Milwaukee 0729-21 Capacity 28-Volt Lithium Cordless 2 Speed Portable Band Saw Review

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The Milwaukee 0729-21 Portable Band Saw is using a high powered built motor by Milwaukee to deliver an optimal cutting performance and speed.

If you are looking for a product that can give you so much quality in cutting, then it has to be from Milwaukee products.

Who Could Buy/Benefit From Milwaukee 0729-21 Product?

All the workers like carpenters that are doing most of the cutting in their works will surely benefit from this product.

Product Description

The 28 Volt Lithium-Ion Battery pack is weighing less than the 18 bolt pack and yet it can deliver 2 times the long run. The battery of this tool is properly positioned to give balance and the line of vision in order to cut is not compromised.

The Milwaukee 0729-21 Portable Band Saw also includes a LED light that makes the cutting much easier in darker places. It has a comfortable non-slip for the handle of soft grip type that provides a better surface gripping and it reduces the operator fatigue.

Product Features

  • Milwaukee 0729-21 band saw

    Milwaukee 0729-21 V28 4-3/4-Inch by 4-3/4-Inch Capacity 28-Volt Lithium Cordless 2 Range-Variable Speed Portable Band Saw

    It has a revolutionary 28 volts lithium ion battery technology.

  • It measures the deepest cut capacity of 4-3/4 inch by 4-3/4 inch.
  • It delivers an optimal cutting performance and speed.
  • It comes with the charger, battery and the carrying case.
  • Its package also includes chain drive and the worm gear.
  • It has a variable speed trigger.
  • The LED light is used for dark places.
  • It has a high and low lock selector.
  • It also has a cushion grip for easier and comfortable gripping.
  • 0-350 surface feet per minute (SFPM)


Customer Reviews and Scores

5.0 out of 5 stars

There are 9 reviews for this product on, and so far all of them have a good feedback and they are all happy with the performance of the tool. They all love this portable saw because it is very easy to operate and it has the cushion grip that gives a comfort in holding the tool.

They all gave 5 star rating on this product as a sign that they love it and they want to recommend it on their friends and all the people who are looking for the best portable cutting tool. Since there are lots of products in the market today it will be harder for you to know the right product that can suit your needs. Always go for the brand name that is trusted and proven by the market.

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Milwaukee 0729-21 Portable Band Saw is among the best cutting tools in the market today. Moreover, this tool is not just an ordinary cutting tool because it is filled with all the amazing benefits that you can get. You will have to be very careful in choosing the right band saw that you need because you might get a saw that is not really that efficient and convenient to you. With the Milwaukee 0729-21 Portable Band Saw you can be sure that you will get the best service and performance.

9 Total Score

Milwaukee 0729-21 Portable Band Saw is not just an ordinary cutting tool because it is filled with all the amazing benefits that you can get.

  • With all the features that you can get from this product, you will surely find it easy and convenient to use this cutting tool. There is no need for you to look for other brand names because Milwaukee is one of the trusted names when it comes to providing the best tools.
  • This Milwaukee Cordless Band Saw has a high powered battery that can surely last a lifetime. The LED light is built to give you comfort on the dark places when you are cutting in these places. It also goes with the perfect and complete package that you will no longer seek for anything else. Among the other products, this Milwaukee 0729-21 is one of the best saws that you should purchase.
  • All the features that you can see in this product are really advantageous and you can really be sure that you can have the best products with the Milwaukee cutting tools. The only problem that you can see in this product is that it has a higher price. Compared with the other products this Milwaukee electric band saw is really high in price because of the features and the quality that they are possessing.
  • As you know, Milwaukee is a trusted brand of the highest quality that you can rely on. You can make sure that when you purchase this product you can guarantee a good service and performance.
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