What Are The Best Tile Saws for the Money

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The tile saws are the best solution and designed for cutting man-made and natural tile such as porcelain, ceramic as well as stone. The tiles are quite fragile, but the tile prevents damaging the delicate materials and help cut precisely. These sophisticated tile saws are quite safe, handy, and easy to control & operate. Also, you will the professional result, even if you use it by yourself.

There are basically three types of tile saws available on the market, but which one is the best tile saw for the money? Well, read the whole article to know about it.

The 3 Top Type Of Tile Saws

1) Wet tile saws:

DEWALT D24000S Heavy-Duty 10-inch Wet Tile Saw

DEWALT D24000S Heavy-Duty 10-inch Wet Tile Saw

The wet tile saws are probably the most popular among all the tile saws as these are the best tools for tile cutting. These tile saws are just like the table saws, but there is a slight difference. The blade of the wet tile saws is mounted on the reservoir (water) for keeping it cool. These tile saws come in two types; one is pump less and another one is re-circulating type. In a pump-less wet tile saw, constant water supply is required, so it must be connected to a source of water. But, in case of a re-circulating pump, it can reuse and filter the same water once again, so there is no need of a faucet rather the tile saw utilizes the water reservoir. The tile saws come in different variety starting from the basic to a laser and stand featured ones for an accurate cutting. However, there are some portable models and these are great for the smaller jobs.


If you think about the most precise and accurate cutting, there is no alternative to a wet tile saw. These are quite easy to handle and even the inexperienced fellows can cut the tiles almost perfectly with this tool. The fence is great for a lineup of the tile and an easy cut. This is also comes in handy if you think of an angled cut. Moreover, you may need a tile saw for a miter or beveled cuts. Well, there is no need to worry about it as the wet tile saw is equally effective, for it and you will have buy just an extra attachment. Also, it protects the tiles from creating debris as the water reservoir of the tile saw keeps them under control. Whatever the material it is, you can easily cut it by the wet tile.


These tile saws are a little bit more expensive as these are bulkier and bigger than other tile saws. Moreover, you may feel a little difficulty in moving from one place to another.

When to use:

These are perfect for larger projects and you use it for cutting a big quantity of tiles for multiple rooms and when you are looking for a precise cut.

2) Hand held tile saws:

 The hand held tile saws are also known as masonry, tile saws and they come in basically three types:

Wet hand held saws:

The wet hand held tile saws come with a hose (10-12 feet) and useful for all types of cuts. Make sure that it is attached or connected to a water supply.

 Dry hand held saws:

Water is not required for these types of dry hand held tile saws and you can use them for some dry cuts.

Dry/Wet hand held saws:

Without or with water, these tile saws can make the cuts and it basically depends on the user.


The main advantage of these types of tile saws is definitely the price. These are quite cheap and you can easily carry because of their smaller sizes. You need not waste time for a set up as simply the plugging in would be good enough for starting the cutting mission. However, if you think of a wet cut, you will have to connect it with a water source. These are also wonderful for an odd or curve shaped cut.


 These are not as precise as the wet tile saw and can be overheat as they are not cooled by the water. You need to practice a lot to cut accurately with a hand held tile saw.

When to use:

These are great for smaller and medium projects and to cut thinner materials like removing tiles or countertops, stone cutting, there is not alternative to this one.  

3) Tile grinders:

These tile grinders are also known as angle grinders. These are very handy and the smallest among all the tile saws.


These are cheapest tile saws among all others and almost all of them are quite affordable. Just plug in the tile grinder and you are ready to go. These are great for the odd cuts and you can consider the tile saws with rechargeable battery.


You need to be really skilled in using a grinder. Otherwise, it can create a really messy condition.

 When to use:

These grinders are perfect for the small and medium projects and you can use them for cutting angles and odd shapes.

Should you buy or rent?

This is really import question, but the answer basically depends on the intensity of your work. If you just need a tile saw for a small job, hiring would be a better idea as you need not to spend a lot of money. Also, you may call a local store so that they can come and fix the problem. However, if you are thinking of larger projects and tile cutting for multiple rooms, buying a handy tile cutter would be a better solution. So, you should take the decision as per your requirements and in case of buying, you are aware of the best tile saw for the money.

Which brand offers the best tile saw for the money?

There are only a few brands that offer the same quality products year after year and can retain the customer satisfaction. Well, the top brands mainly have two basic characteristics; the quality of products and the experience of producing the best products for years. You can buy your one from the best brand available on the market and make sure that you are getting the best tile saw for the money!

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