The Safe Way To Use A Chainsaw

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If you have recently purchased a new chainsaw, you may be looking for some helpful tips on how to use it safely. You may already have been told a little about chainsaws at the store where you made your purchase, or you may be an online purchaser who has little or no idea how the tool works. This article looks at the best way to handle your new chainsaw for safety and performance so that in no time at all, you will be a confident user.

Chainsaw tips – Where Are You Planning On Using Your Chainsaw?

Choosing the right environment to work in is very important. You need plenty of space around you when using a chain saw – at least a clear five meters in all directions. Make sure that your floor is even and flat so there is no danger of wobbling and ensure that you invest in a good quality, sturdy sawhorse that will be capable of holding the wood safely in place while you operate your chainsaw. Always make sure that you have told other people who may be in the area that you will be operating an electric chainsaw to prevent any accidents occurring.

Chainsaw tips – Understand How Your Chainsaw Works

If you have never handled a chainsaw before, it is important to take the time to familiarize yourself with the equipment. Read any supplied instruction manual before attempting to operate your chainsaw and if there is a DVD supplied with your equipment, make sure that you watch it in full. Check your chainsaw for safety controls as these are necessary for preventing injury or accidents. Most chainsaws have the following safety features:

  • A chain catcher – if anything untoward happens to the chain, for example, it breaks or derails, this feature will catch the chain.
  • A throttle lock – this feature ensures that the throttle trigger will never accidentally be pressed.
  • A stop control – this will be a button or switch within easy reach which instantly cuts the engine should it be so required.
  • A hand guard – this guard will protect your hand in the event of a chain breakage.
  • A chain brake – this will prevent damage from kickbacks.

To prevent a chainsaw injury only use the equipment as outlined by the manufacturer. Keep the blade sharpened and the chainsaw oiled. Never use a chainsaw with a rusty blade. It makes cutting difficult and can cause a serious infection if you get cut by it. Make sure the chainsaw you are using is the right size and design for the job you are attempting to do with it. You should only operate a chainsaw that has standard safety features including a chain brake, hand guards, a stop switch, chain catcher, and spark arrester.

Chainsaw tips – Making The Right Clothing Choices

It is vital to make the correct choice of clothing in order to protect yourself when using a chainsaw. Although professionals who use chainsaws are thoroughly covered in safety gear, in a domestic situation, it is unlikely that anyone would go to these lengths. It is important, however, to wear a few specific items of safety equipment and sensible clothes. Heavy fabrics are essential and sturdy shoes with a metal toecap are vital. Thick gloves should always be worn, although not so thick that fingers are restricted as they need freedom of movement to correctly operate the chainsaw safely. Another key piece of safety equipment is a helmet that is fitted with a face guard and ear defenders to prevent facial injury and hearing damage.

Chainsaw tips – How To Operate A Chainsaw Safely

Before using your chainsaw for the first time, make sure that you check the chain and learn how to operate the tensioning device. You must also check the chain for sharpness and find out how to keep it in good condition.

Never over-fill a petrol chainsaw and pay attention to the user manual for fuel-mixing advice.
Always read the manual before operating your chainsaw.
Check that the safety brake is working correctly by immediately stopping the operation of the equipment.

Ensure the chain is properly lubricated.

Begin by chopping a small log, holding the saw tightly close to the body and with both hands.
Don’t be surprised if you find using your chainsaw very tiring work, start small and work up to operating your chainsaw for longer periods.

Wearing safety equipment is essential when operating a chain saw. This includes a hard hat, safety glasses or goggles, work gloves, and chainsaw chaps. Only cut at waist level and below. It is not safe to raise the chainsaw over your head to cut anything. Instead us a ladder to get within reach of the area.

It is a good safety practice to only operate a chainsaw with someone else close by. This is to help you in the event of an emergency. If the chainsaw knocks you out you could bleed to death. Make sure anyone around while you operate a chainsaw has the proper safety equipment on as well. Children should never operate a chainsaw. It you do get cut make sure you apply pressure to the area and seek immediate medical attention.

What Can I Use A Chainsaw For?

Chainsaw is not a frequently used tools, especially in the household, but there are such works and activities that without this tool can not do. The main use of a chainsaw is to cut logs for firewood however it is also useful for pruning trees or assisting with home renovation and construction projects.

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