light attached. This is a very handy feature that will save you the trouble of having to hold a light while you are working.

Does your reciprocating saw have a warranty?

While a good quality product won’t need to be repaired in the first few years of use, it’s always better to opt for a Sawzall with a warranty. Not only is it good to know that you’ll be saving on repairs if they end up being necessary, but a warranty is also a guarantee of quality — the longer the warranty, the higher the likelihood that you are purchasing a product that is of a top-quality. Always choose the highest quality tool you can almost afford.

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