MK Morse CSM14MB 14-Inch Dry-Cut Metal Cutting Saw Review

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Are You Searching For MK Morse CSM14MB 14-Inch Dry-Cut Metal Cutting Saw?

MK Morse CSM14MB 14-Inch Dry-Cut Metal Cutting Saw

MK Morse CSM14MB 14-Inch Dry-Cut Metal Cutting Saw

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Tools make the project easier and achievable. Depending on what kind of project you are going to accomplish, there are specific tools and equipment that are allotted for it.

A cutting saw is usually used for metallic materials and other appropriate use. For a high quality project output, you have to properly select what the best cutting saw is for you.

One of the cutting saws with good performance is the MK Morse CSM14MB 14-inch metal cutting saw that will lead you to a perfect cut.

Who Could Buy/Benefit from the Product?

The power saw is suitable for most electricians, mechanical contractors, residential handyman and air conditioning and heating professionals. It will help them because it can safely and quickly cut most of the metals.

The contractor also benefits a lot in this tool because of its useful features that are appropriate for construction sites as well as industrial plants.

It has a metal devil that is perfect for framing projects or pipe fitting works that are complex.

MK Morse CSM14MB Product Description

The CSM14MB is designed with powerful features for quick and safe jobs while using this tool. The main feature it possesses is the Metal Devil which is made of blades for excellent cutting system. It can cut steel that measures 6” x ¼” thick in about 12 seconds only.

Many people and users are amazed with its excellent cutting performance because of its metallurgy carbide tips that is extremely unique which only means that there is lesser heat amount transferred to its inner plate.

Learn more about the MK Morse Metal Devil Company in the video below

MK Morse CSM14MB 14-Inch Dry-Cut Metal Cutting Saw

Price: $467.77

4.5 out of 5 stars (75 customer reviews)

17 used & new available from $438.75

MK Morse CSM14MB Product Features

When it comes to powerful features, this dry cut metal cutting saw is especially designed for it.

  • A cutting blade integrated with Metal Devil cutting system
  • With low speed 1,300 rpm high torque motor; cuts best for angle iron, pipes, conduit, metal studs as well as tubing applications
  • A blade on-board changing wrench for more convenient storage and reduced loss risk
  • It has a 72-tooth carbide blade which cuts the material instead of grinding
  • With a safety guard 6 and 8 mm hex wrenches, ear plugs, safety goggles, and beveling ice
  • Dry cut metal cutting that measures 14 inches designed for cutting without noise, smell, sparks or build up heat

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This MK Morse CSM14MB tool comes with many benefits that most customers love using it for cutting their materials. The good performance of this tool is proven by the good feedback of customers while others are encouraged to try and purchase one.

This power tool makes handling more comfortable because it has a D handle on its sideways which is not shown in other product reviews.

Its blade guard is composed of 2 pieces and it split apart once you begin to put the blade down.

This dry cut metal cutter is so smooth and with good quality cutting system all the way.

It cuts accurately and quickly in every material most especially the steel and other metallic parts.


This product works well in the overall view.

However, there are instances that it cannot really get all of the best functions that a user is looking for. There can be some minor problems encountered when using it but they do not affect the entire condition of the project.

This 14-inch dry cuting tool has a blade that failed while on the process of cutting because it lost its teeth after several uses while cutting the angle iron and pipe.

Its warning labels have some typographical errors so you have to understand it carefully. Aside from that, the machine should be handled steadily to have a precise cut.

Customer Reviews and Score

This cutting machine received the perfect rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars which only means that all the five customers who reviewed this tool are greatly satisfied so they gave 5 stars as their score.

It indicates that this cutting power tool truly performs at the highest level and as it stays on the tool industry, there will be a greater chance that it will continue to satisfy the customers.

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Proper selection of the cutting saw tool for your project should be observed all the time. Do not just buy a product without knowing its features and benefits or even its disadvantages for it may disappoint you in the long run.

This dry cut tool is suitable for most of the essential construction site projects. When you are in search of a metal cutting saw that do cutting fast and accurate, this product is what you are looking for.

Read more of its product reviews to make sure that you are choosing the right one. The CSM14MB is just enough to cut your material without worrying about its fine edge cut.

MK Morse CSM14MB 14-Inch Dry-Cut Metal Cutting Saw

MK Morse CSM14MB 14-Inch Dry-Cut Metal Cutting Saw

See Lowest Price on the MK Morse CSM14MB 14-Inch Dry-Cut Metal Cutting Saw

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