The Best Small Chainsaw for Home & Yard Projects

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What is The Best Small Chainsaw for Home & Yard Projects

Chainsaws come in all shapes and sizes (actually the shape is pretty standard, but humor me here). Chainsaw newbies or those who are only planning to be occasional users in the back yard, need to know where to turn for the best small chainsaw. Let’s investigate what you need to look for in a great small chainsaw.

Go Electric

Often people opt for a gas powered chainsaw in the belief that an electric chainsaw will be too constricting. In the process, they often pay more than they need to for a saw that is both heavier and more powerful than required. Most electric chainsaws, however, have a 100-foot cord, which affords a decent amount of room to move. In addition, an electric chainsaw is easier to operate, require far less maintenance and is safer to use.

Best Small Chainsaw: Electric

Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim 14″ Electric Chain Saw

Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim 8 Amp 14- Inch Electric Chainsaw


This handy little unit is built for comfort, style, and performance. An external screw allows for ease of chain tension adjustment. It also features an oil reservoir so that you can easily monitor the oil level. Another great feature is the automatic oiler, which can be activated by a simple push of a button. It also features a heap of safety features and advanced gear ratio for improved torque output.

The recommended retail price on this chainsaw is $36.73

Small Gas Powered Chainsaws

A gas saw will always cut more efficiently and easily than an electric saw. All of the top manufacturers produce light-weight, easy to handle chainsaws that are able to pack in lots of features that are normally associated with larger, more expensive models. Let’s check out the best small chainsaw to come out of the factories of the two big players – Stihl and Husqvarna.

Best Small Chainsaw: Gas – Stihl

Stihl MS 180

CHAINSAW STIHL MS 180 1.5kw ORIGINAL 35 cm Gas In Box With Tools


This 32cc chainsaw features a 14-inch sprocket nosed bar and features an easy start starter handle, chain-break and an all in one control unit (stop, start, choke). It has a tool-less chain tensioning system and steel felling spikes.

The Intelli-carb compensating carburetor will automatically adjust the air/fuel ratio when the air filter becomes restricted, maintaining the motor’s RPM.

The Stihl MS 180 c-BE has a recommended retail price of $350.00

Best Small Chainsaw: Gas – Husqvarna

Husqvarna 440 E

Husqvarna 440E 16-Inch 40.9cc 2-Stroke X-Torq Gas Powered ChainSaw


This saw has a 16-inch bar and chain. It features two switches for on/ off and chokes in handy alignment to the hand position. It also has a chain break. This is a 40cc saw. It is extremely lightweight, easy to use and cuts well. This model has rubber bushings strategically placed to reduce handle vibration during use. It also features an internal pump that automatically oils the bar and chain. Operating at a sound level of 98.5 decibels, this is a great saw that has minimum noise pollution.

The Husqvarna 440 E has a recommended retail price of $250.00


The best small chainsaw for you may well be an electric chainsaw. They have plenty of power for the average home user. Gas powered chainsaws will give you more grunt for the occasional hardier job, but you’ll pay a lot more for the privilege.

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