Tips On How to Use A Wet Tile Saw

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Tips & TricksTo be factual and upfront here, a wet tile saw remain highly considered a crucial building tool. It is often used when you are placing a tile to a larger area. A bunch of tiles will be required to cut when tiling a whole room. Using a manual cutter will be difficult in these cases.

For this reason, it is expedient to use a saw of this nature for the best results. This type of saw usually operates by spraying water over the diamond blade and also the tile. This will help to cool down and lubricate the tile to prevent breaks.

It is often a downright fearsome proposition to use a saw of this nature. Electricity, water, and swift rotating diamond-encrusted blades combine together to make your tile-cutting a memorable experience. To be factual, studies have shown that wet tile saws are the only way to get a good professional cut. When comparing these saws to other options, you will discover that snap tile cutters do not cut well.

Wet tile saws will always help to produce lots of clearly-cut tile to your exact specification when used safely. Small shapes, bevels, odd angles are possible only when a saw of this nature is used. In the end, you will not be afraid of anything when using wet tile saws. Nevertheless, they remain an important tool when planning to lay any tile in your house.

Is your quest for using a wet tile saw? Are you looking for the best way of using wet tile saws effectively? With the few points enumerated in this article, you are sure to get the best results.

7 Steps to Use A Wet Tile Saw

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Step 1: 

The first step to take is by adding water. This is especially when the reservoir is low or empty. Using this technique will always help your wet saw to function effectively. It is important to know that your wet saw will not work effectively without water. On this note, it is expedient to always fill with water.

Step 2: 

The next step is to mark the rear of the spot you want to cut. This can be done by using rule and a marker. A marker is highly important because a wet saw usually uses a jet water to oil the tile. This will always help to remove a non-permanent mark. For this reason, it is always a good idea to use the marker in the process.

Step 3: 

At this juncture, you will have to align the areas needed. The edge of the mark will have to be aligned properly to get effective results. This can be done with a marker on the saw. Once this done, your wet saw will be able to work easily.

Step 4:

Now, go ahead to turn on the saw. This will also help in starting the diamond-tipped blade spinning. However, your water tank will also be ignited during the process of turning on the saw.

Step 5:

The tile should be gently pushed into the blade. This should also be properly done by following the marker line. Using this idea will always help you to get an accurate result. The most important thing is to ensure that the marker line is strictly followed.

Step 6:

The line of your desired angle should be marked. This should be marked on the rear of the tile using a marker. This is when you are trying to make a corner cut. Now, ensure to cut one end and turn the tile.

Step 7:

Go ahead to cut the other required end joining in the middle. Finally, you can snap the waste off and ensure to clean rough areas with sandpaper. With this simple idea, you can be sure to get your wet saw highly functioning.


The wet tile saws remain one of the best building tools that you can always rely on. It comes with amazing features that can help your projects to be done easily. You will not have to stress yourself when using this type of saw. This it is perfectly designed to unleash quick and effective results. You can give it a try now to see how the wet saw works. It is also a good idea to always check the water reservoir. It will help your wet saw to continuously work in great shape.

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