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A metal chop saw is a special kind of saw that is designed to chop hard materials. Usually, the wheel of a saw has a diameter of 14”. There are different types of metal chop saws: circulars, hand metal cutting chop saw, or even industrial cut off saw designed for special uses. Considering the powering method, there are also different types of metal chop saws. The gas powered metal chop saw is usually smaller, and it can be carried away. Of course, you can’t cut large metal pieces or industrial materials, but this metal cutting chop saw is the best solution for home use. Electrical and pneumatic metal chop saws are usually used in industry.

DeWALT Metal Chop Saw

DeWALT Metal Chop Saw

Those models are larger, they consume more energy, and they are fixed on a large working table. Basically, the metal chop saw has the same principle as other cutting devices: a circular hard steel wheel, having an arm with a pivoted spring. A metal base supports the metal chop saw, and it usually has a device to fix the material in place. Use this fixing device with great trust, as accidents could happen in case the material slips away.

Although the metal chop saw is usually used for industrial and home use, modern artists are also using them in their works. Metal statues are at glance these days, and those metal art pieces can’t be carved without metal chop saws. However, for those matters, a smaller metal cutting chop saw is more than enough. Considering the fact that accuracy is mandatory for those artworks, a smaller cutting wheel is also required. In fact, some well-known producers like DeWalt designed a special metal chop saw especially for those matters.

If we are talking about the cutting method, there are two different types of metal chop saws. The abrasive metal chop saw is used mostly for finishing and polishing the metal pieces. The miter chop saw is used for industrial cutting and cutting metal pieces. In addition, the second type of metal chop saw can be used for woodcutting. In any case, make sure to read the instructions carefully, as improper usage of the metal cutting chop saw could lead to accidents. In fact, this saw is considered the tool that produces most accidents. Don’t worry, as you will be just fine if you are following the instructions of the metal chop saw.

Not only metal and wood can be cut and carved with the chop saw. Aluminum and hard cooper pipes can also be cut and polished with this handy device. They are both used in the residential and commercial areas. Any metal or wood piece can be adjusted with those handy devices. The metal chop saw having a hardened cutting wheel is successfully used in masonry. However, it is not recommended for beginners to cut marble and sandstone. Hire a professional for those kinds of works, as you will avoid misfortunate accidents. In addition, if you don’t have the required experience, you might ruin the marble pieces.

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