Why You Should Consider A Reconditioned Reciprocating Saw

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Is a Reconditioned Reciprocating Saw a Safe Buy?

Buying power tools is not an inexpensive task. Getting quality, performance, and – perhaps most important – durability, can be a hit-or-miss process. If you are interested in acquiring a new power tool but are concerned about the potentially-exorbitant costs, you may want to consider a reconditioned or refurbished model of the product you are considering. For example, purchasing a reconditioned reciprocating saw can save you a hundred dollars – if not more.

DEWALT DW304PK 10 Amp Reciprocating Saw

DEWALT DW304PK 10 Amp Reciprocating Saw

The best kind of reconditioned or refurbished tool you can buy is one that has been worked on by the factory. The terms “factory-reconditioned,” “factory-serviced,” and “refurbished,” are generally interchangeable, and can refer to a range of conditions. First of all, if a customer returns a product for any reason – he or she simply didn’t like it, changed their minds, or has difficulty operating it – at any time, whether a day or a month after the initial purchase – the item must be identified as reconditioned in order to be resold. There are several levels of use within this categorization.

The first kind is “open box.” This means that the customer opened the box, but did not actually use the tool, and as such, the item appears completely new. The second kind is “customer return,” referring to any item that the customer opened AND used, even briefly. These products may show a very small amount of wear and tear as components were put together or taken apart. These items may have been returned because the customer simply didn’t like it, or because of some defect.

In these cases, the factory carefully examines the product, looking for and repairing any defects that may be present. The tool is then sanitized and repackaged. This process may be carried out by the original manufacturer or a reputable outsourced firm. Products that have been reconditioned in this way are often indistinguishable from new items.

However, the law does require that the packaging on reconditioned items state as such. Some manufacturers will place the tool in an original box with a sticker stating that it has been “reconditioned,” “refurbished,” or “factory-serviced.” Other manufacturers repackage these items in a plain white or brown box. Do keep in mind that enclosed manuals may include reference to accessories that are not actually in the box (such as extra blades) – you will want to carefully read the product information page to see what is included.

Is it safe to buy a factory-reconditioned item? Absolutely. These tools are double-checked for quality and function. In fact, they have a return rate of less than two percent.

And the savings are undeniable. For example, if you are looking for a reconditioned reciprocating saw, you might like the amazing deal on the Factory-Reconditioned DEWALT DW304PKR Heavy-Duty Reciprocating Saw Kit – this heavy-duty saw features a 10-amp motor, up to 2800 SPM, 1-1/8-inch cut, keyless blade change, and a 4-position blade clamp. New, it retails for as much as $115. Dewalt offers a reconditioned version for just $89.99 – saving you nearly 30%!

If you’re willing to take the time to research your options carefully, purchasing a refurbished tool like a reconditioned reciprocating saw can save you a lot of money – without sacrificing quality

A power saw can be a considerable purchase. That’s why the few minutes that you spend on reading power saw reviews is time well spent. Not only can you save money but you can also avoid headaches by purchasing only the right tool for your need. Here, I share my personal experiences and honest reviews about power saws to help you sense what it is like to work before you actually purchase one. My experiences and opinions act as a litmus test for first time users and for those who want to upgrade their power saws. Wish to help you identify the most significant factors that should influence your decision when buying the best power saws.

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