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Dolmar Chainsaws

Dolmar ChainsawDolmar chainsaws are available in both gasoline and electric powered versions. The gasoline version offers the benefit of convenience, no electrical outlet required. The electric versions offer the convenience of not having to refill it with gas. Both types of Dolmar chainsaws offer the huge benefit of being extremely reliable.

Dolmar chainsaws keep you in control of your projects by providing you with excellent maneuverability. You can also count on rugged Dolmar chainsaws to perform consistently on every job you do. Different chainsaws include different features, such as automatic chain lubrication, to make even the toughest jobs a little easier.

Chainsaw is one of the oldest and useful tools or equipment used in cutting trees, wood or even just trimming some unwanted parts of bushes. There had been numbers of brands that are making the lives of professional and occasional chainsaw users. Dolmar is one vintage chainsaw brand made their name in chainsaw industry. They are one of the most well-valued chainsaw brands in the world. The Dolmar brand has served their customers in over 80 years.

Dolmar company is the first company who released the first gasoline-powered chainsaw. The company was born in 1927 formed by Emil Lerp went up to mountains and test their chainsaw. The mountain’s name is Dolmar mountain. When the test was made Dolmar has since made the best and useful chainsaws. They are considered the best on their line or field.

The design and context of their chainsaw have improved through the years of experimenting and innovation. It is released and distributed in the US by the Integrated Distributors Network. A German product with the best features that can be bought all over the world.

Dolmar company have offers made their models with the highest quality. Products that are best valued with a very low cost that suit to a common customer’s budget. Dolmar released a model PS-34 which is made for occasional users, this is customers that are not professional chainsaw users. For professional users, the model PS-9010 was made. This is designed for commercial users that need tough and heavy duty works.

With such quality and reputation as being one of the best chainsaws in the world, Dolmar chainsaw is still growing and giving their best products in the world. Customers can access their products on their official website. There is a perfect chainsaw for specific wood cutting task. So specifications checking is a must when getting a Dolmar chainsaw.

Chainsaws are powerful machines used to cut down trees, debris, snags, branches, and concrete. Chainsaws are powered using petrol, electricity, chargeable battery, petrol, and gasoline. A common part of a chainsaw consists of an engine, cutting blade, chain, and guide bar. The continuous use of chainsaw makes the blades blunt. Hence, the chainsaw needs regular sharpening with the help of the chainsaw sharpener.

One of the oldest manufacturers of gasoline chainsaws is Dolmar GmbH. The Dolmar GmbH was found in the year 1927 which is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. The first Dolmar chainsaw was a type A saw. The approximate weight of the Dolmar chainsaw was 125lb. Dolmar chainsaws are famous for the gasoline powered ones. They make very less of the electric chainsaws. Dolmar manufactures its own parts for the chainsaws.

The quality of Dolmar chainsaw is extremely high. They have the special features like mufflers added on top of the oil tank in order to cool down the oil for smooth functioning. Other features of Dolmar chainsaw include Mahle cylinders and pistons. The Mahle cylinders and pistons are the best in the world to hold the heat and cool it down.

The Mahle cylinders are coated with nickel, Aluminum or chrome. Mahle cylinders are used in all the power cutters and chain saws of Dolmar. Dolmar also manufactures sharpeners and other products. Dolmar chainsaws are fitted with unique handles to reduce the vibration and fatigue.

Dolmar chain saws are generally low and we have more than 22 types of gasoline Dolmar chainsaws to choose from. Most of the models of Dolmar chainsaw start with PS. The Dolmar chainsaws have similar features. Based on the Dolmar chainsaw price, the features vary. One can easily purchase cheap Dolmar chainsaw from the Dolmar website. Used Dolmar chainsaws are not available on the official websites. E-bay is the best place to purchase used Dolmar chainsaws.

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