Stacked Dado Blades and Checking Table Saw Blades Alignment

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Majority of woodworking projects require a dado blade to complete. The complex task of cutting with the use of specialty plane or hand chisel before is now made simple and easier with a stack dado blade. The recent power tools sold in the market have been made more advanced to the extent that it can complete more jobs in a day compared to when it is done manually.

What you need to make hand-chiseled wood cuts would be a dado blade on your table saw. The two types of dado blades are wobble dado blade and stacked dado blade. Wobble Dado is a single blade riding on top of a hub adjusted into different widths when used. Stack Dado, on the other hand, is a set of outer blades with chipper blades set in between. Cabinet or any type of furniture works are easily accomplished with stacked dado blades.

Below are some of the advantages of using this blade:

  • It makes flat and perpendicular side cuts.
  • It creates perfect furniture wall joints of all sorts.
  • Its cuts are the good fit when furniture slabs are assembled.
  • It can easily drill and cut off thick woods.
  • It can absolutely make center joints.

Stacked Dado Blades Set is made up of two 1/8 inches thick outer blades or trimmers. It has additional chipper blades which are usually sandwiched between two trimmers for wider cuts. Compared to other dado sets, this is the one which requires careful setting up. It also requires more time to assemble considering the number of blades that need to be stacked before it can function well. Woodcuts of stack dado are finer than manually chiseled cuts. This is also more costly than the other dadoes but the quality of wood cuts are guaranteed. The most preferred stacked dado by professional woodworkers is an 8-inch carbide-tipped set.

Checking Table Saw Blades Alignment

Before you start with any woodworking project, you should set everything up, check working table, and double-check your table saw alignment. This is to ensure accurate and straight plumb and wood cuts. For you to do that, you need to know the 2 measurements required so the alignment of your table saw blade is guaranteed.  This should consider the alignment of run over, rip fence parallel, and blade parallel. Here are the 3 quick steps to check table saw blades alignment:

  1. Check the Run Out

Set the dial indicator at zero. Turn the blade with a sample wood and check variance in one revolution. You can attempt two or three revolutions. If there is a run-out, dismantle the saw and clean the blades. Then run another test until you achieve the right cut without run out, proceed to the next step.

  1. Check Blade Parallel

Put a mark on the gullet that is closest to you. Place the dial indicator on that mark and set it to zero. Turn the blade until it reaches the opposite side. Move the same indicator to the same mark in another position. This will tell if your blade is parallel or otherwise. If it is unparalleled, dismantle the saw, clean the blade and repeat the process.

  1. Check Rip Fence Parallel

Put through the jig in the miter hole. Move the fence towards until midway the indicator plunger. Lock the fence into position. Hold the indicator and set the dial to zero. Slide the indicator halfway and see the reading. If the reading is out of alignment, dismantle the saw, clean the blade and repeat the process until you reach the perfect angle.

This video will show you more details:

Woodworking projects are no easy tasks. It can be costly to have incorrect wood cuts brought about by misaligned measurement and irrelevant power tools. The use of stacked dado blades and checking table saw blades alignment are two major preparations you should have before you work on your carpentry gig.

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