What are Band Saw Tires?

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Band Saw Tires: Carter – a Premier Brand

If you want to avoid using the messy epoxies that are used with rubber tires, then your best bet is to purchase the urethane variety. Urethane band saw tires often last longer than rubber tires and they don’t require the glue that rubber tires do for installation.

Keep Your Saw in Working Order

Sulpher-Grove-Tool-Urethane-Band-Saw-Tires-1-Inch-Wide-by-14-Inch-Diameter-0-0Generally, tires that are worn will be crumbly and inelastic. Look for cracks and grooves as well. It’s important to replace the tires to keep the saw in optimum working order. If your saw vibrates too much or does not run with smooth precision, then replacing the tires will often cure the problem.

Carter Tires

Should you find you need to replace your saw’s tires, you’ll need to measure the wheels. Once you’ve obtained a measurement, you can go from there. In order to obtain a good fit, the tires you choose should be a couple inches smaller than the wheel, which is approximately 20% shorter than the circumference of the wheel.  If you opt for urethane tires, then a good brand to pick would be Carter band saw tires as they offer many sizes of tires made from urethane. Choose from 10, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 20-inch tires for your band saw.

Tire Removal – What You’ll Need

You can remove the tires yourself by using:

  • Lacquer thinner
  • A razor knife
  • A screwdriver
  • Wedge of wood

The Removal Process

In most instances, you’ll need to remove tires that have been glued into place. Therefore, you’ll need a tool, such as a razor knife, to pull the tire apart from the metal wheel. Once you pull a portion of the tire away with the knife, pour some lacquer thinner into the opening. Wait a half a minute and then proceed to pull the tire away from the wheel with a screwdriver. Use a wedge of wood to widen the gap and pour thinner into the opening. Continue in this way until you’ve removed the tire from the wheel completely.

Clean the Tire

Once you’ve removed the tire, you’ll need to thoroughly clean the epoxy off the wheel’s rim. Use a stiff wire brush for this purpose. Make sure you eliminate all the debris so your new urethane tire will fit flawlessly. Before installing the new tire, place it in some hot, soapy water to make it more pliable and easier stretch over the wheel.  The wheels that need tires should be removed from the band saw and, as stated, clean, without residue or debris.

Look Online

You can find a number of tires advertised over the Internet. As indicated, if you want to purchase urethane tires, then you can’t go wrong by choosing Carter tires for your band saw. They are quality tires that will help keep your band saw working for you at maximum efficiency.

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