Setup and Using a Table Saw Jointing Jig

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How To Setup and Using a Table Saw Jointing Jig?

A woodworking sled with a laid-flat surface on one side riding against the rip fence, and a bed secured by a crooked piece of wood on the other is called a table saw jointing jig. This is usually four feet in length making it possible to manage numerous wood pieces on top of it. The longest can be as long as 8 feet, but that depends on the length of wood cuts you require. In order for you to get a straight edge board cut, you will require a jointer. A jointer is a powerful tool intended for making straight edges on rough plumb or wood. Professional woodworkers find it an achievement if they manage to work with straight, square, and aligned board edges.

Table Saw Jointing Jig

This simple table saw jointing jig can accomplish different tasks.

Jointers can be costly so woodworkers tend to improvise and create a simple table saw jointing jig. This way, the same wood cutting goals are achieved without having to spend much on the second option. Before you start any furniture-making projects, carefully adjust your work pieces in the jig in order for the widest portions to be of equal distance from the fence and eventually secure it with clamps. Here are a few tricks to use a table saw jointing jig:

  • Fence and Blade

Use a rip fence and adjust the blade. To do that, cover the rip fence with a sample saddle fence all set on top of the table saw. Raise the blade up to match the length of the piece where you want to create an edge cut.

  • Move and Cut

Move the fence out before you start cutting. Make sure it’s out as your blade will cut through as much as half the thickness of it. Keep it tightly held by screws. In case of out feed, simply add a strip of wood until you reach the desired feed.

  • Jig and Glue

Jig out a sample plumb and check variance and alignment. Glue the wood strip and attach it to the blade. The offset will determine the difference between the infeed and the outfeed. Make sure you glue it well to avoid inaccurate cuts.

If a table saw is properly set up, make sure the work board has parallel and flat-smooth edges and be prepared to trim ends in order to reach desired lengths. A good woodworking job means creating a clean furniture pattern when the finished product is out. A few or more adjustments will be necessary until the accurate edges are achieved.

Setup a Table Saw Jointing Jig

For you to set up a table saw jointing jig, you’re supposed to at least have seen a jointer. Otherwise, you can simply look it out on the internet so you can have an idea of what you are trying to assemble. Considering you have all the relevant materials on hand, below are the quick steps to set a table saw jointing jig up:

  1. Use a straight board as the main rail.
  2. Use spacers between the table top and the main rail.
  3. Place the top fence on the bench.
  4. Glue and tack the spacers to the bottom fence.
  5. Secure the bed frame to the spacers using brads.
  6. Wait for the glues to dry before you start your wood works.

See the video below for easy step on how to make a table saw jointing jig.

If you manage to assemble all this first time, then you must be a very good woodworker. A few trial and error cuts might be necessary but anybody would surely want it all to be perfect the first time. Your furniture and carpentry projects will then be over without that much physical prowess necessary. This is how you should set up and use a table saw jointing jig.

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