Make Your Cutting Job Faster and Easier with Porter-Cable PC14CTSD Chop Saw

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Porter-Cable PC14CTSD Chop Saw Product Description

Porter-Cable PC14CTSD Chop Saw

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The Porter-Cable PC14CTSD 14 inches chop saw comes with a 15 amp motor and brushes that gives great power and sturdiness. The design of its grip is specifically planned to aid in reducing the force needed to pull the handle during cutting. It can be simply transported using its top-mounted carrying grip as the spindle lock concentrates on safe and convenience replacement of the blade.

The PC14CTSD of Porter Cable comes with an objective to give better performance motor along with the features planned to make it the best equipment for the different cutting jobs. This combination makes this as the best tool for the carpenters, contractors, metal fabricators, home DIY enthusiasts or fence builders who have bigger projects or those who are searching for the powerful and unmatched cutting solution. This chop saw is a perfect tool for cutting metal as well.

PC14CTSD is always ready to help you on any cutting task like cutting cast-iron pipe, threaded rod, square tubing, angle iron, conduit, etc. This product also comes with detachable and replaceable brushes that provide required muscle with rugged sturdiness. The durable cutting fence of this saw and a miter modifier gives the possibility to obtain 45 degree angles effortlessly. The spindle lock of the saw allows the blades to be replaced easily so you can save your time as you work.

The stylish front D-styled handle lessens the force allowing you to make the job with ease and less fatigue. The fast-release material clamp can make the cutting job faster and is designed to remove the cut material. The stable extensive steel base provides a great level of protection and safety as the saw is in used. The guard together with a changeable spark deflector also gives further safety you need while the onboard equipment storage and the storage chain helps on keeping the workplace in order. The dimension of PC14CTSD is 21” in length while it weighs 32.5 lbs. It is offered with 3 years limited warranty, 1 year service contract for free with a money-back guarantee of around 90 days.

Product Features

  • Fast-release material clamp – lets fast and simple material cutting as well as removal
  • Flexible spark deflector – directs sparks far from the cutting part
  • D-handle design – lessons force required to pull grip when cutting
  • 45 degree miter aptitude –lets you obtain 45 degree angles
  • Depth stop – maintains the cutting depth


Price: $210.00

4.2 out of 5 stars (158 customer reviews)

2 used & new available from $210.00


The PC14CTSD of Porter Cable is made with an innovative and stylish front D-handle style to lessen the force of pull while pursue on cutting. This will let you do the job in a much better and easier way. The PC14CTSD 14 inches chop saw has 15 amp motor together with its replaceable brushes that aims to give sturdiness. The PC14CTSD of Porter Cable gives superior performance motor aside from the amazing features to make it the best tool used in cutting pieces of wood and finish a wide selection of the cutting jobs. You will never face difficulties in transporting it since it has top-mounted carrying grip. The spindle lock concentrates on making the replacement process become much easier for you.

The stable extensive steel base is really reliable when it comes to protection required by the user while the job is ongoing. The guard and the replaceable spark deflector is designed to give additional safety required by the user. The onboard equipment storage space and the storage chain are the best ones when it comes to orderliness of the workplace. The size of this saw is 21” long and the weight is 32.5 lbs. When there is a problem with your saw, you can return it to the store and avail its 1 year full service agreement. If in case you are unsatisfied with the saw, you can bring it back and get your money within 90 days.


Since the Porter-Cable PC14CTSD Chop Saw is considered as a new product on the market, you can expect that this saw is sold with a higher price. However, if you will look into the positive side about the product like its features and performance, you could simply say that the price of it is still reasonable.

Customer Reviews and Score

Up to now, there were 163 customers reviews on amazon with 144 positive reviews (89%). All reviews, comments and feedbacks made for the Porter-Cable PC14CTSD Chop Saw were favorable for the product. Most customers who bought this product told that it works flawlessly as it gives surprisingly perfect cutting performance. Read all customer reviews here.


Porter-Cable PC14CTSD Chop Saw

The PC14CTSD 14 inches chop saw comes with a 15 amp motor aside from its changeable brushes that can give you the sturdiness and portability you need. The stable wide steel base gives great protection you need while you are using the saw. In case of problem, you can bring it to the store because it offers 3 year limited warranty. It also includes a year service bond and a money-back guarantee. Truly, it is a must have in your power tools most especially if you have frequent wood cutting jobs.
See Lowest Price on the PORTER-CABLE PC14CTSD 14-Inch Chop Saw

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