The Safe Way to Change Band Saw Tires

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How To Replace The Old Band Saw Tires

Tire replacement is the number one reason that band saws will not operate to their maximum capacity. On old machines, you may find that worn tires will be cracked or brittle. Even if you try to readjust or realign the wheel, you’re not going to achieve the results you want if your band saw tires have gone bad.

Making the Choice for Urethane

When your band saw wheels need new tires then, you have to make a decision between either installing rubber tires or tires made of urethane.  Many band saw users like the urethane variety as they generally last longer than rubber tires and do not need any type of epoxy to be held into place. Although you’ll probably have to fork out a little bit more money for urethane band saw tires, you’ll probably pay less in the long run as the tires, as stated, typically last longer.

Removing Old Tires

Band Saw TiresTo effectively take off old tires, use some lacquer thinner to reduce the amount of cleanup you’ll need to do later. Pour in a bit of thinner between the wheel and tire after separating them with a razor knife. After waiting a short time, use a screwdriver to open up space farther and insert a small wedge of wood. Pour in a little more thinner and continue the operation until you’ve removed the tire from the metal wheel. After you’ve removed the tire, make sure you do a thorough job of cleaning the wheel on your band saw. Cleaning will help guarantee that your tire will fit well and your saw, in turn, will perform at optimum efficiency.

Cleaning the Metal Wheel

To clean the wheel, you’ll need to make sure you get all the old contact cement off the metal. Don’t even think about installing the new tire until this part of the process is complete. Otherwise, the new tire can’t possibly bond well to the wheel, what with the amount of debris and residue remaining from the old epoxy. Therefore, remove the old glue and debris with a stiff wire or steel brush. Make sure not to use water or any kind of solvent used for cleaning. Doing so may cause harm to your saw. As soon as you’ve cleaned each wheel and made a thorough inspection, you are ready to stretch on the new tires and remount them.

One Final Note

Once the new tires are installed on your band saw, you may want to attach a brush to your saw’s lower wheel to safeguard your new tire installation. Such a brush can aid in removing any sawdust or debris that can contribute to altering the crown of your tire over time. If you’re serious about your craft, checking and maintaining the wheels and tires should be a regular part of routine maintenance. To keep your maintenance costs low, choose tires made of urethane for your band saw.

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