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What Are Reciprocating Saws?

DEWALT DCS380B 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Reciprocating Saw

What are reciprocating saws?

The Reciprocating Saw can be known as one of the most handy tools in the world. Indeed, these tools can be used in small works around the house or in a workplace. Since they were invented, they had soon become one of the most popular tools in the market. Basically, people who love DIY work will need these saws to cut into or cut through any material.

Although being famous for this feature, users have to be cautious that these saws are not a very accurate cutting device. In the case of cutting accurately, another type of saw is suggested. However, the best Reciprocating Saw is the ideal choice for remodeling house and another work site. The main usage of these saws is to cut through even nails and screws, so that in case if you need to cut through your floorboard, you can use these saws at your convenience.

The main reason why I’d say these saws are innovative is the swift mechanism that allows you to change the blade. In other words, it provides an ability to be capable of different blades to cut on the right edge. For instance, if you need to cut through rough or hardwood, the hard blade is your choice. This blade will also let you cut through nails or screws that stand in your way. As changing blades is quite easy with these saws, users can use this feature to change any blade that they need in any situation.

Besides changing blade capacity, the speed of cutting is also the reason why people would go for Reciprocating Saw instead of others. Calculated based on the number of strokes per minutes, these saws have a quite impressive performance over other kinds of saws. Usually, these saws come with a single speed setting, while some of them let users adjust the speed. It is obviously that more strokes per minute results in faster the job is done.

There are two popular kinds of these saws, the corded one, and the non-corded one. Each kind has some advantages over the other. Basically, the cordless one is much more convenient than the corded one when it comes to cutting in difficult angles or high places. On the other hand, the cordless one is less powerful than the corded one. it is mostly based on the demand to purchase the right one. The cordless one is the best if you need a small saw for small jobs, this one also takes smaller place than the corded one.

With all the features, the best Reciprocating Saw has lots of potential ways to use. You can use it for easy, small work such as trimming your new doors or trimming some edges. In addition, you can use it for demolition purpose, too. The Reciprocating Saws are the best gift idea for your friends or your relatives with their features that the compact design makes it easy to store in small place and use it for small work in your house. If you are planning to buy one, you should consider from the list of the available ones with specifications.

Using Reciprocating Saw

Using Reciprocating SawThe occurrence of injuries from using the reciprocating saws is a common situation around the world. Injuries are mainly from cuts by the blades. However, there are a number of factors that should be considered in order to make sure that one does not get hurt while using the blade. One should ensure that they are well conversant with the safety measures from the manufacturer. Proper maintenance of the saw should also be maintained as it ensures that the saw is in a good working condition. Before the actual use of the saw, one should ensure that they analyze the kind of what that they want to do with the saw. This enables the user to have an imagination of the standing they are going to have while using the saw and even the amount of effort to exert. The most suitable blade should then be chosen such that the saw exhibits high performance.

While using the best reciprocating saw, one should ensure that both hands are holding the saw. This is to maintain stability and avoid the saw from swaying as this can result in injuries or destroy the work that is being handled. The right hand should be applied on the handle of the saw while the left hand is used to hold the section just before the blade. The right hand is used to exert a force on the saw so that it is able to cut through the wood. The left hand, on the other hand, is used to ensure that the saw maintains a stable path so as the wood does not get damaged.

Using the saw requires one to have stable posture. A stable posture is achieved by maintaining a stable balance by placing your feet at a favorable angle. The user should employ the services of wood clamps and vises such that the wood that is being cut or drilled is in a fixed posture. One should make use of the ground fault interpreter while drilling or cutting. The interpreter helps one in deciding the correct amount of power to supply to the saw. The saws should never be used on damp or wet surfaces as this damages the blade and make it become blunt. Proper handling while carrying the tool especially when the switch is on should be maintained so as to avoid any possible contact with the body.

Using a power reciprocating saw in public requires one to keep a safe working space so that children and other onlookers do not get into any contact with the saw. One should wear protective gear while using the machine so as to reduce the hazards of the operation to their body. Safety glasses are used to prevent the dust from getting into contact with the eyes. Loose clothing and jewelry should be avoided as they might get entangled the blade which can result in great injuries. One should ensure proper ventilation of the working area and also that they are sober while using the saw. Soberness ensures that one is stable and that they have a good grip on the saw.

Selecting The Proper Reciprocating Saw

DEWALT DCS380B 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Reciprocating Saw

DEWALT DCS380B 20-Volt MAX Li-Ion Reciprocating Saw – The best seller on AMAZON

It is possible for people having all levels of skills to make use of reciprocating saws and they can be used in a number of varying situations and this is what makes these tools a great construction tool investment for anyone to make. However, it is at times quite hard to select the one saw that will best cater to your needs. There is a large number of factors that you ought to take into consideration and these include specs, features, price, and brand. Below is information that could guide you on how to pick the best saw for your needs.

For Professional Use

The most effective first step to take would be to take into account the purpose for which you want the best reciprocating saw and how frequently you will be making use of the saw. In the event that you work as a contractor, it would be best for you to go for contractor grade saws. These saws give out higher strokes every minute (2800 – 3000 SPM) and motors that are more [powerful (10 – 15 Amp) than a large number of the other saws available in the market. These saws are available at quite a cost but you can be sure that they will be worth each and every penny that you spend on them. A number of extra features that you will get from these reciprocating saws made in the industry include:

  • Vibration reduction system
  • Ability to change between linear and orbital stroke
  • Variable speed controls
  • Tool-less/ keyless blade changes
  • Up to 4 position blade clamps that are used for increased versatility and flush cutting
  • Long stroke lengths up to 1-1/8 inches to give more cutting for every stroke

For Light Duty Use

In the event that you are not a professional but would still like to get reciprocating saws, there is a number that you could buy. Go for a saw that has 9 – 10 Amp motors. They come with fewer strokes for every minute, less power, less weight but will definitely effectively carry out any small project that you have. The greatest advantage that comes with the getting of these small sized saws is their price. You can get them at almost half the price of the bigger industrial models.

Reciprocating Saws Safety Tips

Reciprocating saws are very beneficial tools but could also be very dangerous in the event that proper care is not taken while using them. Below are a number of tips that will help you to ensure safety as you use them.

  • Ensure that you properly read the user’s guide that comes with the saw prior to your using it. Get a clear understanding of all involved risks and indicated usage procedures.
  • Put on protective goggles and safety eyeglasses at all times.
  • Do not let your household pets and children near the saws.
  • Ensure that your blade guard is secured at all times and that it is always connected to the saw.
  • Every time you hold the saw, ensure that you have established grips. Holding it close to the steel components could result in a huge electrical shock in the event that you were to mistakenly cut into a piece of live wire as you cut through surfaces such as floors.
  • Do not make use of a saw that has a slightly damaged or broken handle. Bear in mind that it is very possible for you to get shocked in the event that you touch any grounded metal surface.
  • Ensure that you are never standing on any damp surface while you are using the saw.
  • Take very good care of the power cord and accord it all the necessary protection. Avoid pulling hard on it to get it out of an electrical outlet and do not keep it near heat or flames.
  • In the event that you will be making use of an extension cord, ensure that you confirm that it has enough strength to accommodate the current that will be used by your reciprocating saws.
  • Do not make use of the tool in the event that the cord indicates any sign of damage.
  • Avoid walking around with the saw with a finger placed on the operating trigger.
  • Make use of clamps to help you secure the objects you want to cut in one location.
  • Ensure that the ground you are operating the saw on is stable and secure.
  • Strongly press your shoes against any objects you would like to cut, especially in the event that it is a challenging material like steel. In the event that you do not do this, the blade can easily get stuck in the material and this will result in your loss of control over the saw and this will result in harm top both the material and you.
  • You should not at any open time put your hand below an object that you are cutting.
  • In the course of your working, ensure that the engine of your tool is not near any combustible liquids, fumes, and toxins.
  • Never leave your saw still plugged to the power outlet when you are not using it.
  • Avoid cleaning your saw with petrol-based items, gas, braking system liquids or powerful chemicals.
  • Last but not least, ensure your safety, use your head and remain alert at all times while you use the reciprocating saws.

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