How To Cut Rocks With A Tile Saw?

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Rock cutting is sometimes needed in landscaping. It can as well be used to install stones facing on walls. This will also help to display the colors of the rocks. Irrespective of the purpose of cutting rocks, the process is always challenging.

People often use the saw of their choice to cut through rocks. However, a tile saw can as well cut through rocks with the right tools ready and your skills. It is important to know that water often prevent blades from overheating when using a tile saw to cut through rocks. When cutting rocks with a tile saw, it is expedient to take the procedure easy and slow.

Is your quest for how to cut rocks with a tile saw? Have you been looking for the best way on how to cut rocks with a tile saw? Following the few steps below will help greatly on how to cut rocks with a tile saw.

How To Cut Rocks With A Tile Saw


7 Steps To Cut Rocks With A Tile Saw


Step 1:

You will first have to use a pencil to draw a line on the area of the rock to be cut. This is highly important if you are looking for the best results. If it is a thick rock, you will have to continue the line around the area of need. With this idea, you will not go wrong when planning to cut rocks with a tile saw. Ensure that the tile saw is also in a good working condition.

Step 2:

To the water inlet valve, you will have to connect the end of a garden hose. This should be done on the wet saw to get quick and positive results. Nevertheless, you can achieve this process by screwing it on clockwise direction. Provided this can be done, you will discover how easy the process of cutting rocks with a tile saw becomes.

Step 3:

The saws plug should be properly plugged into an electrical outlet. Once you have accomplished this stage, go ahead to put on safety glasses.

Step 4:

The rock to be cut should be set in a vice clamp. It should be as well attached to a work bench if required. The rock should be placed on the ground if it is too large to move. Placing the rock on the ground should be done in a ways that the blade saw will damage it. With this idea, you will discover that cutting rocks with a tile saw remains simple and easy.

Step 5:

The garden hose should be carefully tuned on. This will allow a slow trickle of water move down the saw blade. Ensure that this aspect is properly done to keep the saw blade functional for a long time.

Step 6:

Now, the power button should be turned on for the tile saw. It should also be slowly reduced towards the rock. You can allow the tile saw to carefully pull itself through the rock. During this process, it is expedient to only use slight pressure. You can now start to cut until the rock has been perfectly shaped to your desire.

Step 7:

Finally, you will have to turn off the power supplying the tile saw energy to operate. Now go ahead to set it down to ensure that it creates no danger to the operator. You can turn off the water faucet and as well your safety glasses.


You can stop half way if the rock is thick. Now, you will have to turn over to the other side and cut the rock according. This is the fastest and easiest way to cut rocks using a tile saw. Rocks can be difficult to cut if you lack the required skills. For this reason, it is a good idea to have all the tools ready.

Another important factor to consider is the state of your blade. Water can always reach the blade. For this reason, it is a good idea to have a powerful blade ready for the process. A good blade will always enable you to cut rocks with ease. You will not have to stress yourself understanding how the saw can cut, provided the required skill is in place.

Using this simple explanation will always help you on how to cut rocks with a tile saw. You can give it a try now.

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