Milwaukee 6538-21 Reciprocating Saw Review

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Milwaukee 6538-21 Reciprocating Saw: The Best Ever Cutting Tool

Product Description

Milwaukee 6538-21 15.0 Amp Super Sawzall Reciprocating Saw

Milwaukee 6538-21 15.0 Amp Super Sawzall Reciprocating Saw

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Milwaukee 6538-21 15.0 Amp Super Sawzall Reciprocating Saw is a fast and sturdy reciprocating saw. This is the first reciprocating saw that has persistent power technology that keeps constant speed and control under load to get unequal cutting performance. The 15.0 amp motor gives the superior overload protection. Its patented gear securing clutch extends the life of gear and motor by absorbing strong impact of forces triggered by rapid blade lock-ups. The original counter balance system lessens user vibration.

This saw is the best option for those who are in engaged in complex woodwork activities. The persistent power technology will aid you in maintaining a stable pace while cutting below the load. This will provide the best cutting performance as well as oppose balance technology breaks the vibrations which is usually felt when you use this saw. The total functionality along with the power of this 15 amp reciprocating saw makes itself to be the leading brand sold in the market.

Product Features

  • 15.0 amp Milwaukee motor and superior overload protection – helps in preventing engine burn up or failure
  • Persistent power technology – keeps the constant pace under load to gain unequal cutting performance
  • Original gear-protecting clutch – aids in preserving the life of gear or motor by means of absorbing the strong impact forces triggered by rapid blade lock-ups
  • Original counter-balanced mechanism – to gain smooth running and low vibrating saw
  • Variable-speed trigger as well as dial speed power

The 15.0 amp Milwaukee motor comes with the superior overload protection which is designed to prevent the engine to burn up that can cause failure. The persistent power technology aids in maintaining the speed as you cut below a load. The original gear protective clutch is intended to preserve the life of gear and the motor. This will be achieved by absorbing the strong impact of forces that are caused by abrupt blade lock-ups.

With its patented counter impartial mechanism, this reciprocating saw is recognized as the smoothest running and lowest vibrating saw in the market. The inconsistent speed trigger and dial pace control provides the user with maximized control which is possible in this kind of saw.

The Quik-Lok blade clamp system promotes fast and convenient blade changes. An orbital cutting function permits the user to switch the faster and much more aggressive cutting speed so that you can suit your extremely demanding jobs. The only drawback of that this reciprocating saw is sold with an expensive price. However, the price is still considered as reasonable since it can perform unrivaled cutting performance.

Milwaukee 6538-21 15.0 Amp Super Sawzall Reciprocating Saw

Price: $199.00

4.4 out of 5 stars (122 customer reviews)

32 used & new available from $198.99

Customer Reviews and Feedback

There were 113 reviews made for Milwaukee 6538-21 reciprocating saw on Amazon. Most customers got satisfied with the unmatched cutting function of this product and thus, most reviews made were in favor with the product. The average customer rating is 4.4 out of 5 stars.

The most favorable review made for the Milwaukee 6538-21 showed that he used this saw in extremely hard cutting chores and he was amazed of the cutting performance that it has. He also used this saw during the most standard structure demo as well as rough framing tasks. He also added that much better power which is important for construction requisites. Further he said that this 15 amp reciprocating saw is a must have and should be included in your power tools. However, he complained about the case because it cannot provide enough space where he can place the blades.

Another customer said that he also bought this reciprocating saw for cutting of trees. He learned that this machine is really powerful and reliable too. On the other hand, he noticed that the shoe pin falls out from the shoe release handle easily. The pin touches the guard on the front portion of the saw. The lever of the shoe release is made with plastic and that is the reason why it bends easily and makes the pin out.

These two reviews are posted on Amazon. You may visit the website of this online retail shop and search the name of this reciprocating saw. From there, you can read all reviews made and posted for this particular product. Alternatively, you may click here to read all Milwaukee 6538-21 reviews on Amazon.

Milwaukee 6538-21 15.0 Amp Super Sawzall Reciprocating Saw

Milwaukee 6538-21 15.0 Amp Super Sawzall Reciprocating Saw

See Lowest Price on the Milwaukee 6538-21 15.0 Amp Super Sawzall Reciprocating Saw

buy from amazon

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