Rockwell RK3440K VersaCut Circular Saw

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Rockwell RK3440K Versacut 4.0 Amp Ultra-Compact Circular Saw with Laser Guide and 3-Blade Kit with Carrying Case

Product specific

  • Powerful, 4.0 amp, multi-functional, ultra-compact circular saw
  • Cuts wide variety of materials such as tile, wood, sheet metal, plastics, flooring, and more
  • Ergonomic design with slim grip handle improves comfort and enhances grip and control – guide with just one hand!
  • Built-in laser guide helps you align the perfect cut
  • Pivoting metal guard accommodates safe and easy plunge cuts
  • Dust extraction adapter keeps the cut line free of dust for improved visibility

Product Description

Rockwell’s RK3440K VersaCut is a powerful, multi-functional, ultra-compact circular saw that can cut wood, flooring, plastic, ceramic tile, slate, aluminum and even sheet metal. It is lightweight (4 pounds) and streamlined design makes it easy to control with just 1 hand. Improve efficiency and comfort with the VersaCut, which eliminates the need to drag out a big, heavy circular saw to perform similar tasks. The Rockwell VersaCut possesses the power of a large, bulky and heavy circular saw in a compact, well-balanced, lightweight design.

Get professional-looking results in wood, flooring, plastic, ceramic tile, metal, and more using exclusive laser guide technology that provides a precise cutting line.

And thanks to its small size, the VersaCut gives you power and accuracy in tight areas that cannot be accessed by regular circular saws. The VersaCut—equipped with a 4-amp motor—provides professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike with the fantastic-looking results; users can make perfect rip cuts and plunge cuts with assistance from Laserguide technology that ensures users won’t have to measure a cut twice (saving time and money). Use the dust extraction adapter to keep the cut line clear of dust to further improve visibility. And unlike most saws, the VersaCut is designed to cut through materials thicker than 1 inch.

Thanks to an extremely slim design, the VersaCut provides you with better control—and its ergonomically balanced design with rear-motor construction improves user comfort and decreases fatigue. The lock-off switch prevents accidental starting, and the durable full metal inner and outer guard design extend product life. Quick access to the depth-adjustment lever allows you to move the indicator to the desired depth and lock the mechanism with ease. Kit includes one Rockwell RK3440K VersaCut circular saw with one 24T carbide-tipped blade for cutting wood, one 44T HSS blade for cutting aluminum and PVC, one diamond Grit blade for cutting ceramic tile and cement board, one no-mar plastic base plate cover, one parallel guide, one vacuum adapter, two Allen wrenches and one carrying bag.

Rockwell RK3440K VersaCut Circular Saw Benefits

  • It is light and very ergonomically balanced.
  • It was made well and was a good quality tool.
  • The blade is a sturdy.
  • Its ten-foot cord also gives good ease of reach and movement.
  • Blade removal and installation is easy
  • Comes with nice ballistic nylon carry case with more than enough room for the VersaCut and more accessories.

What’s in the Box

One Rockwell RK3440K VersaCut circular saw with one 24T carbide-tipped blade for cutting wood, one 44T HSS blade for cutting aluminum and PVC, one diamond blade for cutting ceramic tile and cement board, one no-mar plastic base plate cover, one parallel guide, one vacuum adapter and one carrying bag.


Specification: Rockwell RK3440K VersaCut Circular Saw


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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Power Saws

    It can be difficult to find an all-around great circular saw, but the Rockwell RK3440K VersaCut Circular Saw 4.0 Amp certainly comes close. This versatile saw can cut through just about anything, including drywall, plastic, and tile. It has a lightweight design that boasts a simple appearance and easy operation. The purchase is affordable and gets you off on the right foot, with a combination of handy blades, a carry bag, and parallel guide. The vacuum adapter makes cutting with the VeraCut as clean as can be, meaning more comfort and better visibility for the user.

    Rockwell RK3440K VersaCut Circular Saw 4.0 Amp Specifications:

    Average Price: $149.99
    Motor: 4.0 amps
    Weight: 4 pounds
    Features: Laser indicator, plunge cut indicators, rear-motor, lock-off switch
    Included: Circular saw, 24T carbide-tipped blade, 44T HSS blade, diamond blade, no-mar plastic base plate cover, one parallel guide, one vacuum adapter, one carrying bag

    What’s So Great About the Rockwell RK3440K VersaCut Circular Saw 4.0 Amp?

    Versatile: With all the blades that are included in the VersaCut Circular Saw, you can expect this tool to be quite handy for multifaceted jobs around the home or job site. You can cut through tile, wood, ceramic, plastic or flooring using one saw and be eliminating the need to drag out multiple tools or a bulky circular saw. The design of the VersaCut is lightweight and ergonomic, so you’ll find that it’s easy to carry around and accomplish all your projects with ease. In fact, the streamlined design makes it possible to control the saw using one hand.

    Economical: If you’re not prepared to spend several hundred dollars on a circular saw, rest easy. This Rockwell VersaCut circular saw comes at an extreme value. Not only are you getting a quality saw for an affordable price, but the product comes jam-packed with accessories that make the saw all the more useful. A 24T carbide-tipped blade is used for cutting wood, the 44T HSS blade is used for cutting aluminum and PVC, while the diamond blade is ideal for ceramic tile and cement board. You can also expect to find a handy carry case, vacuum adapter, parallel guide and no-mar plastic plate cover as added accessories. Overall, this circular saw is exceptionally economical for all-around use.

    Professional: If you want professional results with little effort, you’ll find the Rockwell VersaCut to lead you down this path. Using Laserguide technology, you can make rip cuts and plunge cuts without having to make the same cut twice. You also get excellent visibility, as the dust extraction adapter keeps the cut line clear of dust and debris. You’ll find that it’s easy to produce consistent, superior results with this saw and that you can even cut through materials that are more than one-inch thick.

    Design: It’s important that circular saws are comfortable and reduce user fatigue, as this is what ultimately allows you to get the most accurate cuts and work for longer periods of time. The Rockwell VersaCut is lightweight and ergonomic, with a slim, streamlined design for better control and balance. Included with the circular saw is a lock-off switch that prevents the saw from accidentally starting, a metal interior and exterior that extends the saw’s power life, a depth-adjustment lever that has easy accessibility and allows you to change depths with ease. All in all, you’ll find this four-pound circular saw to have a simple and straightforward design that makes it the first one you grab every time.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Jeff Smith

    I purchased my Rockwell VersaCut RK3440K at a local “brick and mortar store” exactly one week before it was in stock here. I could have pre-ordered it from Amazon and waited, but I needed it for several long and tall furniture grade cabinets I was building for the walls of my utility room and garage.

    I had been wanting a small light corded saw of this size ever since watching a carpenter use a small battery powered one as he replaced the trim on my home some years back. I knew a battery model would not be economical in my limited and sporadic use as a homeowner – due to replacing batteries after long periods of disuse. The one the carpenter had was nice, but not as nice as my new Rockwell VersaCut – and I’m sure he paid much more for his. The Rockwell VersaCut is also much more powerful than the one the carpenter had, and its ten-foot cord also gives good ease of reach and movement.

    Performance in a cut using the supplied carbide-tipped combination blade is very good using the Rockwell VersaCut. The blade is also a sturdy one and not some wimpy thing that flexes. I had been using my DeWalt 7 1/4″ saw with a professional combination cabinet grade blade on oak, pine, and cedar in the construction of my cabinets. The stock I was using was 1/4″ thick to 1″ thick with 2x2s for rear shelf support. What I immediately noticed using the Rockwell VersaCut was reduced edge splintering and that it produced a much finer cut. The other immediate benefit was I no longer need hearing protection, as the Rockwell VersaCut is exceptionally quiet running – even in cuts. Since I was working in a confined area (long narrow utility room with freezers, and a washer and dryer, taking up much of the room), the Rockwell VersaCut also made just making my cuts extremely easier than using the bulkier and much heavier Dewalt – one hand is all you ever need using the Rockwell VersaCut, with the other out of the way or holding your work. A bucking blade, binding and kicking back, also isn’t happening with the Rockwell VersaCut – and it offers more than enough power in the cut for the 3 3/8-inch blade. Binding just doesn’t seem to happen at all using the small 3 3/8-inch VersaCut blade – and the spring loaded base instantly springs out to cover the blade, and locks there with your fingers off the double trigger mechanism. Cutting oak hardwood seemed to go just as fast with the Rockwell VersaCut as using my 7 1/4″ Dewalt.

    The Rockwell VersaCut only cuts to a depth of just over 1″ (1 1/16-inch), but cutting the 2×2″ stock was as simple as rotating the stock in one hand as I operated the Rockwell VersaCut with the other. I had expected that first cut to be uneven, but it was perfectly square when I finished, and every cut I made using the Rockwell VersaCut was perfectly square. That’s to say, the base doesn’t wobble any as the tool plunges into the cut – and there is no blade angle adjustment. The blade is just maintained in a 90-degree position to the base.

    The “flip” lever depth adjustment holds tight on my saw, but the flip lever makes getting the correct depth setting a bit difficult. The depth of cut setting is a little aggravating, but simply made – you just flip the small lever, move it to the setting you want and flip it back to lock it again. The problem is it will move some, from where you had it positioned, as you flip the lever back to the lock position. A screw type adjustment with good knob would have made this more accurate and easier.

    As for further accuracy, an adjustable rip fence bar with marked graduations in metric and English standards is also supplied. I used it and found the graduations to be accurate with the base and blade cut. However, the laser and the “V” (blade path indication on the base) were slightly off from the actual blade cut – about a sixteenth of an inch on my Rockwell VersaCut. Still, that slight offset was no problem as I simply corrected for it in the free hand cuts I made with my right hand. Due to the base housing construction, you really can’t see the blade well as it starts into the work, so you may need to make a few experimental cuts to get used to compensating for any offset – or you might want to make your own reference mark at the “V”. There is a small opening on the left side, so you can see the leading blade edge through it while cutting, but most are going to find that small opening difficult at best to keep track of the blade’s cutting path through materials.

    Pushing the tool into the work is not overly difficult, but I found the spring tension could be softer, and I have wished at times I could just lock the base into the retracted position during some cuts, but I realize this is a part of the blade safety feature provided on the Rockwell VersaCut.

    Back to the laser, a portion of the top cover it simply pushes forward and flips upward to reveal two small 1.5 volt (LR44) watch type alkaline batteries powering it. The cover stays in place well, and the laser is really quite bright when you press the small button at the back of the laser housing to turn it on. A second press of the button turns it off. Note: The Energizer 357 silver oxide batteries, sold here at Amazon, might be the better replacement battery as they have a higher power reserve and a 5-10 year shelf life.

    Blade removal and installation are also simple. Two “C” type hex shaft locks are supplied, one a spare, and you simply insert one on the right side of the tool with one end over the base. One of these shaft locks is stored on the tool cable, near the handle, along with the hex key needed for the blade clamping screw. A clockwise twist releases the screw, and a counter-clockwise one tightens the blade.

    ***Safety and using blades made by other manufacturers with the Rockwell VersaCut***

    The roughly 3 3/8-inch Rockwell VersaCut blades have a 15-millimeter arbor to match the VersaCut arbor – the same as the arbors for Makita 3 3/8-inch blades. Rockwell rates the no-load speed of the VersaCut at 3500 RPM – which is well over 1500 RPM faster than Makita’s line of small saw blades that are rated for a maximum of 2240 RPM in this category. The Rockwell carbide tipped blade is rated the lowest at a maximum of 7,000 RPM, with the 44 tooth HSS blade coming rated higher at a maximum of 15,000 RPM, and the diamond blade rated at a 20,000 RPM maximum. Blade thickness at the arbor averages 1.2 millimeters with all three Rockwell blades, with the Rockwell HSS blade appearing slightly thinner at the arbor, and with some slight variance of this width at the cutting edge on both it and the Rockwell carbide-tipped combination blade. The Rockwell diamond blade is an easily noticed full 2 millimeters at the cutting edge. Since the Makita blades are so similar, this gives rise to the thought some users may try using the 3 3/8-inch diameter Makita blades on the Rockwell VersaCut. In this application, a blade swap could be a very bad idea concerning user safety – even if they will fit the confines of the Rockwell VersaCut. Since the Makita 3 3/8-inch blades are only rated for a maximum of 2240 RPM, trying to use a Makita blade on the Rockwell VersaCut might just be a downright dangerous idea if they do actually fit in the VersaCut housing. If found to fit, larger diameter blades could even upset cut chip and particle movement to cause destructive jamming of the blade and motor. On the other hand, the Rockwell VersaCut blades should be no problem for use on the slower RPM running Makita saws. If you do find an aftermarket blade safely fits the Rockwell VersaCut, be sure its maximum RPM rating exceeds the Rockwell VersaCut’s 3500 RPM no-load speed. I’ll just stick to Rockwell VersaCut blades on my VersaCut, even though the 3 3/8″ 15mm arbor blades are a standard blade size supplied by many other manufacturers – some even far exceeding the rpm requirement of the VersaCut and for under $5.

    Also provided is a nice ballistic nylon carry case with more than enough room for the Rockwell VersaCut and more accessories. With the included carbide-tipped combination blade, comes a sturdy looking HSS crosscut blade (also for metal cutting), and a sturdy looking diamond blade for cutting the likes of concrete and tile. There is an adapter for a shop vac (that, by the way, works well in dust removal while using the Rockwell VersaCut), and a plastic snap-on work protector for the base. A good instruction manual is also provided with a warranty card for this new “patent applied for” tool.

    I’ve only used the one blade so far, but I’ll be adding the performance here of the Rockwell VersaCut using the diamond blade in tile use. I expect the diamond blade will also offer very good performance, after only so far just having a good look at it. After using the Rockwell VersaCut on my cabinet project, I’m very pleased with it. I’m 60 years young and arthritic, and the Rockwell VersaCut made cutting the wood and building my cabinets much easier by far – especially while working in the confines of my utility room.

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