Makita 5104 Circular Saw Review

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If one is constantly involved in projects which require precision cutting, he or she may want to consider the Makita 5104 14 Amp 10-1/4-Inch Circular Saw. This saw has a number of features that make it worth considering.


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The Makita 5104 circular saw weighs around 18.3 pounds. When it comes to saws, this weight is quite light. The lightweight nature of the saw enables the user to carry it from one area to another for any projects that he may have. It also makes it much easier for the user to balance and control the saw for optimal use.

14AMP Motor

The circular saw from Makita has a 14.0 AMP motor. This motor has a capability of 3800RPM. The specifications of the motor make it powerful which in turn enhances the performance of the saw. The saw can therefore cut through beams and timber very easily.

Large cutting and bevel capacity

Another feature worth considering when it comes to the Makita 5104 circular saw is the large cutting and bevel capacity. The capacity runs to 3-3/4 at 90 degrees and 2-3/4 at 45 degrees. This makes it much easier for the user of the saw to cut in different directions with less movement in either direction.

Electric Brake

The last thing that any user of a circular saw wants to do is being forced to brake manually at every turn. With the Makita circular saw, the electric brake removes that problem. This brakes allows for easier stops, which in turn enhanced productivity.

Precision gearing

The ball and needle bearing construction utilizes precision gearing. This allows the transmission or power to be done in a smooth manner. It has also enhanced the efficiency during power transmission, meaning less energy is wasted during use.

What’s So Great About The Makita 5104?

  • The Makita 14-inch circular saw is priced fairly.
  • The circular saw is made up of high quality materials, which are durable and can withstand wear and tear.
  • The Makita circular saw is very efficient, thus enhancing productivity and lowering energy waste.
  • The performance of the saw is very high, which allows the user to get more work done on timber and beams. The performance also lowers the time taken when it comes to cutting through these materials.
  • The relatively lightweight nature of the motorized circular saw makes it very portable. This allows for use in multiple locations.
  • The Makita circular saw is optimized for use in more than one direction. This enhances convenience for the user. Turning in multiple directions will be kept to a minimum. Productivity is therefore enhanced.

What’s Not So Great About The Makita 5104?

  • The Makita circular saw may be priced fairly, but you still need to spend quite a bit of money to access the product.

Is This A Great Purchase?

The Makita 5104 14Amp 10-1/4inch circular saw is a great purchase. While one will require quite a bit of money to purchase the product, he will get his money’s worth. The saw has high performance, which optimizes productivity and gets things done quickly. Its high quality components make it last longer which then gives great value for money. There are many elements to talk about where this topic is concerned; but the above is an insight with this respect.

Makita 5104 14 Amp 10-1/4-Inch Circular Saw

Price: $434.99

3.8 out of 5 stars (22 customer reviews)

9 used & new available from $434.99

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