Makita 5402NA Circular Saw Review

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Makita-5402NA-16-516-Inch-Circular-SawMakita 5402NA 16-5/16-Inch Circular Saw is an electric circular saw which is manufactured with the aim of cutting beam and timber. The fact that it is electrically driven makes it more efficient and convenient as it can handle a bigger workload as compared to manual ones. But just like any other product, the respective saw has a number of pros and cons. However, its high number of pros have been seen to overshadow the few cons thus making it one of the best choices in the market. Some of these pros and cons are:

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What’s So Great About The Makita 5402NA?

  1. Light in weight. That is, 28.7 pounds. This makes the operation easier as the operator can withstand its weight, without experiencing fatigue, for a longer duration. This would have been rather hard if it weighed more pounds.
  2. Large capacity blade. This makes it possible for the saw to cut different angles. That is, at 90 degrees where it cuts 6-1/4” and at 45 degrees where it cuts 4-3/16”. For this reason, the operator does not have to go for different blades so as to achieve different cutting angles and inches.
  3. Electric brake. This does not only give maximum productivity, but also makes stopping the moving blade easier.
  4. Large depth control level. This gives convenient and secure adjustments making it suitable to cut different depths as per the demand.
  5. Low noise level. High noise during operation can be disturbing to the operator and the people around as it causes sound pollution. But with Makita 5402NA, it has a noise level of 87dB which is tolerable.
  6. High powerful motor. Since some timber will require higher power when cutting due to their hardness, Makita 5402NA has a powerful motor which gives up to 1800 watts. The motor also gives a speed of up to 2200rpm which gives enough power to cut through tough materials such as pressure treated lumber.
  7. The saw normally has a large support handle which increases the control and comfort of the operator. This makes it possible to handle it even without having to put on gloves.

What’s Not So Great About The Makita 5402NA?

  1. Its high speed can be risky as it can to injuries in case one gets into contact with the blade in motion.
  2. It cannot be used in places without AC power supply.

Upon purchasing Makita 5402NA 16-5/16-Inch circular saw, it is important to ensure that you handle it with care and also use it as per the manufacturer’s directions. That is, one should avoid using it to cut hard materials such as metal, which are not recommended, as it may result to mechanical breakdown or snapping of the blade. Therefore, the better you handle the saw, the longer it will retain its good working condition. It is also important to ensure that you only purchase the original product, thus ensuring that you are safe from counterfeits which only imitate the looks of original products but nowhere close when it comes to quality.

Is This A Great Purchase?

Having a high number of pros and receiving great reviews from people who have initially had their experience with the product, Makita 5402NA has been considered a great choice of electric saw in the current market. It is therefore your call to make your purchase and enjoy the benefits of this incredible electric saw.

Makita 5402NA 16-5/16-Inch Circular Saw

Price: $729.00

4.3 out of 5 stars (72 customer reviews)

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